Love pizza? Impress family and friends with fresh and tasty home-made pizzas with one of these fabulous Bella Pizza Ovens from Giles & Posner – we have five up for grabs worth £99 each. Featuring smart heating technology and a removable hot stone that absorbs any moisture to ensure crispy, restaurant-quality pizzas every time, the ovens reach up to 390 degrees, so you can cook your pizzas in just five minutes. With variable temperature settings for different styles of pizza, each prize also includes a ‘Make Your Own Dough’ guide and delicious pizza recipes to get you started. With a pizza cutter and aluminium pizza paddles, you’ll soon be serving professional pizzas with the home-made touch. Don’t forget our invitation! Available from Amazon or

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48 Responses to Bella Pizza Oven

  1. anne kinsella says:

    Love a pizza, this would get a serious workout in my house.

  2. Olga carpenter says:

    Great prize

  3. alison veasey says:

    Great for the kitchen!

  4. Iris Tilley says:

    Yay!! Pizza away we love pizza’s

  5. kim wallace says:


  6. Linda says:


  7. Lynn B says:

    Homemade = Healthy yes please

  8. Andrea wachnuik says:

    Yes please

  9. Nicola Phipps says:

    Ooooh yes please

  10. Sheila Evans says:

    Freshly prepared means tastier – and you can be more creative too!

  11. Mary D says:

    Fantastic prize. Chance to make some healthy no nonsense pizza.

  12. Helen Kelly says:

    something that will be used by all the family from us oaps right down to our little ones Gummy!!

  13. Paula Sparks says:

    Looks fantastic! I’ve just come back from Italy and would love to be able to create pizzas from scratch, as good as the ones on holiday

  14. Denise Ashley says:

    My grandsons 3 and 6 would love this as they are always baking and helping with meals. Two future masterchefs

  15. James Nicolson says:

    Now to impress the grandchildren

  16. carole denney says:

    If it fits a 16″ my 14 yr old boy would be in his elements as i make him pizzas & he literally puts half the fridge on top for his fillings lol

  17. kelly Lewis says:

    oh wow this would be amazing to win. kids would have so much fun creating their own pizzas

  18. Pauline Hill says:


  19. Jane Green says:

    Would be wonderful and we would all love it.

  20. CAROL says:

    What a great prize.

  21. Leah Tonna says:

    Great for our Summer Patio parties.

  22. pam butterfield says:

    homemade pizzas are more healthy

  23. Sandy Kent says:

    Fantastic prize!My family love pizzas this would make a perfect afternoon spent in the garden even more special!

  24. Olga carpenter says:


  25. Carolyn Wain says:

    Homemade pizza What a treat

  26. Christine Richardson says:

    Great prize

  27. Marlene says:

    Grewat family get togethers with pizza

  28. joanne casey says:

    I’d love one of these! thanks for the chance

  29. Jean Price says:

    My granddaughters would love this they love helping me make them when they come to stay

  30. A Kirkwood says:

    Wow, what a super prize. I’d love it

  31. CAROL says:

    great prize

  32. Pauline Hill says:


  33. Margaret says:

    Perfect to cook up a treat for ALL my family

  34. Angela hartley says:

    Would be ideal for any kitchen
    Everyone can pick their own topping
    And help with healthy eating

  35. Vicki Macdonald says:

    This would be perfect for the family, we all love homemade pizza

  36. Karren Waldron says:

    My daughter would love this x

  37. christine smith says:

    Great prize to win

  38. Kimberly Meadows says:

    With 7 little grandchildren this would be so useful to have in my kitchen.

  39. Diane says:

    Would love to have a ‘pizza’ the action!

  40. Jack Freeman says:

    Pizza magic

  41. Debbie Cooper says:

    Yes please

  42. Jennifer Knights says:

    Wow! How useful this would be for cooking for the grandkids!

  43. Chris says:

    Our son would love this

  44. sandra says:

    my grandson will be set up if I manage to win one of these

  45. Lynn says:

    Homemade pizzas… much healthier, would love one of these

  46. Eileen says:

    Would love to win this.

  47. Val Thomas says:

    Great for entertaining

  48. Sandra Seward says:

    With family liking different things this would be fantastic.

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