Keeping skin happy in cold weather

Keeping skin happy in cold weather

Staying cosy and warm indoors can be a brilliant feeling, especially when you’ve just escaped the icy winds and snow showers outdoor. But while this shift in temperature feels very welcome, it’s not doing my skin any favours.

The constant moving between cold conditions outside and hot dry central heating tends to leave my skin feeling dull and dehydrated. My skin looks and feels lacklustre and is in desperate need of some tender┬áloving care before it’s too late.

The best thing to do is to break down the causes of my skin complaints. With a lack of sunshine my vitamin D levels will be suffering, so putting
more oily fish and eggs into my diet should help to give me some more energy and revitalise my skin.

There’s not a lot I can do about the weather, but I can limit the effect it has on my face. By always carrying an oil-free moisturiser and drinking plenty of water my skin stays hydrated and smooth, whatever winter throws at me.

After a busy day it’s so easy to come home and crank up the central heating, but you’re skin will definitely thank you for not turning it on
full blast.

I’ve definitely been surprised at the effect on not only my skin but also my energy bills!

In the evening I’ve worked in a few beauty tricks into my before-bed routine, to help prepare me for the morning ahead.
First I exfoliate gently with an enzyme-based product, which causes a burst of cell renewal, helping moisture-rich cells move to the surface.

Next I grab a light oil-free moisturiser and apply it across my T-zone, which is traditionally more sensitive. A richer moisturiser can then be rubbed in a circular motion into my cheeks, instantly bringing my face to life.

What are your top tips to protect your face from winter weather?

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