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So many books so little time…. we can only feature a select number of books each month in Candis but there are so many more we would like to recommend. , out this summer including romantic fiction, fabulous chick lit, historical fiction and some gripping thrillers, escapism at it’s best! Don’t rush out to buy any just yet because we’re giving away a copy of every book featured with a prize value of over £125!

Second Chance SummerSecond Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis (Headline, £7.99) out 30 July

This is a warm and romantic story centering around Lily, who’s been back in Cedar Ridge for only ten minutes when she bumps into her ex, Aiden. No one knows why Lily has returned to her hometown after being away for ten years but she’s determined to be on her way again as soon as the summer is over.

If you’re looking for a feel-good read with humour and heart. this book is for you!

The Lost Garden by Katherine Swartz (Lion Fiction, £7.99) out now

The Lost GardenMarin Ellis is a little lonely and at a cross roads in her life. When her estranged father and his second wife die in a car crash she is suddenly made guardian to her half-sister Rebecca. They move to the picturesque village of Goswell where a door to a walled garden captures Rebecca’s interest and before long Marin also becomes determined to open it to discover what lies beneath the brambles.

In 1919, Eleanor Sanderson, daughter of Goswell’s vicar, is grieving the loss of her beloved brother Walter, killed just days before the Armistice was signed. When her father decides to hire someone to restore the vicarage gardens, she is enchanted by the possibility of a new garden and the gardener her father hires, Yorkshireman Jack Taylor. The Lost Garden is a captivating novel about tragic secrets, the chance for forgiveness, and the healing that can come from a new start.

PROWSE_Perfect Daughter

Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse (Midas, £12.99 HB) out July

Touching on an emotive subject, this superbly written book tells the story of Jackie Morgan, a busy wife and mum of stroppy teenagers who’s also trying her best to provide round-the-clock care for her mum who has Alzheimer’s. Her own dreams have been pushed to one side while she struggles to look after her family in their cosy semi by the sea. She is determined to make sacrifices so that her eldest daughter, Martha, is able to go to university. It’s heart breaking and skillfully written –touching on the pressures women are under in the modern world. A brilliant read you won’t want to end!


The Olive Branch by Jo Thomas (Headline, £7.99) out July

You can buy almost anything online these days but is a crumbling Italian farmhouse going a bit too far? This warm and witty story is about Ruthie Collins who’s newly single and is desperate to do something with her life. She commits to buying the old farmhouse and dreams of growing her first olive harvest while creating a new life for herself – with friendship and romance hopefully along the way. Set in a beautiful landscape with lovable characters, it’s a lovely story and a real page-turner.

The Last Embrace jacket

The Last Embrace by Pam Jenoff (Mira, £7.99) out 6 August

In the summer of 1941, sixteen-year-old Addie Monteforte flees war-ravaged Europe and arrives in Atlantic City to stay with an aunt and uncle she doesn’t know. She makes friends with the Irish family next door and is drawn to the eldest brother Charlie. After the attack on Pearl Harbour, Charlie enlists. Tragedy strikes and Addie returns to London to work at the Washington Post and is forced to face news of the war head on. It’s a story of emotional survival written by a first class author.

Three Amazing Things

Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell (Headline, £16.99 HB)

This is chick lit at it’s very best! Hallie suffers with Cystic Fibrosis and doesn’t have long to live. However, this is not a downhearted novel as Hallie’s passion for life and love for someone totally out of bounds means she makes the most of every single minute. This enchanting novel with warm, realistic characters will keep you engaged until the last page.

Little Flower Shop by the Sea

The Little Flower Shop by the Sea by Ali McNamara (Sphere, £7.99) out 4 August

Endearing and romantic, this is the story of Poppy Carmichael who’s inherited her grandmother’s flower shop in the Cornish town of St Felix. The shop is a little run down but Poppy is determined to do her best for the sake of her grandmother – although she feels like running away to the life she had before. Soon however she has new friends and a budding romance to keep her in St Felix. It’s an utterly enjoyable feel-good story.

Blue Moon by Pam Weaver (Pan, £6.99) out July

9781447275886Looking for a gripping saga with authentic characters to keep you drawn to the storyline, then this book about female friendship is for you. Ruby Bateman works in a hotel on Worthing seafront and enjoys her work and the camaraderie of her co-workers. On her day off she meets Jim Searle, a handsome photographer, and a romance blossoms between them.

Tragedy strikes the Bateman family and then Ruby’s older brother, Percy, becomes involved with a gang causing mayhem in the town. Ruby dreams of moving away with Jim to settle down but things have a habit of getting in the way of their happiness. The story has a clever plot with engaging characters; it’s a great summer yarn!


Gasmasks and God cover POD 28mm_Layout 1Ice Cream, Gasmasks and God By Joyce M Lovely (Mereo Books, 12.99)

This is a tender and humorous story of a young girl growing up in the war years of 1940s Liverpool. The author herself is a Liverpudlian and survived the blitz – her early reminiscences include not just the hated gas mask, but also the regular nighttime spells in the air raid shelter as the bombs fell. It is a beautifully and accessibly written account; fascinating, funny and gloriously nostalgic. It is also a superb illustration of the city and its people at that time. A charming memoir set in a wonderful city, about a woman’s childhood and her coming of age.

The Bones of You

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells (Macmillan, £7.99) out July

The story follows the disappearance of Rosie Anderson, a teenage girl from an idyllic village. The community is in shock – who would hurt such a lovely young girl and why? When local mother Kate becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her, the Anderson’s perfect family image starts to slip. Woven in to this are flashbacks, narrated by Rosie, which reveal the community’s dangerous secrets. It’s a dark story, riddled with suspense, twists and turns – an intelligent thriller that you won’t want to miss.


The Other Me by Saskia Sarginson (Platkus, £7.99) out 13 August

9780349403380The story is part thriller, part love story. Eliza Bennet has the life she has always wanted, she’s who she wants to be with the man she loves – but she’s living a lie. Her real name is Klaudia Myer and Klaudia is on the run after escaping her old life, leaving behind an awful secret buried at the heart of her family.

The story is dark in places as it skips to Nazi Germany during WWII, with harrowing descriptions of the German campaign and the chilling ideology it represented. This plot cleverly leads us into Klaudia’s dual history and identity, it’s atmospheric and totally gripping, you won’t be able to put this book down!


Death is a Welcome Guest by Louise Welsh, £14.99 (John Murray)

Death is a Welcome GuestThis thought-provoking novel is the second instalment in the thrilling Plague Times trilogy and centres around Magnus McFall, a comic on the brink of success when tragedy strikes and he becomes a man on the run with another escaped convict, Jeb. A flu-like virus called the ‘sweats’ is spreading across the country and a state of martial law has been declared to try and stop the further decline of civilisation. Because of the mayhem caused by the spreading illness, Magnus finds himself trying to survive in a world with its own justice and new rules where people, guns and food are currency.

It’s a taut menacing thriller that will keep you riveted until the end.


The Spider in the Corner of the Room by Nikki Owen (MIRA, £7.99) out July

The Spider in the Corner of the Room - 9781474024587If you’re partial to a gripping psychological conspiracy thriller then this debut novel will appeal to you! The plot centres on Plastic surgeon Dr Maria Martinez: she has Asperger’s and is a convicted criminal, charged with a murder that she cannot remember. DNA evidence places Maria at the scene of the crime, yet she claims she’s innocent. Finding herself incarcerated in a London prison, surrounded by dangerous convicts, Maria knows she does not belong here. Her incredible intelligence and her difficulty in interacting with others means she quickly becomes the target of certain inmates, particularly the terrifying Michaela Crofts. But does Michaela know more than she’s letting on? Maria’s prison counsellor does not seem to be able to make anything clearer either. Then she starts to remember…it’s an adrenalin-fuelled thriller, building with brilliant pace to a climactic court case, The Spider in the Corner of the Room will leave you breathless with anticipation for the next installment.

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    Would be perfect for myself and friends this summer.

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    Something there to suit my Friends And Family

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    Some familiar favourites and some authors I’ve not yet had the pleasure of reading. An amazing looking bundle!

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    Something for everyone here

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    I’d start off with the little flower shop by the sea,then make my way through them to the grittier reads x

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    A dream prize for me and the family

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    just what is needed for the long winter when i can,t get out and about

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    I would give each one of my female friends and daughters a book each, books are for sharing!

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    I’d share these books with my family some great summer reads.

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    Good reads for everyone

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    a lovely prize that would be enjoyed by several family members

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    I would share these books with my friends,so they could enjoy them as much as me and because like me, two of them are disabled, so have problems going out, so like to sit and read,

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