Are small heels having a style moment?

Are small heels having a style moment?

You might be pleased to hear that high heels are not so hot anymore.

I love my heels but any pair I have to wear for more than a couple of hours soon become new enemies and relegated to the back of my wardrobe.

Thankfully it seems that they’re not as stylish as they once were, meaning it’s OK to wear smaller heels – hurray for feet!

Rather than struggling over cobbles in five inch heels designers are bringing in an array of demi heels, which are a little higher and often chunkier than the kitten heel and a lot more flattering.

To elongate my legs heels are a definite go-to choice, however with this new shape I can do this pain-free, which is brilliant news!

Coming in sandal, loafer and court shapes the designs come in an array of colours and fabrics to suit all tastes and budgets.

These two-inch heels are generally a lot sturdier and allow me to stay looking formal and feminine at work, as well as more professional as I’m not continuously complaining about having sore feet all day!

With a smaller heel my posture is improved, but excess pressure isn’t placed on the balls of my feet, meaning I can last a lot longer and even keep them on into the evening after work.

Fashion trends come and go but beware the skinnier kitten-heeled style, as this is a far less flattering look and is definitely reminiscent of older women in 80s power suits!

While many of the ‘new’ midi-heels look fab in a chunkier short court style there are some with a stiletto shaped kitten heel which I’d avoid as they can often make your feet look longer and your ankles wider.

But as with any trend you’ll have to try it for yourself!

What do you make of the midi-heel?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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