What’s your Christmas shopping style?

With less than two weeks to go until Christmas, many of us will be hitting the shops this weekend – but what type of festive shopper are you? Take our quiz to find out…


1. When do you start your Christmas shopping?

a)     As early as possible. You have the perfect gifts in mind for your friends and family and want to make sure nothing is out of stock.

b)    You generally pick up things as and when you see them and have some things stored up in the loft that you bought in the Boxing Day sales.

c)     Usually the week of Christmas – often as late as Christmas Eve. A quick whizz around the shops generally does the trick!

d)    Once you’ve found out what everyone wants and have done some thorough research online.

2. Your partner starts dropping heavy hints about what they want for Christmas. You:

a)     Ignore them or pass on the ideas to somebody else. You prefer to surprise them and have your own ideas in mind.

b)    Keep them in mind as a backup, but usually end up buying something else you’ve spotted while browsing the aisles.

c)     Are happy to not have to think of ideas and head online to make your purchases.

d)    Add them to your list after researching them thoroughly, examining different models and assessing your budget.

3. It’s time to hit the shops! You:

a)     Visit local boutiques and craft stores to pick up one-off items and materials to make your own gifts.

b)    Can’t wait to get started and see what’s in stock and what deals you can pick up this year.

c)     Head in and out of the shops in record speed, then join your friends for a well-deserved drink.

d)    Spend some time planning exactly where you need to go, what you need to pick up and how much you have to spend. You like to be prepared with a list in hand!

4. Your friend looks a bit disappointed by the gift you’ve chosen for them. You:

a)     Are upset after all the thought you put into it and take it as a personal rejection.

b)    Know it’s the thought that counts – you win some, you lose some!

c)     Decide to stick with giving gift vouchers next year – at least then they can pick up something they like and save you the bother.

d)    Feel disappointed, and make a mental note to plan your gifts better next year.

5. It’s Christmas Eve. You will most likely be found:

a) Making some last minute touches to personalise your gifts, and counting down the minutes until you can see the look on people’s faces when they see what you’ve bought!

b) Picking up some last few presents you just can’t resist – despite having officially finished your Christmas shopping weeks ago.

c) Heading reluctantly to the shops to complete most of your shopping, after asking your family and partner for ideas.

d) Sat in the pub with your friends or at home relaxing with your family, your presents having been sat nicely wrapped for weeks under the tree.

How did you do?

Mostly As… You’re a creative thinker

You love buying – or making – original presents that show how well you know the recipient. Whether it’s a reminder of a special memory you share, something personal to your friend, or a one-off gift you’ve spent ages tracking down, you love seeing the looks of surprise and joy on people’s faces when they open your gifts and would never dream of picking up a generic last minute present or gift voucher! This can mean you are disappointed when your present isn’t quite as well received as you hoped, but remember not to take this personally – focus instead on all the positive reactions you received to your unique gifts.

Mostly Bs… You’re an impulse buyer

You rely on intuition, rather than lists, to guide your Christmas shopping and can never resist picking up great bargains and novelty gifts you just know (or hope) your friends will love. You don’t put a lot of thought into what you’re going to buy ahead of time but enjoy the experience of browsing the shops for the perfect gift. This means your gifts are a bit hit and miss, but you know it’s the thought that counts. To avoid hitting your bank balance quite so hard over the Christmas period, it might be worth doing the smallest bit of planning before you hit the shops – even if that’s just allotting a budget for each person.

Mostly Cs… You’re a bored shopper

It’s safe to say Christmas shopping is not your most favourite activity. You often struggle to come up with ideas for what to buy and prefer for everyone to tell you exactly what they want in advance, or to pass the responsibility of coming up with ideas onto your partner. While you find it difficult to get into the Christmas shopping spirit – and often resort to gift vouchers or two-for-one offers – try to focus on how much pleasure you could bring someone you love through a small, well-thought-out gift and remember Christmas (and Christmas shopping) only comes once a year!


Mostly Ds… You’re an organised shopper

You approach Christmas shopping like a military operation, researching all your gift options, browsing online in advance and strategically planning your trip to the shops. You have all bases covered, from where to shop to how much to budget, and generally have your shopping purchased and wrapped well before the big day. While you’re an expert at getting organised for Christmas in record time, don’t forget that Christmas shopping can be fun too! Try spending an afternoon wandering the aisles without your list and just enjoying the festive atmosphere. You might even spot a perfect gift you hadn’t thought of!


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