What type of shopper are you?


Shopping may be a favourite pastime for many of us, but research* suggests that we all have different styles when it comes to hitting the high street. Find out your shopping personality by answering the questions below… 

1. It’s payday and you’re keen to make a trip to the shops. You:

a) Head to the nearest high street and wander around the shops, trying to figure out exactly what you need or want.

b) Go online to identify what the shops have in stock before taking to the high street. This is after assessing where the gaps are in your wardrobe and what your budget is, of course.

c) Know exactly what it is you want and are likely to empty your bank account with that designer (but oh-so-necessary) handbag.

d) Head straight to the nearest shop and buy something. You always believe that it’s best to try on items when you get home because the lighting is more flattering.

2. You’ve finally found the right dress for an upcoming party, however it’s a little out of your price range. You:

a) Can’t decide what to do and ask the sales assistant to hold the dress while you go in search of a cheaper one, inevitably going back at the end of the day to purchase the original dress.

b) Get over it and know there are probably five similar versions on ASOS. It’s out of your budget so why get in debt for a dress?

c) Decide it’s necessary to part with your cash. Besides, you know you’ll get your money’s worth on such a timeless dress.

d) Buy it alongside five other dresses. You never know which one will look best on the night!

3. You have a spare hour before your scheduled shop. You:

a) Fail to fully prepare yourself and end up not buying any of the things you may actually need.

b) Consult your Pinterest board for inspiration, check your bank balance to realistically understand how much you can spend, and collect your magazine cutouts and photos on your phone ready to hit the shops.

c) Weigh up the pros and cons of a visit to the beauty store at Selfridges versus a trip to the shoe department. Which do you need more?

d) Don’t want to waste an hour so head to the shops early to get things started.

4. Your best friend has a birthday coming up and you’re keen to buy the perfect present. You:

a) Browse the shelves as you wait for inspiration to strike – you’re bound to find a great gift if you wander around for long enough.

b) Carefully listen out for hints as to what she might like, consult all your friends to make sure you don’t double up, then make a beeline for the store where you know you can pick up the perfect gift.

c) Blow your budget making sure she has a day to remember. That’s what friends are for!

d) Pick up the perfect gift straight away, then end up buying a dozen more little items that you just couldn’t resist.

5. You’re heading to the shops when your partner offers to come along. You:

a) Welcome the company – a second opinion will come in handy on that dress you’ve been lusting over for weeks.

b) Try to think of an excuse to put them off. You’ve got a list of items to buy and shops to visit and they will only slow you down!

c) Offer to meet them for a coffee after you’ve finished shopping instead, giving you plenty of time to hide the hefty price tag on your fabulous new shoes.

d) Happily whizz around the shops you both want to visit, picking up a few items that catch your eye in each store.

How did you do?

Mostly As… You’re a Ditherer

You’re never quite sure what you need or want when it comes to shopping and can often be found aimlessly wandering around the high street. While you favour spontaneity over planning and often shop to pass the time, you may benefit from a bit of organisation. Try identifying the gaps in your wardrobe, where your favourite brands are located and how long you have to shop before you leave the house.

Mostly Bs… You’re a Meticulous Shopper

You approach shopping like a military operation, researching all your outfit options, browsing online in advance and strategically planning your trip for the afternoon. You have all bases covered, from where to shop and how much to budget, and generally opt to shop alone. While you’re an expert at utilising your time to full effect, don’t forget that shopping can be fun too! Try spending a lazy Saturday afternoon hitting the high street with friends every now and then – you can always pick up any items you missed later online!

Mostly Cs… You’re a Splurger

You can be spotted in the shops by noon most paydays, handing over your hard-earned cash for the latest must-have item. You have even been known to splurge an entire pay cheque getting your retail therapy fix! It may be time to reign in the spending and realise money needs to be saved. Planning a realistic budget for your shopping trip in advance means you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and wave goodbye to post-shopping guilt.

Mostly Ds… You’re a Smash & Grabber

Also known as the ‘impulse shopper’, you’re in urgent need of some discipline. You get excited by the thrill of the chase but often fail to organise yourself and your budget appropriately, leading to a serious case of buyer’s remorse. You rarely try things on, preferring to shop at a frenzied pace and always rushing to the till to buy the next item. Try asking yourself, ‘Do I really need that?’ before making your next purchase. More often than not, you’ll find the answer is no!

* Research conducted by personal shopping assistant app getHunt and OnePoll. The getHunt app is the perfect match for any shopping personality, allowing you to map stores and organise shopping sprees before you leave the house, and calculate the cost of shopping trips to help control your sprees.


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  1. Jamie says:

    Can I just show my card in the high streets shops to get discount

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