Style secrets of being a yummy mummy

Style secrets of being a yummy mummy

Celebrity mums are famed for shedding their baby weight fast and slipping back into the same figure-hugging clothes from pre-pregnancy, however this can be unrealistic for many new mums.

With the birth of a baby comes dramatic changes to your fashion and beauty regime, as you often compromise on your appearance in order to spend time with your child.

While this is of course a must, this doesn’t mean that you need to be any less stylish, claims Laura Robinson, owner of Caboodle Style.

Post-pregnancy clothing can be a challenging find as “many women don’t return to their pre-pregnancy weight and body shape, so they have to really rethink their wardrobe”.

If you’re looking to mask your tummy then you might feel comfortable and chic in an empire style dress for evenings out, while during the day a cute tea dress and a pair of comfy leggings allow you to keep your look practical yet on-trend.

Being a new mum needn’t affect your body confidence and sometimes simple changes such as a new haircut or a splash of lipstick can really help boost your yummy mummy credentials.

Posted by Suzanne Chambers

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