Avoiding the winter flu bug

Avoiding the winter flu bug

Winter is a well known hot spot for all sorts of bugs and it can be difficult to protect family health from the menagerie of colds and flu infections around.

But help is at hand from professor John Oxford, chairman of the Global Hygiene Council, who claims that there are some things you can do to combat these threats.

Keeping away from people who have caught an infection is always the first step, professor Oxford advises, and disinfectants should definitely be used “to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces and on your hands”.

Children commonly spread colds at school and little can be done to reduce this risk, however when at work or out with friends you can try and reduce bodily contact such as handshakes.

It is also advisable to get into the habit of sneezing into tissues and throwing them away, a practice you can teach your children this winter.

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Posted by Libby Ward

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Date Posted: 06/01/2012

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