It’s time for brilliant bare-roots!

In the wonderful world of gardening, we often refer to the ‘bare root season’ – that wonderful window of opportunity when we can plant bare root items straight into the soil!

Bare root is one of the most cost-effective ways of planting up your garden and great news, the season begins now and stays with us until around the end of April depending on the soil temperature.


Whilst the soil is still holding the warmth from the mild autumn we have had, it is a great time to make the most of dry weather which offers the most perfect planting conditions for your bare root trees.

The majority of seasoned, green-fingered gardeners will plant bare root roses, fruit bushes, trees and hedging now to give the roots the best start for the following springs growth above the soil.

Bare-rooted trees will happily be planted through to April when the soil temperatures climb and we are no longer experiencing sharp frosts. Another tell-tale sign will be from new growth appearing on mature trees and shrubs.

As we reach the middle of April, there are less varieties remaining available than in November, this is when the potted season will then begin.

It is only when plants are flourishing in full leaf that we leave the bare root season and head into potted up territory. The experts at YouGarden will always be on hand to guide you to the best buy for your garden depending on the time of year and your location. YouGarden have a wide range of plants, shrubs, trees and plants. With their ‘gardening is for everyone’ ethos, you are never alone when advise is needed.

Let’s make the most of this fantastic time of year!

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