Naomi Watts

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Aussie star Naomi Watts talks about her restless childhood, being a late bloomer, her Hollywood hiccups and why being a mum is most important to her.

I never knew that…

  • The manic sound of laughter that can be heard on Pink Floyd’s Money belongs to Naomi’s father, Peter Watts, the band’s road manager.
  • She claims she was inspired to become an actor after watching the 1980 hit musical film Fame.
  • Following their separation, her parents reconciled in 1974, but then two years later her father was found dead in his Notting Hill flat following a suspected heroin overdose.
  • She failed to graduate from high school in Australia.
  • She worked as assistant fashion editor on Australian magazine Follow Me.
  • Her favourite comfort food is said to be baked beans.
  • She turned down the role of Sue Storm in 2005’s Fantastic Four
  • While filming blockbuster King Kong, Naomi fell heavily from a height and thanks her rigorous yoga practice for saving her from any permanent damage.

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