Are you giving your brows enough TLC?

Are you giving your brows enough TLC?

My eyebrows are not something I have really given a huge amount of thought.

Aside from plucking them into shape and ensuring there are no rogue hairs or stragglers, I pretty much ignore them.

So I must admit all this talk of strong brows, Scouse brows, European brows etc, has somewhat passed me by.

But it seems I may have been a bit hasty in my dismissal of the beauty ‘fad’, because it can make a massive difference to your whole face.

Alice Hart-Davis, creator of, said that good, well-maintained eyebrows will frame and open up your whole face, making your eyes seems wider and drawing attention to them.

This seems like a huge plus to me, but I must admit I’m still not keen on the ‘Scouse brow’ look which seems to me that they’ve just reached for the nearest chunky black marker pen and scrawled them on.

To ease my concerns, Ms Hart-Davis said you don’t have to go all-out for with this look to get the benefit.

“Strong eyebrows are a big trend this summer. You don’t have to go as far as inking in a heavy ‘Scouse brow'”, she said, instead “have your eyebrows professionally shaped and, if they’re light, tinted darker”.

This is something I can live with and, having tried it today, I think it does look quite good.

It will still take some getting used to before I think people are not staring at my eyebrows wondering why on earth I’ve coloured them in.

Ms Hart-Davis’ other piece of summer style advice was definitely more up my street.

She said there is a growing trend for fancy pedicures, with some salons even putting tiny crystals on each toe nail to create feet that look truly top-class in sandals.

Where do you stand in the strong brows debate?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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