Picking the right running shoes this summer

Picking the right running shoes this summer

This weekend’s great weather saw me pull on my running shoes for the first time in months, and having caught a glimpse of some other runners’ excuses for trainers I feel very sorry for their feet.

Henry was whipped off by the grandparents to the park on Saturday, so I wasted no time making the most of it.

Jogging along my favourite four-mile route though, I was shocked by just how many other people had taken the good weather as a sign to go out for a run as well.

Worse than that, I could see that most of them were going to end up with very sore feet, just by looking at their footwear.

Bad footwear was one of my biggest bugbears when I was a personal trainer – it’s one of the most important pieces of kit for even the occasional runner, and yet it’s what a lot of people tend to neglect.

Everyone has different needs, which is why I always advised people to get a proper fitting from a sports shoe specialist.

Author of The fitFAQs Running Training Guides Graeme Hilditch hits the nail right on the head when he points out that shoes vary hugely even if they are the same size.

“Sometimes different makes suit different foot types, so be sure that your shoes feel comfortable and are not excessively tight anywhere on your foot,” he points out. “Socks are vitally important in the prevention of blisters, so choose a pair of running socks over cheap cotton ones.”

It’s also worth knowing your pronation, which refers to the tendency to tilt towards one side rather than the other when you run or walk. Other factors, such as foot arch formation and the shape of your foot, also affect what shoe will be a best fit.

For example, those with over-pronation, which tends to be associated with a flat foot without much of an arch, are more suited to shoes that control the motion of the foot, to reduce the rolling movement from side to side.

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