Chocolate has benefits for family health

Chocolate has benefits for family health

Eating chocolate can help to brighten a person’s state of mind and make them feel happier, according to one expert whose comments might be of interests to people wanting to improve their family’s health.

Barry Chung, commercial manager at the Chocolate Society, said that dark chocolate in particular has health benefits like helping to reduce blood pressure and containing anti-oxidants.

He said: “There is serotonin in chocolate and that’s the vitamin that is derived from the sun, that’s a vitamin E equivalent, which makes people happy when they eat chocolate with this instantaneous buzz.”

The expert added that people should not consume too much chocolate everyday but said that a couple of segments would be enough to improve family health.

In other family health news, Tam Fry, chair of the Child Growth Foundation and National Obesity Forum, recently said that the current physical education programme used in British schools is not good enough and needs reform.

Written by John Donovan

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