What’s your property personality?

iStock_000010544782XLargeSince the launch of umpteen-primetime property TV series and millions of homeowners visiting property portals each month, property browsing has become a national sport. And now online estate agent eMoov.co.uk has characterised five property portal personalities. Which one are you?

1 The delusional dreamer

Profile: These daydreamers frequently skim property portals for incredibly expensive properties that they can only dream of affording.

Hunter character: Property hunters of this type tend to be daydreamers at heart and are prone to drifting off and thinking about other things – especially those things that are in some way unobtainable for them – including homes with a price tag of over £1 million.

Personality: Key personality traits for this delusional dreamer are escaping to a different time and place.

Properties sought: They tend to be grand in their nature and usually seek a property that is high value, usually with a pool, tennis court and room for a helipad.

2 The aspirational architect

Profile: Looking at properties they can realistically afford in a few years. These property portal fans are organisers and like structure and process in their lives.

Hunter character: Mostly are logistical thinkers and have a plan of action in all aspects of their life.

Personality: The personality traits of these types of property hunter are people who are ambitious and driven. They are always striving to get ahead.

Properties sought: They seek properties that are the epitome of minimalism – clean and tidy spaces – that are architecturally beautiful and worthy of being featured on Grand Designs.

3 The nosey neighbour

Profile: Regularly checks the value of properties in their local area.

Hunter character: Property hunters are more concerned with how others perceive them and their material surroundings. They are the type of people who care about the community but equally know their neighbours well or lead the local Residents’ Association.

Personality: The personality traits of these nosey neighbours include being competitive, or never quite satisfied or content with their own lot in life.

Properties sought: Insecurity plays a big factor with these property hunters and making sure that they aren’t missing out on that bigger garden / extra bedroom / or latest home-design innovation is of the utmost importance to them.

4 The price prophet

Profile: Constantly recalculating the value of their property in order to be in the know. These investors are always in touch with trends and financially savvy.

Hunter character: These people are realistic, always described as conscientious, if not a little obsessive when it comes to property portals.

Personality: Personality wise, they are spreadsheet sifters, forever knowing where their investments are successful and where they need to improve on their return, especially when it comes to property equity.

Properties sought: They purchase houses, not always making them homes, but for an excuse to put their investments to best use and use the equity for a more exciting life.

5 The enthusiastic explorer

Profile: These explorers are always checking to see where they can move now with a dramatically different location at the same cost.

Hunter character: An explorer will spend their time researching faraway places that aren’t always practical. Explorers don’t tend to live within their means and are always planning their next adventure in the property market.

Personality: Their personality tends to be someone who looks beyond their horizons and is considered an adventurous type.

Properties sought: You’ll find these property fanatics searching for faraway cottages by the sea in Cornwall one day and bungalows in the rolling hills of the Highlands the next. Explorers don’t tend to live within their means and are always planning their next adventure in the property market.

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