Protect men from cancer with healthy family recipes

Protect men from cancer with healthy family recipes

Mums have been urged to remain focused on healthy family recipes in their home cooking routine, after scientists found that a diet rich in vegetables could protect men from life-threatening illness.

Researchers at Oregon State University discovered that a nutrient found in broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage could effectively kill prostate cancer cells, offering the hope of new treatments to combat the disease.

The remarkable discovery once again highlights the many advantages of preparing healthy family recipes in the home.

Elizabeth Jeffery, a professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, commented: “Broccoli, prepared correctly, is an extremely potent cancer-fighting agent.”

She said that the best way to cook broccoli and preserve its family health benefits was to lightly steam it to three or four minutes until it is “tough-tender” and not too soft.

Last week, Tim Ruball, editor of Amateur Gardening Magazine, said that there was “little more uplifting” than growing vegetables in the garden.

Posted by James Boxhall

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