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of toys worth £60!


Children need time to play as they develop, so it makes good sense to set time aside to balance fun and learning with a range of innovative and engaging craft gifts and games. To help you to do that, we’ve put together four fabulous toy bundles worth £60 each to be won. 



Clear the kitchen worktops: it’s time to tackle the Chocolate Lolly Maker! Everything is included except for the chocolate buttons needed to make and shape their own lollies. Simply melt some chocolate and scoop into the four moulds, making sure you include a lolly stick, and wait for them to cool.




The Chocolate Coin Maker allows you to melt, wrap and stamp your own chocolate-filled golden coins and medals. Choose from around 20 messages and pictures or create your own designs. Once your coins have set, wrap them in the golden foil provided.



Budding artists can create magical pictures and amazing airbrush effects with a BLOPENS Rainbow, where kids can combine three colours into one BLOPENS® tool to make rainbow-coloured drawings. 



Grabolo is a fun family game – prove that you have the best eyes and fastest hands at the table. A roll of the two dice determines the colour and shape of playing pieces you have to grab, so react quickly, find the match and grab it fast! 







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