Daryl Hannah

Hollywood star Daryl tells us why she is passionate about the environment, prefers the Rockies to Rodeo Drive and is done with “jerks and liars”.

CELEBGetting to know Daryl Hannah

– Christened Daryl Christine Hannah, she was born on 3 December 1960 in Chicago, Illinois
– She is 5ft 10 and has blue-green eyes
– In her 20s, she played keyboard and sang backup for Jackson Browne
– During her 30-year film career, Daryl has starred in over 40 feature films
– She is a member of the World Future Council and sits on the boards of the various environmental groups
– She is the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA)
– Her childhood interest in movies grew out of a lifelong battle with insomnia
– She is missing part of her left hand index finger and sometimes uses a prosthetic finger in movies
– Daryl suffers from agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), something she kept secret for many years, fearing it might ruin her acting career
– She won the Jury Award from the Berlin International Film Festival for Best Short in 1994 for The Last Supper, which she directed, wrote, and produced

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