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Happy New Year! We start 2013 with a new family blog where you’re invited to share your lives and stories with fellow Candis members. I’m Amanda, soon to be new columnist in Candis (look out for me in the March issue) and I’ll kick off by going public on my need to shed at least half a stone – probably more as I daren’t look – before I get anywhere near a swimsuit this year. I’ll also be writing about money – how to make the most of it, how to save it, and how to stop it slipping through your fingers. I’ll be seeking the advice of the best professionals in the business to make sure that we have a future to look forward to as well as a present to enjoy. In the meantime I’ll be introducing you to the rest of the family. I’ll start with Doughnut – he’s the least camera shy and most biddable. A retired racing greyhound who was quite a champ in his day (we have a video of him winning at Wimbledon – and you can’t say that about most family pets), when we first adopted him he got spooked by a thunder storm and bolted out of the house like lightening. He ended up five miles away and was brought home the next morning in a passing ambulance. But that was five years ago – he’s a bit slower these days, which is why I’ve recruited him as my running partner in my bid to get fit. Together we’ll be plodding round the park trying to get my waist to look less like a giant dough ball and more like his 18 inch waspie. Wish me luck.
Meanwhile there may be some guest blog appearances from the rest of the family -– especially Ella, 19, who has just started university, Cleo, 17, who is in the middle of A levels, Jack, 11 who has just started secondary school, and Katy, 8, who has just given up ballet to devote more time to football (I am irrationally upset about this!).
You may also get the occasional blog about student life – mine as well as Ella’s Because when I’m not writing for Candis or attempting to raise children, I am training to be a teacher. Yes, I’ve gone back to school to learn how to teach adults English and literacy. Tragically I’m old enough to be some of my fellow students’ mum, but so far they’ve all been too polite to point that out. My duffle coat and Doc Martens haven’t given me away yet so I’m trusting you not to blow my cover – otherwise there’ll be no more gossip from the chalk face…

Till tomorrow then –

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