Personalised nutrition for the over 50’s

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A healthy, well balanced diet combined with exercise is key to making the most of our life in the prime of our life. But real food intake studies show most of us are lacking both protein and many key micronutrients and therefore supplementation with a well formulated range of supplements, tailored specifically to the over 50s and beyond, is a healthy addition to our diet.

Prime Fifty have formulated and tailored supplements to combat nutrient deficiencies in the over 50’s and support the health and wellbeing of those in their senior years.

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A survey carried out by Prime Fifty of 1,000 over-50s, -60s and -70s revealed that the number one priority for older adults as they age is to remain active and mobile. They also want to maintain energy levels through the day. This means looking after our musculoskeletal health, which is all about bone strength, healthy joints and, of course, ensuring our muscles are in tip-top condition too.

Their musculo-skeletal and metabolic health ranges includes supplements for:

  • strong bones
  • healthy joints
  • fighting fatigue
  • maintaining muscle
  • heart & blood support
  • brain & cognitive function
  • vision support 

The facts are plain and simple

  • Older adults, especially women, lose bone density/strength as they age, but this can be guarded against by ensuring they get the right nutrients.
  • Joint problems are also a common ailment among the over-50s, but these can also be supported with the right nutritional inputs.
  • Muscle strength and muscle mass are critical as we age. Most people don’t realise that we lose around a quarter of our muscle mass before 65 and this accelerates further, unless we do something about it. We also need more protein and more exercise to inhibit this.
  • Diet studies tell us that over-50s are also not getting the recommended allowance of many nutrients in their diet, including vitamins D, E, C, folate, riboflavin, zinc and potassium.
  • Protein intake was also found to be too low in many older adults to support declining muscle mass.

Each product formulated by Prime Fifty contains a ‘healthy ageing blend’, designed to also add additional nutrients that are relevant to the ageing process, such as Vitamin D, folic acid, B12 etc. All the products also contain natural nutrients that help the ageing gut absorb these crucial micronutrients even more effectively, so ensuring you get the very best from these formulations.

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