Four lucky readers will win £200 Aldi vouchers*


We’ve teamed up with the award-winning supermarket to offer four Candis readers the chance to win £200 worth of vouchers each to spend in store.

For further information about Aldi’s Christmas Food and Drink range, visit

* The four winners will be provided shopping vouchers, which will be valid for six weeks from the issue date **Calls cost 5p a minute plus your phone company’s access charge.

For your chance to win, answer the following question:

This competition has now closed.

This competition closes on 31/12/2015

186 Responses to £200 Aldi vouchers

  1. PAULINE HILL says:


  2. jo keating says:

    My favourite shop.

  3. Tracy Alcock says:

    yummy s crummy food

  4. Linda Pollock says:

    Christmas time

  5. donna hale says:

    great food at a bargain price

  6. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Love ALDI -these are a few of my favourite things…lobster and gold top christmas pudding are my favourite

  7. Cristina McDowall says:

    yes please

  8. Isabel West says:

    Looking forward to an Aldi Christmas 🙂

  9. Rebecca Howells says:

    I have never tried Aldi, but definitely want to as apparently you save so much money! This prize would really help towards Christmas!

  10. Mike says:

    Great prize.

  11. Lee says:

    Yes please

  12. Sylvia Riley says:

    I shop every week in Aldi. When I get to the checkout it always costs less than I expect.

  13. andrea says:

    Not Christmas unless it’s an Aldi’s Christmas.

  14. Erika higginson says:

    Fab fab prize Christmas is comming as this would buy the food for the family nice one candis

  15. Linds says:

    I shop in my local Aldi, they have really good products & there fresh food is brilliant.

  16. Gwen says:

    Lovely prize.

  17. Shirley Roberts says:

    Love Aldi, a win would be nice for Christmas

  18. Adam says:

    Yes please

  19. Carl says:

    Awesome prize.

  20. Cecily Nolan says:

    All you need at ALDI tasty food and drink with quality fruit and veg in the super 6 – not forgetting weekly offers in home ware dept

  21. Susan says:

    I can’t think of a better prize. Aldi has been my favourite shop for years.

  22. Sharon Baxter says:

    I’m definitely an Aldi convert!

  23. Thalia Hughes says:

    I’m off on a bus ride to Aldi today, and I am going to come home with six boxes of candy canes for our Christmas trees becaue they have two different varieties and they are cheap!

  24. Clare says:


  25. Sharon clark says:

    Brilliant yes please!

  26. alison veasey says:

    Wow! shopping at Aldi some extra treats!

  27. Kim Burrows says:

    Great value, love Aldi.

  28. Sheena Prophet says:

    Lovely food at a very decent price.

  29. Barbara says:

    Extra funds to help stretch the money at this time of year, oh! Yes please.

  30. Lorraine says:

    Love Aldi’s Christmas food xx

  31. denise bell says:

    Aldi makes my Christmas

  32. Brenda Teal says:

    Winning this would make a wonderful Christmas and i love Aldi.

  33. CELIA SALTER says:

    I’d love a happy Aldi Christmas!

  34. Janis Pow says:

    Love Aldi’s Christmas food.

  35. Mary Linnard says:

    great shop no silly BOGOFFs just straight forward prices

  36. vanessa gannon says:

    Wow, love Aldi ‘s Christmas grub, and could get lots of treats with £200 x

  37. Darren Stevens says:

    Just love this store …….

  38. John J says:

    Great giveaway, thanks

  39. Janice Patrick says:

    Love Aldi, such lovely food and plenty of bargains to be had especialy in the run up to christmas can’t beat it .

  40. Diana Bailey says:

    Lovely food….

  41. Sandra Seward says:

    Great prize to give.
    Great prize to win.
    Good luck to all, someone will have a good Christmas.

  42. Pam Ramage says:

    A santa-stic prize at this time of year!

  43. Mrs S Salmon says:

    Aldi is a very cost effective supermarket where you can do all your shopping at a much lower cost than other retailers. Good value for money, good range of products and I would recommend them to anyone. Especially at Christmas time when we need to be more careful and enjoy an Aldi Christmas.

  44. Carolyn Wingfield says:

    A mega festive Aldi Christmas .

  45. Alison Church says:

    We have a new Aldi near us, would use this prize for my Christmas shopping

  46. cy says:

    Wow! An Aldi has opened round the corner from me. Haven’t tried it yet but this would have me running through the door shrieking with delight!!

  47. Suzanne Armstrong says:

    Closing date is after Xmas – still, would be a welcome win after the festivities have finished!

  48. kelly l says:


  49. Christina K Hodson says:

    Dream prize to win and have a Christmas food sorted. Love to shop at Aldi, great products.

  50. Jo-Anne says:

    Great prize but how can you use it to buy all your festive food when the competition does not close until 31/12/2015? Would still come in handy for the post Christmas shop though!

  51. barbara munn says:

    we shop at aldi every week so this would come in very handy

  52. alex cook says:

    yes please – Aldi is great

  53. Karen hills says:

    I will give to my neices and nephew to brighten their xmas

  54. vanessa hampton says:

    What an amazing new year treat this will make!

  55. Ms. D. Smith says:

    A : ALL
    L : LOVELY

    For a fabulour Christmas Spread for my family.

  56. champaklal lad says:

    great prize

  57. Daniel Storrie says:

    My mum would love this..

  58. Laura says:

    Great prize! I love Aldi.

  59. john says:

    the up and coming store

  60. Kim M says:

    Wonderful giveaway x Merry Christmas x

  61. Margaret Gallagher says:

    These are a few of my favourite things in ALDI – chocolates biscuits fruit and nuts and all the outdoor clothing to treat my family- love the skin products for my winter skin

  62. thomas lamb says:

    would be nice to win this,would help out with the shopping bill.

  63. Rona G says:


  64. pamela gossage says:

    I would love these. I love shopping at Aldi

  65. Will Tunnicliffe says:

    All done

  66. Rachel says:

    Great prize to share with the family!

  67. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Eat up everyone

  68. Layla Thomas says:

    I love Aldi, they’ve brought down our food bill by about a third since we started shopping there. They’ve also been great for Christmas presents as well.

  69. Marion says:

    My daughter’s a great fan of Aldi, I’d love to win these for her.

  70. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous treat from ALDI -it would be extra special with more treats and goodies from a quality value and great supermarket xx

  71. Angela Lord says:

    I love Aldi, there’s always something new to offer and different foods. Well done Aldi, what a marvellous prize for someone so near Christmas. Thank you.

  72. Wendy Williams says:

    Delivery of

  73. Bill says:

    Everything for the party!

  74. Pearl Taylor says:

    whats not to like at ALDI fabulous store

  75. Anita Powell says:

    Fabulous for Christmas.

  76. Laura Mather says:

    These are a few of my favourite things!

  77. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Great for quality food and clothes toiletries and goodies galore xx love to win -thankyou for the opportunity xx

  78. Lynsey Ellard says:

    Whole Cooked Canadian Lobster – so decadent!

  79. Margaret Gaskell says:

    Well I like all prizes, but I like this prize from Aldi better! Love their adverts!!

  80. debra kennedy says:

    fab prize

  81. IAIN MAXWELL says:

    what would you do without aldi

  82. Julie Francis says:

    quality food at reasonable prices that tastes expensive

  83. Beryl Jackson says:

    How great Aldi is and improving all the time…keep it up!

  84. anthea midgley says:

    This would be so good and would help me give more to St Oswalds homeless food bank

  85. Chris Kemp says:

    This would be great.

  86. carol cross says:

    Dont think i’ve got enough cupboard space to put £200 pounds worth of Aldi goodies in my kitchen, but i will have fun trying, what an absolutely super duper giveaway.

  87. loretta mcdonald says:

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity⛄

  88. loretta mcdonald says:

    I would love to win this it would help a lot over the festive season

  89. MRS C H RIBCHESTER says:

    Great prize can fill fridge and freezer with this prize.

  90. olgaa carpenter says:

    Awesome prize

  91. Debi says:

    Yum looks delicious ….

  92. kfarrar says:

    How did we manage Christmas before we had Aldi.

  93. Linda Spevick says:


  94. Jo says:

    Apsolutely amazing!

  95. frances hopkins says:

    Fantastic, prize for christmas

  96. Margaret Naughton says:

    Best value & great quality—- just in time for C/mas.

  97. sue rushworth says:

    even I would enjoy cooking with these delicious products

  98. Simone lee says:

    super prize good luck to all

  99. jane anderson says:

    Yes please!

  100. Margaret Gallagher says:

    This would certainly be the best Christmas ever with delicious fresh succulent food served for christmas and new year -the quality and range would fill me with sheer delight and my family would be overjoyed -thankyou CANDIS and ALDI -my perfect Christmas may not be a dream after all xx

  101. Sallyanne says:

    Look forward to a nice prize

  102. Gail says:

    Aldi is a great place to shop, full of bargains and lots of fresh delicious food, this would be amazing to win this prize for christmas

    Fingers crossed

    Thank you

  103. Joyce Willis says:


  104. andrew reed says:

    What a great prize

  105. sally collard says:

    £200 of Aldi food, that would last me for weeks

  106. Linda Heyman says:

    A great prize to win for shopping at our new Aldi store that has just opened

  107. Margarer Gallagher says:

    Fabulous treat for great party food chocolates and drinks from ALDI -extra special as my dad is 83 in January and we’d be able to treat him to all the food he loves and have a splendid party and cake specially in honour of him and show him special loved and admired he is with all our family and friends – thankyou CANDIS for the chance to win this special prize x

  108. Tina Hewitt says:

    As always a good prize!! Thank you for the opportunity and Good Luck everyone

  109. Paula Rorie says:

    Wow.. with £200 to spend in Aldi i could get a feast..lots of food and quaility drinks and pressents galore!! Christmas sorted x Thankyou for the chance xxxx

  110. Melanie Daniels says:

    Fab giveaway!

  111. loretta mcdonald says:

    Aldi vouchers up for grabs#I would Shop till I drop with Aldis £200 vouchers to spend #Northampton#Thanks for the opportunity.⛄

  112. kaye willan says:

    Wonderful Giveaway !

  113. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Let’s tuck in

  114. Julie Young says:

    Yes please – great giveaway

  115. Sharon clark says:

    What a brilliant prize before Christmas. Would love to win!

  116. joy clare says:

    Aldi is great!

  117. Sharon Buesnel says:

    Wow a feast of a prize! 🙂

  118. Tina Hewitt says:

    Aldi is a great place to shop I have reduced my shopping bill by more than half

  119. Linda Tomlinson says:

    A great prize that I would be able to use very liberally in my local Aldi which would stretch the celebration food bill very nicely thank you.

  120. Beryl Cousins says:

    just in time for new years eve party if I win xx
    all the party food on ALDI whooppee

  121. Maria Duffee says:

    A nice big Aldi has just opened near us, I’ve been waiting for ages for it to. Wonderful money saving place.

  122. DAVID McGUIRE says:

    Quality and value = Aldi

  123. Jenny Turner says:

    Great prize, at Aldi prices, this should go a really long way.

  124. valerie G. says:

    Special treats for the oldies, sweeties for the kids. What could be nicer?

  125. keiran says:

    Great prize

  126. Claire Kyle says:

    LOVE Aldi food, great Christmas food

  127. Helen says:

    Great prize

  128. Mrs S Salmon says:

    Fantastic food, excellent value for money and a great place to do our weekly shop

  129. Steve says:

    I like free gifts

  130. Dee Griffiths says:

    fantastic prize, thanks for chance, fingers crossed

  131. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    Aldi do such an amazing selection of different foods at great prices, every time I visit I come out with something new to try and often it becomes a staple regular in our weekly food shop. This is one amazing prize which is going to change someones christmas dinner massively.

  132. Anita hargreaves says:

    Loving it

  133. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Fantastic prize for fabulous treats quality assured and great ranges and special offers -this would be great to win thankyou CANDIS and ALDI for the chance

  134. Richard O"Mahony says:

    Me please

  135. Sheila Evans says:

    and this prize is food perfection!

  136. Champaklal Lad says:

    great prize for xmas

  137. Fiona Martin says:

    Amazing prize, would be a great help for the new year!

  138. Wendy Becker says:

    super prize to win

  139. Susan Jarrett says:

    Great food!

  140. Dawn Trask says:

    Lovely choice of products from Germany/Britain and such a good price

  141. Julie Carwardine says:

    Aldi is my family supermarket by far!

  142. Meg says:

    I like all competitions but I like Aldi ones the best!

  143. Sharon Buesnel says:

    Enough for several feasts! 🙂

  144. pamela gossage says:

    Great prize. I love to shop at Aldi

  145. anthea midgley says:

    never been there yet this would be a great time to try

  146. Tracie Robinson says:

    Fantastic chance

  147. christine jarrett says:

    This would be real handy as I have an Aldi at the end of my road

  148. sandra Tindall says:

    New Year would be sorted out for food/drink!

  149. Simone lee says:

    wow wee happy christmas it would be

  150. Jeannie Evans says:

    This is a great treat for any family. The food is excellent and at very good prices.

  151. deby says:

    I can see a party coming on.

  152. debra kennedy says:

    Great Stuff!

  153. Charlotte says:

    Yummy chocolate bars 🙂

  154. thomas lamb says:

    Ienjoy shopping at ALDI,great selection of items.

  155. Donna brown says:

    Love shopping at Aldi great food at great prices

  156. Pat Healy says:

    Aldi have a great range of food. Caters for everyone

  157. Allie Stopler says:

    Love ALDI – perfect

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