Sarah Cox

Sara Cox left school at 18 to pursue a modelling career before moving into TV. Now 37, she presents on BBC Radio 1 and lives in London with her partner Ben Cyzer, 34, and children Lola, 8, Isaac, 4, and Renee, 2

Sara CoxWhen I became a mum for the first time, the biggest change for me was…

Not being my number one priority any more. As soon as I had children there was someone else that came first so I had to grow up, but it was actually quite a relief – I was ready for it.

One of my worst habits is…

Being disorganised! I’m quite chaotic when it comes to sorting myself out, but thankfully I’m the complete opposite with my children. I’ve always got their school bags ready for the morning and remember if they’ve got any activities planned or friends’birthday parties to go to.

My favourite thing about summer is…

How it puts everyone in a better mood. As soon as the sun comes out – even if it’s only for a nanosecond – it always seems to give people a bit of a lift and make us smile.

The first celebrity I ever interviewed was…

Joanna Lumley, when she was a guest on The Girly Show [Channel 4 series Sara presented from 1996-1997]. It was the first episode, so I got really nervous and randomly asked if she’d ever bought a tin of Heinz Big Soup.I don’t know where it came from but luckily she was really sweet about it, even though she clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

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