Would you pass a GCSE today?

Many argue that exams are getting easier, but could you make the grade? See if you could outsmart the kids with these maths and science GCSE questions. Your time starts now…

1784702571. Solve the equation: 4y+1=y+22

2. A, B and C share some money in the ratio 4 : 5 : 7. C gets £600 more than B. How much money do they have altogether?

3. Pam gives her cat 2/3 of a tin of cat food at each meal. The cat has 2 meals each day.
How many tins of cat food will Pam need to buy to feed her cat for 7 days?

4. One year, a company director paid £35,460 tax at the higher rate of 40%. The following year, this higher rate increases to 50%.
If her salary stays the same, how much will she pay in tax at the new higher rate?

5. A cuboid has a height of 3.5cm, a width of 2.2cm and a length of 5cm. Calculate its volume.

6. Which one of the below is a true statement about the heart?

a) It is the largest organ in the body.
b) The right side pumps blood to the lungs.
c) The left side pumps blood to the lungs.
d) Arteries take blood back to the heart.

7. What is the electrical charge on an electron?

a) Negative
b) Positive
c) Neutral

8. The following measurements of some water waves on a lake were recorded. 4 waves pass a point in 2 seconds, the wavelength = 1.25m,
the depth of water is unknown. Calculate the speed of this water wave.

9. Name the type of current supplied by a battery.

10. Water moves from a plant’s roots to its leaves through transport vessels. 
What is the name of these vessels?


Here are the answers. Let us know how you did below!

1. 7
2. £4,800
3. 10
4. £44,325
5. 38·5 cm3
6. The right side pumps blood to the lungs
7. Negative
8. 2.5 (m/s) (2)
9. DC / direct current
10. Xylem

Questions supplied by exam board OCR


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  1. Maureen Marshall says:

    I couldn’t believe it, I got them all right!

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