The most amazing season for a long time

The most amazing season for a long time

We've never had it so good when it comes to fashion, says Veronique Henderson, creative director at Colour Me Beautiful, who has described the autumn/winter 2012 season as one of the best ever.

She explains that what makes this period so brilliant in comparison to others is that there are no particular rules in place – ladies, we can keep our existing wardrobe as it is and "build" on it without "spending zillions"!

"When you are tempted to go shopping, you'll find that many of the looks are ones that you will already have in your wardrobe, so add to your wardrobe this season rather than playing the fashionista," she said.

"You're not on a catwalk – you are going to work, looking after children or parents and want to be comfortable, but of course while still remaining current."

I have to say, I am really enjoying this season because the breadth and depth of clothes out there is phenomenal. For example, there are loads more shapes on offer to help us mix it up, body-con dresses to suit those conscious about their frame, loose clothing in the 90s style for women wanting to go retro and delightful high-waist skirts.

And colours! Boy! We have colours galore!

"If you have dark hair and dark eyes you are onto a winner this season, with dark, deep colours everywhere," Ms Henderson revealed. "Think dark pine green, burgundies and purple. If you have reddish hair, with or without freckles, those lovely oranges and bronze colours are just the thing for you; think khakis and mustards too."

Other shades include navies, fuchsia, blues, teals and silver for those with a silver twinkle in their hair, and for women who have dark tussles, "clear, bright, jewelled contrasting colours" are absolutely the way to go.

These are delightful times to say the least and I'm sure going to enjoy it. Live is to be lived and it doesn't half help looking good while we're doing it!

What colour will you go for?

Posted by Mandy Johnson

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