What’s your fashion pick-me-up?

What's your fashion pick-me-up?

When I'm in a bad mood or feeling a little under the weather I always have a few things I know will cheer me up.

A slick of red lippy, a spritz of perfume and my favourite little black dress usually do the trick!

I don't consider myself a shallow person but it's amazing what a pretty smell and a splash of colour on my face can do to my confidence.

A new study out this week by Boux Avenue claims that each of these are top pick-me-ups guaranteed to make women feel sexier.

Other things pinpointed on its list include wearing diamonds, stockings, knee high boots, having silky smooth legs, putting on new underwear and painting our nails.

The research also found that more than half of ladies feel better when their hair and makeup is done, while 80 per cent said high heels make them feel slimmer and more desirable.

But while material possessions certainly helped, it was confidence which was deemed to be the most appealing characteristic, along with charisma and a sense of humour.

Perhaps surprisingly visible cleavage was not considered sexy by 60 per cent of those polled, neither was heavy makeup or tattoos.

Other ways to quickly boost your confidence include trying tight jeans, dancing, curling your hair, wearing a push-up bra, fake-tanning or applying false eyelashes.

I certainly wouldn't suggest doing everything on this list at once but there are plenty of ideas in there to suit everyone!

Around the office I like painting my nails and wearing a bright lipstick, which, if I'm lucky, will often get me a couple of compliments.

In the evening if I'm heading out and need some motivation then my trusty black suede ankle boots, little black shift dress, control underwear, push-up bra and a slick of black liquid eyeliner usually does the trick.

What's your fashion pick-me-up?

Posted by Mandy Jones

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