Foundation blending ‘is essential for natural coverage’

Foundation blending 'is essential for natural coverage'

Unless you're a Jodie Marsh-wannabe or performing on the stage, chances are you want your foundation to look natural.

I tan really easily, so flitting between seasons often means having to change my makeup accordingly, sticking with darker shades in the summer and lightening things up come winter.

October is a transition time for me, it's a month to crack out the knitwear and also take another look at what's actually in my makeup bag.

But rather than splashing out on all new products, a luxury I can ill-afford in the run up to Christmas, I could just try mixing and matching.

Makeup artist Laura Jane Sessions agrees that choosing a foundation is never easy, explaining that the traditional approach is to "pick three tones closest to your natural colour, apply a dab of each to your jawbone and pick the product that closest matches your skin tone".

However, she admitted: "Very few people have skin tones that exactly match the contents of a bottle or tube however, so I suggest mixing a couple of shades in order to get an exact match."

Ms Sessions agreed that skin changes colour throughout the year, especially if you tan easily like me, "so by purchasing a couple of bottles [of foundation] you can adjust the colour accordingly".

I think there are two ways to go about blending these hues.

The first is to apply the darker shade as a base and use the lighter tone as a highlighter, while the second is to wear the paler colour and mimic the sun-kissed effect of bronzer by applying the more tanned option to where you would normally catch the sun's rays.

So that's your nose, cheeks and a little on your forehead.

But, my number one rule for mixing and matching shades is always have some translucent powder at hand, as it helps to ensure a natural coverage.

Are you changing your foundation for winter?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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