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This benefit is only available to Candis members. If you’re already a member please login at the top of the screen to access the voucher site. If you are not a member, for the latest subscription offer please join here

Candis members get a great range of discounts on shopping vouchers and cards from a wide variety of high street retailers, which could save you significant amounts of money throughout the year on your every day shopping, household essentials, DIY, fashion and even lunch with the family!

Need some guidance on how to use the site? Scroll down and watch our step by step video!

With over 40 retailers to choose from, you can order as much and as often as you like – there are no limits to how much you could save! Many cards are reloadable, so once you have received them you can just keep topping them up to keep on saving.

❤ Cards and vouchers are worth more than they cost you
❤ Use like cash or purchase as a gift
❤ Easy to order and top-up

The Discounted Shopping Voucher & Card Site offers a secure service and once purchased, vouchers and cards will be posted to you within a few days.

Below are some examples of how you could save:

Save 4% on a Sainsbury’s reloadable shopping card

  • If your household shop cost you £390 over the month and you were to shop at Sainsbury’s
  • Buy a Sainsbury’s reloadable shopping card for £390 and save 4% on amount loaded
  • Your shopping card will have a value of £390, but you will only pay £374.40
  • Saving you £15.60 a month, that’s equal to £187.20 a year
  • Use the shopping card to pay for your shopping at Sainsbury’s until the amount loaded has been spent
  • Then just log on to Candis, visit the Discount Voucher & Card site again and top up the card, saving you £££’s every time!

Save 7% on a B&Q reloadable shopping card

  • If, for example, you are going to spend £500 at B&Q, then buy a reloadable shopping card from the Candis member Discounted Voucher & Card site for this amount and save 7% on the value added
  • Your shopping card will have a value of £500 but you will only pay £465 – saving you £35
  • You can use the card to shop in B&Q until the value added has been spent. Then just top it up again via the Candis Discount Voucher & Card site and save even more.

Candis members – Log in and click the link above to start saving!

A minimum spend of £50 is required to receive the discounts. Terms and conditions apply, see website for details.

Please see below for a step by step video on how to use the new Discounted Voucher & Card Site!

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  2. Eleanor de Kooker says:

    I would like travel insurance please

  3. Jane says:

    If i buy a sainsbury’s shopping card will I still be able to use my nectar reward card too

  4. Barbara says:

    Is this different to Candis Platinum? Does the Platinum still apply or can I cancel the yearly subscription to that and still get the discounts?

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