Celebrity Gossip: Robert Downey Jr

A-list legend Robert Downey Jr opens up in the May issue of Candis, and tells us all about his long, rollercoaster career, his love for his family – and his exes…

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On his wife: “We’re very happily married and I think we have a good relationship, we have a magnificent life together and I’m in love with her, but… I don’t know what the heck is going on inside her head.”

On success: “I think the question we should really be asking is, ‘Are you making something of yourself?’ ‘What’s your moral psychology?’ That’s the more important stuff to consider.”

On acting: “I remember acting my own plays out in my spare time, which I think I got from my Mom. I’d have a wooden sword and say things like, ‘Yield the castle now, Lady Roxanne…’”

On money: “I didn’t grow up with money myself – these days I stay in big rooms in high-falutin’ hotels but 15 or 20 years ago, I didn’t know that hotels even had big rooms, I thought they were all the size of a table and faced on to an alley!”

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