Fantastic prize worth over £1,550

What could be better than being outdoors? We’ve teamed up with iconic British cycling company Raleigh to give you the chance to win an e-bike worth £1,550.

lifestyle Spirit E bike in garden DSC_9075_REPRO

Aside from all the features you’d expect from a top-quality bike, the stylish Raleigh Spirit e-bike comes with an electric motor hidden in the hub of the front wheel to help you go further and get up hills faster.

Because looking good doesn’t have to be hard work, the Spirit e-bike senses how hard you are pedalling and then adds the amount of power you need.

And whether you’re feeling energetic or just need a little bit of an extra boost, you can choose the amount of assistance you’d like by simply pressing a button on the handlebar. The Raleigh Spirit will help you go up to 80km on one charge with the slimline battery fitting snugly under the pannier rack. Raleigh is the market leader in e-bikes and this new model provides riders with a high quality riding experience like no other.

What’s more, all Raleigh e-bikes come with a free Bike 4 Life guarantee on the frame and rigid forks, meaning you can expect the bike to last as long as you do! Visit for more information.

For your chance to win, answer the following question:

This competition has now closed.

This competition closes on 31/08/2016

540 Responses to Raleigh e-bike

  1. Gary says:

    I would love to win this for my mother, she bikes nearly everywhere but now finds it difficult as she gets older.This E-Bike would give her new lease of life.

  2. Penelope Senior says:

    Living in the Cotswolds any help with hills is appreciated

  3. Helen Barnett says:

    This would be ideal for taking my girls to school and then getting to work.

  4. Christina Faerber says:

    This is sooo cool and so classic. It would be a pleasure to ride.

  5. Fiona Shepherd says:


  6. Sheila Byrne says:

    Just lost 2 stone for very serious health problems but would now love to get fit again

  7. Sheila Byrne says:

    Suberbsuperb Quality what a bike

  8. jennifer davies says:

    love one great idea

  9. Diane Lindsay says:

    Wow what a prize…..perfect for getting about in the Scottish Sunshine lol 🙂

  10. Gillian Hewitt says:

    This would be amazing to help with weight loss and tone up .I work in the town centre and it would save on travel/ parking expenses and great for the environment .

  11. Karolina Rozwarska says:

    What a prize!!! Fingers crossed!

  12. keiran says:

    Great prize

  13. Angela Oakley says:

    What a fabulous bike!

  14. pauline hill says:

    make my day please LOVE THE BIKE

  15. Denise Wynne says:

    Just what I need to keep up with my cycling mad partner!!

  16. Linda Guest says:

    I love the extra boost idea and the bike4life guarantee shows that Raleigh are a manufacturer with confidence in the product

  17. debbi ruskin says:

    Great for my poor old knees! Lol

  18. Alison says:

    I have kidney problems and need to get fit, this bike seems like the best of both worlds. Cycling to keep fit and put onto electric when you need a boost. So want to win this. Fingers crossed.

  19. Gemma Holland says:

    Would love a new bike & this looks perfect. Thank you

  20. Trudy says:

    I would like to cycle more but I find my knees are painful
    This cycle would help

  21. Joan Drummond says:

    This bike is just what the doctor ordered to get and to stay in shape !

  22. Veryan Williams says:

    Spirit e-bike – e-xtra special.

  23. Margaret ritchie says:

    Would love this as I do not have a bike and would love to got out with my grandchildren x

  24. BALWINDER says:

    Just started a weight loss programme weighing 113kg lost 5 kg so far.This bike would really help boost my confidence and motivation.

  25. Natalie Ellis says:

    this e-bicycle would be great to help me achieve my goal of losing weight and building up my fitness 🙂

  26. Noreen says:

    I could definitely ‘Raleigh’ round to this electrifying bike!

  27. Michelle Quinn says:

    I live about 3 miles from town and it would be a great asset to win this so it would make my life a little easier, but still being able to keep fit.

  28. Anne Bostwick says:

    The Raleigh Spirit E-Bike gets someone who’s over the hill over the hill!

  29. Christina K says:

    Fantastic bike

  30. Tina Howells says:

    Raleigh Spirit e-bike sounds perfect as it can give some extra assistance when required. That would be very helpful to me as I have had some extensive spinal surgery and now need to work at strengthening my muscles again but may well require a little help with the hills 🙂 Thank you for the chance.

  31. Lynn says:

    Great way to ride the new cycle paths created in our area.

  32. Kerry says:

    What a stunning bike! I’d get lots of use from this!

  33. Jane Dale-Beaumont says:

    I have a few health issues that prevent me from bike riding, having no car it was my method of transport, winning this Ebike would be just perfect.

  34. lexina mccallum says:

    I haven’t got a bike at the moment so would be great to win this!

  35. Joanne blair says:

    Would love this to be able to get out and about

  36. Jim Kerr says:

    What a great way to get back into cycling.

  37. Pam Lawrence says:

    This would be so perfect – i live on the Isle of Wight, and my town is quite hilly! A bit of help up the steep bits is just what i need, so fingers crossed xx


    what a bike

  39. Ann Fitzpatrick says:

    Hate driving, so what’s the next best thing, a Releigh
    e-bike of course

  40. Helen Gale says:

    Great prize

  41. vanessa gannon says:

    wow, fab bike, I like the idea of getting a bit of a boost especially up hill x

  42. Maria Dhillon says:

    Would love to win this for my boyfriend

  43. Sue Price says:

    I love this bike & have wanted an e bike but couldn’t afford one. I became ill 4 years ago & now have a lot of mobility problems meaning I can’t ride a bike anymore. I live by the sea and often see people riding their bikes about & wish that I could do the same. An e bike would be amazing, it would give me some independance back and enable me to ride a bike again. It would be a dream come true!

  44. Champaklal Lad says:

    great bike

  45. Nicky says:

    This would be a great incentive to getting fitter and greener mode of transport – fantastic prize!

  46. alison veasey says:

    Wow! need to get fit, so this would be ideal

  47. Christine Bond says:

    I need to get fit after 2 years of ill health.

  48. Louise says:

    This reminds me of my very first new bike I had for my birthday in the 70s, didn’t have and didn’t need an assisted motor then to get up the hills, but my body would love an assisting motor now, even though we can’t all be Jamie Summers from the 70s, this bike would be the next best thing

  49. Linda Spevick says:

    Just what I need to exercise enjoyably!

  50. Sue Cook says:

    Would love to be fitter and this wonderful bike could be the answer to my prayers.

  51. kate p says:

    I would love this

  52. Paula Readings says:

    Great for work.

  53. Catherine Booker says:

    What a smart looking bike! This would be perfect as we’re soon moving somewhere there are miles of bike paths!

  54. Maurice McCartney says:

    My partner would love this, she has always wanted one

  55. Deb Rooney says:

    Thank you cycling would become so much easier

  56. Donald McLeman says:

    Yes please, luxury biking 🙂

  57. alison fisher says:

    lovely bike I would look so classy on this lol

  58. Colette Sheeran says:

    I am taking cycling lessons but have to borrow the bike. Would love to win this

  59. Evelyn Carver says:

    Looks great

  60. Trevor Smith says:

    Effortless uphill sounds wonderful

  61. Jenny Turner says:

    Just what I need, so fingers crossed

  62. Chris Blake says:

    really need some exercise

  63. amy fidler says:

    i would love this,it would really get me back into cycling again x

  64. Pete Seaman says:


  65. Dawn Trask says:

    Lovely prize

  66. iain maciver says:

    fab giveaway

  67. Mary Houlihan says:

    This would be a great way to get back into cycling in hilly Bristol! Gorgeous bike!

  68. Heather Conway says:

    It would help me loose weight

  69. ALAN SANBROOKE says:

    Great prize

  70. Andy Caldwell says:

    This would alleviate my Knee problems

  71. Mike Terry says:

    I know a lady who would love this classic bike.

  72. Joanne Beale says:

    Would love to win and would be great for the hills

  73. norma macdonald robertson says:

    great for my arthritis would help enormously

  74. Linds says:

    Wow, this would be a great bike to win. My twin sister & I have just invested in an electric bike. She has moved to the Forest of Bowland, it is very hilly, we take it in turns to ride the electric bike but I struggle on my ordinary bike due to having a lower leg & ankle injury last year. We are both knocking on a bit so need all the help we can get. I will keep everything crossed.

  75. TINA MESSENT says:

    Beautiful bike – 21st century here we come 🙂

  76. Roger Stanley says:

    Amazing giveaway

  77. Kim Wallace says:

    love to win

  78. john jackson says:


  79. Jeannie Evans says:

    What a great prize to keep us mobile!

  80. Carol Smith says:

    This fab prize would be a lovely surprise for my daughter

  81. Lona Jones says:

    I’d love to win it for myself. There are so many lovely cycle tracks around Norh Wales.

  82. Nicola Hogan says:

    What a fantastic bike. I would love to win one for my husband who cycles to work every day in all weathers at 430 in the morning. It would be a more comfortable and quicker ride for him.

  83. Diane Smith says:

    Would be ideal for getting around the local area

  84. Sandra Lane says:

    I love the vintage look style of the bike. I’d be thrilled to win.

  85. Julie Francis says:

    ebike + healthy exercise = efit mind and body

  86. Jane Robertson says:

    Just taken my bike out of the shed after lending it to my daughter so that she could learn to ride. It’s in an awful state! I need a new one. Help!

  87. sue rushworth says:

    i am 68 and have loved cycling for years but my bike is so past its best, i could really do with a new one

  88. Sandra Jenkinson says:

    I was talking about taking up cycling again with a colleague. This bike would be a fantastic incentive!

  89. SOPHIE B says:

    I’d ‘Raleigh’ the troops to come & watch me glide up & down the hill on this stunningly beautiful bicycle.

  90. Ray Dodds says:

    Love it to kill the hills

  91. Julie Bard says:

    Wow would love this bike, used to ride local cycle paths, had a knee replacement last year so this would be wonderful to get back out there.

  92. GEOFF WICKENS says:


  93. Samantha Triggs says:

    It’s a classic!

  94. Joe Dodds says:

    I Wouldlove to win this prize. Amazing Bikes

  95. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Perfect to help me get out and about more with the added benefit of exercise too

  96. Janet Middleton says:

    Fabulous prize! I’d really enjoy using this bike.

  97. Sam Stevens says:

    this should definitely spur me on to get outside more and not to kill my knees! It’s a win-win situation

  98. carole denney says:

    I would love this as Barnodos takes my boy out on rides due to severe anxiety issues & keeps asking me to go but i can’t afford a bike for myself

  99. Margaret Naughton says:

    Great for summer.

  100. Colin Wilce says:

    A great gift for my retirement

  101. Howard Sleight says:

    ‘Over the hills and far away’ is where I would go if I had an electric bike.

  102. Pamela Henry says:

    Just retired, what a lovely way to keep fit

  103. Robert Price says:

    I need to lose weight

  104. Amy Dacre says:

    I live in a really hilly area so get put off by going out on my bike so this would be great… No excuses!

  105. Richard O'Mahony says:

    nice bike, I’m in it to win it

  106. Mary Campbell says:

    Fantastic prize, I think the whole family would share this!

  107. janine atkin says:

    id love this for riding to work

  108. gracieg says:

    I could add to my fitness routine for an old lady by cycling each morning to my 7.00am daily swim.

  109. Wendy butcher says:

    Would be amazing to have one of these as getting to work is really costly. Fingers crossed.

  110. Lorna lyons says:

    This would be perfect for when out with the kids; I could keep up with them & also have the energy uve reserved using the electric motor torun after them

  111. Denise Cross says:

    I’d love this as hubby zooms off and I get left behind

  112. David Goodship says:

    I like to recycle – I cycle to work in the morning and I cycle home at night.

  113. Sarah Beatty says:

    This would make my journey to work bliss, our hospital is trying to keep staff healthy & fit – this prize would let me leave the car at home

  114. Linda says:

    Would love to win this bike, I have joint problems so this bike would be perfect.

  115. Lynda Sanderson says:

    Just had heart surgery, so this would be perfect.

  116. Kathy says:

    Would love to win this please as I like live on a hill so puts me off cycling more

  117. barbara nellist says:

    what a wonderful prize, think the grandchildren will be delighted.

  118. NICOLA DAVIES says:

    My husband has been trying to get my biking for years, maybe this is the push I need.

  119. Tessa Brown says:

    I agree with Sue Cook above, yes please!

  120. Clarissa Cummings says:

    I would love to win this for my mother. She has bad arthritis in her hands, and feet.
    She also suffers from cellulitis, and needs to exercise.
    This would be brilliant for her to exercise without it causing her pain, helping her in the mean time.
    I hope I can win this for her.
    Will cheer her up a lot!

  121. Rita Larmour says:

    Grandma would like to go on bike rides x

  122. Debbie Habershon says:

    Spirt – because you love the ride……..
    E – exercise which you will experience……..

  123. alison veasey says:

    Great way to keep fit!

  124. Clare says:

    This is my dream prize

  125. amanda fletcher says:

    Wow fabulous prize and a great way to keep fit , love it

  126. sb says:

    this bike would make me look really fit

  127. Tina Hewitt says:

    Fantastic prize …Good Luck everyone

  128. linda gill says:

    great prize for our staycation

  129. Mark Mccaffery says:

    There couldn’t be a better time to use it now the weather’s changed.

  130. Sandy Kent says:

    An elegant and stylish bike!
    Would love to be lucky enough to win, fingers crossed

  131. Janet Cutler says:

    I’ve been thinking about cycling in to work and ditching the car – this little addition would make light of that uphill slope home that’s been putting me off!

  132. Jodie W says:

    I totally need this to help with my commute home from work, to work is ok its downhill…but the way home is uphill.

  133. Natalie J says:

    Would love to win this, haven’t been able to cycle for years after surgery left me numb down obe leg, so this could be the bike for me!

  134. jill says:

    I would love to win this….would be able to get out with family

  135. Jim Kerr says:

    My daughters keep telling me to get on my bike, I’d agree if it was this one.

  136. Natalie Gillham says:

    I’d love to win this bike as I am very unfit and need to lose weight for an operation, and cycling is the only exercise I like but I cant afford a bike at the moment. This bike would also be perfect for me to build up my fitness levels at a pace I can manage.

  137. Kathleen Lynch says:

    I would love this, I have recently ruptured my Achilles’ tendon. This would be ideal for the next stage of my recovery as I would get the benefit from cycling but get a little help on hilly ground.
    The bike is absolutely gorgeous.

  138. Jane Robertson says:

    Just borrowed my daughter’s bike as I remembered I loved to ride when I was a youngster. That was many years ago. Bought a helmet. It was fun now I want to get a bike of my own.

  139. Yvonne Dimbleby says:

    Fabulous prize – I’d love to win

  140. Kathleen jones says:

    WOW what a fantastic prize that would encourage me to get fit.

  141. SOPHIE B says:

    Fabulous fun on two wheels..

  142. sue rushworth says:

    i`m 68 and still love my cycling

  143. Tracey S Anderson says:

    What a fabulous prize! I would love to win for my Son who relies heavily on cycling to basically get him to work and back and everywhere else he has to travel, he also enjoys cycling as a hobby too in his spare time. Would be amazing to tell him that he can replace his worn out old friend. Fingers crossed X

  144. Brad Start says:

    My wife would love this bike…

  145. Sheila Evans says:

    With the fast pace of life how I would love this superb bike for country rides!

  146. Kelly Danaher says:

    Wow, what a fab prize! That would certainly get me exercising again, a with a boost for this hills that I’m not fit enough for… Yet!

  147. Josie Bicknell says:

    This would be my dream come true

  148. Maria Sack says:

    This looks great.

  149. Layla Thomas says:

    I haven’t rode a bike in years and both my children will be in school in September and I’d love to try again. It would be great exercise.

  150. marie miles says:

    i would love this bike to get me out in the fresh air and keep me fit.

  151. Julia Linsley says:

    I recently had a knee replacement and this is the ideal solution for me to get out about get fit and healthy and exercise ! I would soo love to win this ! I’m only 54 I don’t want to stop cycling ! This would give me a boost

  152. Joseph jones says:

    Great prize thankyou

  153. Debby Brown says:

    As someone with a number of chronic health problems, a bike like this would be the perfect tool for me to get out of the house, get some more exercise and be confident that I have the help of the electric motor power if/when I cramp or run into difficulties. This could give me access to the wider world and a new lease of life as it might give me a level of independence that I haven’t had for years. I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers well & truly crossed for this one.

  154. Donna Caldwell says:

    I’d love this have just got my little girl going without stabilisers it took us awhile but we got there . Would love to go out cycling with her . I love this bike it looks fantastic

  155. Jim McKenzie says:

    This would be a great boon for my wife as she has knee problems

  156. maria blythin says:

    great competition x great prize x

  157. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Amazing style and performance
    Perfect to get out and explore

  158. TAM P says:

    This would be ideal for me as I am pretty lazy

  159. Gillian says:

    This would be great to take in all that fresh air and freedom

  160. Chris Williams says:

    what a great bike my Son would love this to use to get to work on those early shifts when the buses dont run

  161. Fiona jk42 says:

    I’d like to cycle more often. With this bike I could venture further afield without the worry not having the energy to get home safely

  162. Sharon Bell says:

    Would love to win as never been on. Bike since I was 15

  163. Sonia Williams says:

    Great bike.Would love to win this so our Daughter could bike to college.

  164. A Bettis says:

    Having recently sold my car I cant tell you how great it would be to get around on this bike!

  165. dorothy cavender says:

    i live uphill so this would be a great bike to ease my struggle up the road!

  166. Margaret Gaskell says:

    An amazing prize, to be commended for its green credentials and an opportunity to improve fitness. Thank you for the chance of winning a life changing bike.

  167. Mark Graham says:

    Perfect way to keep fit with a helping hand for when things get tough. Great idea!

  168. Michelle Burgess says:

    I couldn’t find the question to answer but I’d certainly love to win the lovely Raleigh bike!
    Thanks 🙂

  169. Linda Revell says:

    This would be great to go to the allotment on instead of getting the car out!

  170. Anna Jackson says:

    Fantastic prize – just what I need!

  171. Janet Goodlad says:

    Wow this is fab. I love biking but useless if there is a hill so this would assist me beautifully. Thanks for the chance to win x

  172. lexi says:

    Really need a bike so this would be nice

  173. Ann says:

    Would love a bike I have never had a bike of my own

  174. ALAN SANBROOKE says:

    great bikes

  175. Mrs.E.Fenning says:

    This would be perfect for keeping my joints moving,now i’m almost 80!

  176. Maralyn Smith says:

    This would enable me to visit my daughter more often. I could ride it on the cycle path nearly all the way there….it’s about 12 miles…..but it’s a good way to keep me fit as well. I’m only 66 after all.

  177. Tracie Robinson says:

    Would love this as I could cycle again with my Grandchildren

  178. Kelly Knowles says:

    Great prize, everyone else in the house has a decent bike i haven’t so this would be a really nice win for the summer!

  179. Stuart Harper says:

    Would love to win as I’m getting fit again at the moment.

  180. Daniel Stacey says:

    Great bike, brilliant for getting to work

  181. Susan Jarrett says:

    this would encourage me to get out and about more on a bike. Would love to be more eco-friendly but lack the puff!

  182. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please!!

  183. Owen Tucker says:

    This would make my commute a lot more enjoyable 🙂

  184. David Goodship says:

    I’d love to spirit myself away on this beautiful little mover!

  185. Mark Facer says:

    Fantastic prize

  186. Ms Patricia J Porter says:

    Lovely bike that would help me travel around UK and the lovely beaches around Liverpool, getting lots of good exercise.

  187. Carolyn Corrin says:

    What a useful prize.

  188. Graham Ross says:

    This would be ideal for going up hills near where I live,and a brilliant way to get fit

  189. Barney Riley says:

    great prize. fingers crossed

  190. sally collard says:

    love to win this, going up hills up my push bike is very tiring. To glide up hills would be great.

  191. MARTIN BOVEY says:

    What a greap prize for my wife

  192. gloria heathcote says:

    i would love it to get to and from work , it would be the perfect excersise boost to my day

  193. kathleen forrest says:

    I would just like to know what it feels like to actually win something

  194. Pam Hubbard says:

    I would love to win this for my daughter who lives in Belguim and takes her little girl to school every morning on her bike. This would be so much easier for her fantastic prize xx

  195. Sarita Beddow says:

    After intensive physio I can now get back on a bike, I need one though…..

  196. Kim Wallace says:

    for my son

  197. LORNA WILSON says:

    Would be so useful to win this to help keep me fit & healthy!

  198. Tracy Alcock says:

    I need to get fit this would be perfect

  199. Hazel Williams says:

    This would be good

  200. Jane Gorton says:

    As I have got DVT I need to exercise but not too much and this would meet both my needs. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  201. Alison says:

    My old electric bike is unrepairable and has been like this for several years, I would love to win this bike as it’s the only only way I could get one now as I couldn’t afford a new one. So here’s really hoping and keeping fingers crossed.

  202. laura townsend says:

    I would love to win this it would be very helpful for taking my boys to nursery.

  203. Denfor Hopkins says:

    Brilliant prize, would love to win this bike.

  204. Susan Challinor says:

    It’s been a long time since I rode a bike but I’ve been promising myself for a while now that I’ll invest in a great bike. Winning this would be a dream come true.

  205. Marion says:

    I’d love to win this bike.

    • Amanda Mattingley says:

      As I’ve recently started a new job as a support worker in a lovely care home I would love to start and finish the day with a cycle ride instead of getting the bus. Plus my fiancé has a great bike and I’d love to spent time out & about cycling together.

  206. Samantha Triggs says:

    On yer bike!

  207. David Woolley says:

    Just the thing for my sister!

  208. Louise Blackah says:

    This would be great for my daughter who has fibromyalgia and who is trying to increase her fitness and activity levels, albeit very slowly.

  209. Christina K says:

    Fantastic to help me stay fit.

  210. Margaret Naughton says:

    What a bonus on hills!

  211. Natasha Hiscock says:

    Would’ve perfect for me, I have been unable to exercise since I developed tendonitis in my knee. His would really help

  212. thomas lamb says:

    I would love to win this for my wife,she would really enjoy and cherish this bike.

  213. Carol Smith says:

    A lovely prize for my daughter

  214. Margaret Wickenden says:

    Lovely prize. Ideal for commuting and scooting about town.

  215. Angela Oakley says:

    A fabulous prize, what a bike!

  216. Shelly Layle says:

    My dad bought me a fold up bike years ago from auction which I still use ,it only has 2 gears so a lot of peddling needed! this would be an upgrade for sure

  217. sue rushworth says:

    i`m 68 and still love cycling

  218. Charlotte-Victoria Drummond says:

    This would be amazing to win

  219. Gail Alice says:

    This would be great, i start work at 4am and i would feel much safer, there are no buses until 6am, cycling to work would be great

  220. Jane Robertson says:

    I have just started to ride again after many years. I bought a helmet and borrow a friend’s bike. It would be great to have one of my own.

  221. jacqueline lawrence says:

    wow weeeeeeeeeeee……A Raleigh-e-bike is the prize. This bike would help me get around. To ride through the country side would be sound. Feeling the earth under the tyre, over the hills higher and higher. Dreaming,and Dreaming I would love to to be me… Rideing and Rideing , the feeling of being free.

  222. karen hughes says:

    Really would love this bike,I’ve always had a bike,but I am finding it hard on my my knees now.x

  223. Karen Johnson says:

    This would give me the boost I need to keep up with my husband!

  224. Patricia Avery says:

    Love cycling but at 68 finding it increasingly difficult to do the mileage I used to. This would be a great help to continue doing something I love 🙂

  225. SHIRLEY EVANS says:

    love to win this,brilliant to get me out and around

  226. Natalie Thomason says:

    This would be perfect for me I have a number of health problems this would help me get fit

  227. Carol Howard says:

    Looks brilliant – I would love to win this to replace my really old cycle!

  228. Josie Bicknell says:

    A great way to get fitter and good for my knees

  229. Sue Skinner says:

    what a clever bike,great way to get about !

  230. carole eaves says:

    my knees wont be so shocked, it looks so easy, thanks for the chance to win

  231. Amanda Jaggard says:

    Perfect for going up hills when I’ve got none of my children in a seat on the back.

  232. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    I’d love to win this fabulous bike

  233. Linda Spevick says:

    A great way to get fit and healthy..

  234. Maria says:

    We have moved to Minehead were everywhere is a hill. This would be perfect to help me up a few x

  235. Maxine Kirk says:

    Love to be a free Spirit riding this seeing some of the wonderful sights

  236. Andy Caldwell says:

    I too have knee problems but still try to get out on my bike this electric bike would be brilliant

  237. Ruth Barker says:


  238. laura banks says:

    absolutely brilliant

  239. Helen Moulden says:

    This would be amazing!

  240. iain maciver says:

    just what I need

  241. michelle smith says:

    Great bike

  242. Carolynn Woodland says:

    An e-bike would certainly encourage me to cycle more

  243. Susan Sargent says:

    A great prize

  244. Pam Hubbard says:

    fab prize would love to win had mine stolen xx

  245. lucy h says:

    wow i would LOVE this bike!

  246. Sandra Lane says:

    I love the retro style of this super bike.

  247. Bryony Sayburn says:

    I don’t drive so a bike would come in so handy. This one looks absolutely fabulous too so fingers crossed!

  248. Julie Dore says:

    no more excuses for not getting on the bike!!

  249. David Palmer says:

    Wife needs new bike, needs help getting up hills!

  250. louise gazeley says:

    Time I got fitter, winning this wonderful bike would get me to the Gym and back !!

  251. jonathan bullen says:

    this is awesome i would love this for my wife

  252. Susan Smith says:

    An amazing prize, would love a bike, fingers all crossed

  253. Lyndsey says:

    i love this bike

  254. Graham Ross says:

    This would be fantastic for going up hills as I have bad knees

  255. Linda Wilson says:

    I live on the edge of Epping forest, I would live to win this bike!

  256. Keith says:

    great prize

  257. sharon ritchings says:

    raleigh bikes have come a long way since i was a kid, what a fabulous model they have out now would love to ride this and show off to the neighbourhood

  258. Valerie Harbut says:

    Candis and Raleigh – what a great team for keeping fit and healthy.

  259. Gerri Tennant says:

    This would be great for gradually building up my fitness following a satisfying 2 stone weight loss.

  260. Dawn Braiden says:

    Great prize

  261. cidney says:

    an excellent prize and one which would be fantastic to win! I’m one of those who also have been told to lose a couple of stones for health reasons and I cycled to work for 12 years but had to give up when my bike fell to bits and we moved house and it was too far to cycle then anyway…….!

  262. carole denney says:

    I would love this as my 13 yr old boy goes out on bike rides every wk with Barnados as he’s had anxiety & claustrophobia all of his life.Unfortuntely his new bike cost quite alot & as a single parent i can’t afford to buy myself a bike to go on rides with him with it being nearly xmas

  263. Gillian Mills says:


  264. Champaklal Lad says:

    Fantastic Bike

  265. Janet Geer says:

    Would love to own this beautiful bike. It’s quite hilly around where I live so the extra help would be a wonderful bonus

  266. lisa tebbutt says:

    i have bad knees and find hills hard finger cross

  267. ian Cheyne says:

    Fantastic prize. Bit of a change from my Raleigh bikes i had as a kid

  268. Vanessa Ball says:

    I would love to win this bike as my partner has a road bike and i can never keep up with him. With an electric bike I will stand a better chance of getting to the pub before him .


    I would like to win this for my wife,as she would feel the good out of it,as she has asthma so struggles a bit,this would do her good if she won this,unfortunately it says answer the question,but I cannot find any question to answer to win this?

  270. Jill Macca says:

    Would love to win – I need to get fit and this would be great motivation x

  271. Joyce Willis says:

    This would help me keep up with my grand daughters

  272. Charlotte says:

    Yes please!

  273. SandraB says:

    What an amazing way to get around this would be instead of always getting the car out.

  274. JULIE WARD says:

    Transport for my son to get to work, hopefully mums taxi will be redundant

  275. Amanda Botterill says:

    it would be lovely to win this, I could join my foster son when he goes out on his bike rides

  276. judy kennedy says:

    Couldn’t see the question but would love to whizz around Streatham on this

  277. Gillian Mills says:

    Great giveaway, good luck to all.

  278. margaret Pitman says:

    This is a fab bike. This would keep me cycling and also help keep my independence.

  279. Donna Caldwell says:

    This sounds amazing I can just picture me riding around the village on it .

  280. Mrs.Oonagh Wood says:

    This would really help me get fitter. Terrific !

  281. MARTIN BAYLISS says:

    My daughter loves to cycle but just cant keep up with the rest of the family – now she can take the lead.

  282. John Tunnicliffe says:

    Always wanted a bike as a child and finally bought one and learnt to ride one in my 30’s. Unfortunately developed Sarcoidosis and had to give up cycling two years later. This would help me get out and about again

  283. Anne Plumb says:

    Would love to win this bike

  284. maggie cook says:

    Amazing, didn’t know they existed, ideal for my COPD husband x

  285. Cheryl G says:

    This bike looks fab, very chic! I’d love to win it

  286. Dorota Amellal says:

    Would liked to win it for my birthday 🙂 and go for ride with my kids 🙂

  287. Daniel Hora says:

    Yes please! Great prize

  288. Margaret Francis says:

    As the local bus in my area is being removed soon, transport for shopping in town will be a problem. So this super Raleigh E-bike would be a helpful solution ….Please ?

  289. Ann Smith says:

    This is truly a dream prize

  290. Peter Watson says:

    This would be ideal for me.

  291. David Goodship says:

    This prize is right up my street.

  292. Pamela Cooper says:

    Great prize would love to win

  293. Jan H says:

    Hubby has been wanting a bike for soo long, he would be really thrilled if this came his way.

  294. Keith Hunt says:

    nice for my wife

  295. Petra Hora says:

    I would love to win this for my mother

  296. Sylvia Dixon says:

    Brilliant prize would absolutely love to win this, with all the hills around where I live it would be a blessing.

  297. NATALIE BLAMEY says:

    Would Love to win please for my step daughter now a tall 13 year old, she would love it thanks

  298. emily jones says:

    Maybe this would encourage me to get back on a bike after 20 years

  299. Simon Harrington says:

    Would love to win this for my dad so he can get back into cycling.

  300. steven roebuck says:


  301. rachell beeston says:

    wow great prize good luck to all

  302. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Great prize for my mum. She’s been inspired by Team GB and wants to start bike riding again.

  303. Maxine Feehely says:

    I could use a little help going up hill!

  304. Andrew Ferris says:

    Ideal for my wife as she has mobility problems due to a neck injury.

  305. Karen Utterson says:

    I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike – with RALEIGH SPIRIT E-BIKE I can ride it anywhere I like.

  306. Sue McCarthy says:

    Fantastic prize, good luck everyone!

  307. Karl says:

    It would be great to allow my girlfriend to accompany me on the longer rides I do!

  308. Suzanne Gaulton says:

    My hubby is mad into cycling and I just can’t keep up with him – this looks like just the job!

  309. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Lovely looking bike – would help me to lose weight!

  310. Diane Smith says:

    I would love this to cycle around my village

  311. emily jones says:

    Maybe this will give me the push I need to get back on a bike after 20 years

  312. Kathryn Davies says:

    Perfect for my 84 ywear old dad who loves his bike, but gets tired quickly

  313. Susan Hurrell says:

    I would love to win this brilliant Raleigh Spirit E Bike for my dad. He is 85 in December and is still riding a normal bike ,which belonged to his father! My dad now has a dodgy right knee and this bike would be great for him!

  314. Margaret Stacey says:

    I would certainly never dally,if I was on my Raleigh.

  315. Leslie Evans says:

    This is ideal for me as I quickly get tired going up hills.

  316. debbi ruskin says:

    Fantastic prize!

  317. Mark Whittaker says:

    It would mean that I’d get to work , without having to shower when I get there , as I do after my usual cycle .

  318. sue s says:

    I have suffered from CFS over the last few years and have not felt confident on going on my bike. This bike would give me the confidence to go cycling again knowing I could get back to the starting point safely.

  319. Sarah KNIGHTLEY says:

    I’m not a very confident cyclist and would love to be able to go out more with my partner and children, and I think this e-bike would really help me to keep up with them!

  320. Rob says:

    First used an electric bike in Portugal – they’re great and really take the sting out of going uphill !

  321. Angela McDonald says:

    This is amazing! I adore the vintage look to it and riding a bike is definitely the best way to get around, see the sights and keep fit too

  322. Lynne Manton says:

    After a very long debilitating illness, this wonderful prize would be perfect for getting out and about again. Freedom, fresh air and exercise – just what the doctor ordered!

  323. Iona Cornish says:

    I’m trying to get fit and this would really help – unlike my current bike which is ancient and falling apart

  324. Chris Fletcher says:

    This would be brilliant for the commute!

  325. Chris Woodgate says:

    I would love to win the bicycle as my grandsons are on theirs all the time it would be great to join them.

  326. Sandra Webster says:

    I would love this so I can get out and about with son and his girlfriend. They are both cycling mad.
    Great way to keep fit

  327. Catherine Booker says:

    Wow, what a beautiful bike and what a great way to get out and about and keep up with my hubby! 🙂

  328. Jan McConkey says:

    This would be perfect for me, since breaking my ankle I have had to give up cycling, this would put me back on the road……..fingers crossed

  329. norma macdonald robertson says:

    This would be so helpful fro me attending Health centre three times a week for the foreseeable future . keep me fitter than walking and help my lungs ,

  330. Philip Boyle says:

    I could tackle the hillier bits of the surrounding Leeds countryside at last

  331. christine jarrett says:

    This is just what I need to keep up with the family and not get left bringing up the rear as normal.

  332. Brian Jackson says:

    Would love to win this now that I have 2 knee replacements

  333. Mrs.E.Fenning says:

    I’d just love to win this,perfect for getting “out and about!”

  334. Mandy says:

    My hubby won’t buy me a bike so to win this beauty would be a dream come true

  335. Roger Shotton says:

    What a fantastic prize. To own this beauty would be brilliant. Fingers toes and eyes are crossed.

  336. Ann Stacher says:

    It would be lovely to win this great bicycle. I love cycling and with this bicycle I could cycle further as I had lots of hills where I live.

  337. Sue Cook says:

    This fantastic prize would be my dream come true, after knee problems for years and only cycling on an exercise bike I now feel ready for the next stage and an E bike would be ideal to take the strain off my dodgy knees and give me added confidence.

  338. Becky Cornes says:

    This would definitely encourage me to get into the fresh air and get fit. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the chance x

  339. LEE PRESTON says:

    Ah, awesome bit of kit. Would give that to my mum so she can be more mobile as she does not drive. Make her life a lot easier! 🙂

  340. chris paddock says:

    Would love to win your fabulous prize. Thanks for the chance.

  341. judith anderson says:

    a brilliant prize for these oil-crazy times

  342. cara-jane Hunter says:

    This is what I need to take control of my health and fitness. The electric back-up would act as a safety net up big hills and encourage me to push myself further!

  343. Paula Readings says:

    Just right for work.

  344. Collette Mackey says:

    I would so love to win this I would be zooming round north wales in no time!

  345. Katie Elworthy says:

    I love cycling, I cycle to work and with my kids on a weekly basis. But recently my bike was stolen outside a supermarket on my way home from work. I cannot afford a new bike at the moment so this bike would be great for me as I would use it all the time. As I enjoy cycling to work and on outings with my family and friends.

  346. Meena Hindmarch says:

    I would love this to cycle with my young sons

  347. Sheelagh Thompson says:

    Great prize. I am using a home exercise bike at the moment as I have middle-age spread. It would be much nicer to cycle outside.

  348. cleo sids says:

    I would love to win this bike and enjoy riding down the beach under the sublime sunshine. Fresh intoxicating smell of the surf, relaxing sounds of the sea with the the cool blowing breeze against my face.

  349. Emma Wright says:

    This bike would be perfect for days out with my daughter!

  350. Dave Deeks says:

    Would be fantastic way of reducing the family bills by using this to get to work instead of the car everyday, help get me fitter too & get more fresh air !!!

  351. Julie Perry says:

    I would love to win this fabulous bike because at the age of 54 I love cycling but sometimes struggle on inclines because of my poor old tired knees. Thank you for the chance to win

  352. Chris Blake says:

    would be brilliant

  353. Beverley Cousins says:

    I would love to cycle to work and leave the car at home, it’s so expensive to run a car these days and not only would i get fit riding to work,save money & do my bit for the environment..x

  354. Annabel Greaves says:

    Fantastic prize – would love to win

  355. Victoria Norris-MacLean says:

    I would love to win this bike as I live 3.5 miles from a post office, so it would be ideal to help me get there

  356. John Cunningham says:


  357. Sue Cotton says:

    As I’m the oldest and the shortest in the house nowadays at 5’5″, I could do with a little help to keep up with the others, (6′, 6’4″ and 5’10”), this Raleigh Spirit e-bike would see me out in front for a change!

  358. Sheila O'Donoghue says:

    I love cycling, but not doing it as often as I want due to the hills around here.
    The Raleigh Spirit e-bike would be perfect for this

  359. Anne says:

    My bike has just been stolen so a new bike would be fabulous

  360. Pamela Savage says:

    I love cycling but health problems mean I can’t get out as much as i would like. This Raleigh E-bike would give me a real boost, there would be no stoppin me.

  361. Jennifer says:

    a lovely way to exercise

  362. Valerie Anderson says:

    Fantastic prize, I’m keen to get an e-bike.

  363. Myles Beresford says:

    What a great prize. Good luck everyone.

  364. Joy Beanland says:

    They keep cutting back on the bus service to my village so winning this would be fantastic.

  365. Andrew Emery says:

    This would be perfect for my wife as she has had a knee problem for a while now as a result of playing too much squash during her younger years. We now do a lot of family bike rides and my wife struggles to keep up and I know it’s a great frustration for her. Thanks for the opportunity of a great prize.

  366. jacqui graham says:

    its really hilly ‘up t’ north’ and I am ok going down hills, but need some help peddling up them.

  367. AVRIL BOWMAN says:

    Both of my knees have gone so this bike would help me to get on my feet. Hope to win it.

  368. Catherine says:

    I have MS so this would enable me to go out cycling with my young daughters which would be amazing

  369. Susan Rowe says:

    I would love to get into cycling, this would be just the thing.

  370. Richard O'Mahony says:

    In it to win it. Nice bike

  371. Amanda Gibson says:

    Oh fantastic looks amazing

  372. Robin walker says:

    Great Prize

  373. mandy wootton says:

    Could really do with this prize

  374. Steve Miles says:

    Great bike – would love to win it for my wife

  375. Katie Walker says:

    I would love this, I have bad joints and the best exercise is cycling, a little umph to help with hills would be great.

  376. Julie Carwardine says:

    I have osteoarthrtis and still want to try to keep healthy. I would love one of these, so I can ride without overdoing it.

  377. Charlotte-Victoria Drummond says:

    this would be amazing to win as it would help me get out more without using a car

  378. GLENDA PROFIT says:

    after a stroke left me with dropped foot I am unable to use the cycle ways at our new home, this would get me back into the saddle

  379. Tracey S Anderson says:

    This would be just perfect for me having joint problems which makes walking difficult and needing to exercise more on the advice of my GP i would be able to accompany my Son who is a daily cyclist and keep up with him! Plus a big bonus is it would be a fabulous start to a happy healthy heart X x

  380. Lisa Hilton says:

    I could ditch my rusty old bike and stop getting off to push it up hills!

  381. Carol Phile says:

    I really really want one of these as I used to love to go cycling and now my asthma won’t allow me to. If I had an e-bike I could try to build up from cycling a tiny distance to more, knowing I could still get home if my lungs decided it was too much for them.

  382. Dawn Braiden says:

    I see myself as the little lad in the old Hovis advert when he free wheels down the hill!

  383. Margaret Francis says:

    I’m at the end of this long list of E-bike fans,
    I see everyone wants it, from youngsters to Grans!
    With buses being taken off our routes, appointment times can unravel,
    So I like to be ‘Green’, use my own energy to travel,
    A Raleigh Spirit E-bike would perfectly fit the bill,
    But I might have to push it going up the Hill !

  384. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Beautiful bike. Fingers crossed.

  385. Karen Howden says:

    I miss out on lots of things because Im unable to walk very far, or pedal my bike with my family. One of these bikes would make me independant again without the stigma of a mobility scooter

  386. TAM P says:

    Crank up the pedals

  387. Gisela Barrington says:

    clapped out old bikes and knackered knees all round……a Raleigh e-bike would make all the the difference!

  388. Michelle Rayner says:

    My daughter wants to go cycling and I’m so much less fit. This would be great to help with hills

  389. Bill says:

    Would be especially good for the Gym trips – if I overdo it in the gym, I can let the bike do the work.

  390. Susan Trubey says:

    Great for me to learn to cycle

  391. Linda Thorn says:

    awesome prize for my daughter to bike to work

  392. Nicola Collins says:


  393. Maxine Kirk says:

    What a Way to get Around without costing a fortune love it

  394. Dawn Wilkinson says:

    would love to win this super bike 80km is a long way to go !

  395. LUCIE DAVIES says:

    my husband loves his bike but I can’t keep up with him. This would give me the opportunity to spend more time with him exploring the great outdoors 🙂

  396. Sue Price says:

    Oh Wow I would love this bike so much! I have had chronic illness’ , fibromyalgia, hypermobility & M.E since I was 35, I’m now 41. I’ve lost a lot of my mobility due to pain & chronic fatigue and as a result can’t do physical activities with my children anymore. My youngest is 11 and I know he misses greatly that I can’t play football or ride a bike with him anymore. This bike with give me some freedom and help me regain a bit of independence, as well as being able to take part in activities with my children again. I hope I’m lucky, but if not then huge congratulations to the winner!! 🙂

  397. Elizabeth Kozak says:

    Wow! What a fabulous prize! I’m the only one don’t own a bike in my family. Would be great to have one to start family cycling trips. Fingers crossed x

  398. Chris Minko says:

    I’d love to win this for myself to help me get some excersise without taking too much out of my arthritic knees

  399. Geoff says:

    Great for the environment especially those short ones you do in the car.

  400. Linda Revell says:

    This would be brilliant to ride to my allotment instead of using my car!

  401. Paul Aislabie says:

    Great Bike

  402. Faisal Khan says:

    Winnig a bike…a perfect dream

  403. Alan Wightman says:

    This would be brilliant for my wife to get her cycling again – dodgy knees and everything!

  404. Shelly Layle says:

    I’ve only picked up riding again after years of abandoning it ,after my brother had a cyclist accident. Currently I’ve got my friends vintage fold up 2 gear bike (lol) so this would be an amazing upgrade!

  405. laura thomas says:

    beautiful bike my family have just started riding and i would love to ride with them but we cant afford my bike just yet mum always gets hers last x


    I will be able to keep up with my three teenage children, 36 years of nursing have left my knees very painful, thinking of retiring soon what a great way to stay active. what a great prize

  407. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

    I’d love to win this Spirit e-bike as I live on a town of hills!

  408. Caroline Etherington says:

    I have tried to cycle to work, but it is all uphill on the way home and I just can’t make it back without pushing my bike for half of it !

  409. Gwen Kokborg says:

    Would love to win this for my daughter. She is a PE teacher and loves to keep fit. She’s still using the mountain bike we bought her when she was only a young teenager because she never has the spare cash to replace it.

  410. linda wilson says:

    This bike would be perfect for cycling through the forest near my home

  411. Roger Stanley says:

    Amazing – ideal for my partner

  412. Vicky Hilliard says:

    Lovely bike would love to win this to go on bike rides with the family.

  413. Frank says:

    The electric sounds good to me!

  414. Andrzej says:

    I ride a bike to work. This bike is perfect for me 🙂

  415. DAVID HAIG says:

    I love cycling, but as I’m aging I could just use that little help with the hills…..I think this would be just the job!!

  416. Catherine Warburton says:

    I’d really love this, I stuggle on hills when riding my bike, getting off & walking up the hill with my bike. I’m okay on flatish ground. It would be awesome to manage the hills as well!

  417. adrian price says:

    what an amazing prize

  418. M.M Wilmot says:

    Great prize

  419. Brenda Taylor says:

    I would love to win this! I always wanted a bike when I was younger but never got one, this could be my chance to own one.

  420. Lynne Newton says:

    I wheelie would love to win this prize to help me be fit at 50

  421. Linda Whitehouse says:

    This would really help me cope with the ups and downs of Devon!

  422. Mark Madeley says:

    Ideal for help on the beach front. PRetend to be exercising fully whilst letting the bike take the strain!

  423. Samantha Stanley says:

    What a fab prize. Would be amazing to win!

  424. Tracy Jenner says:

    Add me to the very long list of hopefuls please!

  425. Jane C says:

    Would love to win this bike

  426. Sue Bennett says:

    A great prize for those of us in need of a little help for our joints

  427. Maralyn Smith says:

    As I live in a tiny village without a shop this would be amazing. The nearest shop is in the next village so this would make life so much easier. We don’t even have a bus service!

  428. Jao Brown says:

    What a wonderful prize .

  429. Ben Mason says:

    Nice prize.

  430. Susan Jarrett says:

    It would give me a chance to keep up with the rest of the family!

  431. Lorraine Bradford says:

    Would be brilliant for the ‘extra push’ I need to get up some of the hills near where I live.

  432. Katherine Meehan says:

    It would be great to win.

  433. Bridget Willard says:

    I was an avid cyclist 4 years ago till I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and now I can’t cycle as before. This would be a dream come true to be able to cycle again with the extra help this bike can give me.

  434. Graham Green says:

    My wife has never ridden a bike – would be a great introduction

  435. Stephen says:

    Mum needs a bike to ride with me

  436. Susan says:

    Would love to ride with my grandchildren and this would ideally suit me

  437. Caroline Cordery says:

    I really need an electric bike for my final ascent up the hill to home after work, so i can arrive home in a good mood!

  438. Sarita Beddow says:

    A fantastic prize inspiring and generous xx

  439. Robert Price says:

    Brilliant prize

  440. Liane Amos says:

    My sister has just lost her husband to cancer, she is now on her own in a remote village and cannot drive. I would love to win it for her so she can visit people or cycle down to the shops.

  441. Jay Wood says:

    This is the bike I’ve been waiting my whole life for!

  442. Patrick Moran says:

    Yes please 🙂

  443. Lucy Knight says:

    I need one of these in my life

  444. lindy maclellan says:

    what a wonderful prize..a lifetime guarantee for the frame excuses then to keep using

  445. Jim McKenzie says:

    I would love to win this prize for my wife as she has knee problems and this bicycle would help her get about when we are touring with our campervan.

  446. Margaret Gaskell says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this amazing prize. I would use the bike to get to work and save petrol costs, and be good to the environment. My city (Nottingham) has great cycle routes all over the city and I can travel safely to where I work without risking life and limb on the open roads.

  447. Ella Anderson says:

    My boyfriend wants to cycle from the most westerly point back home to the most easterly point, for charity.. And depending on how that goes, maybe north to south too at some point! The only problem is, his bike got stolen (locked, from under a camera but police did nothing) and we can’t afford to get him a new one. This would be perfect!

  448. jonny baker says:

    This would be amazing! My bike got stolen recently but when I scrape together enough for a new one, I’m off on a charity bike ride from the most westerly to the most easterly points of the UK. Winning this would mean I could get going straight away!

  449. Valerie Rush says:

    Would love this in this weather, be great to feel the wind in my and the sun on face on the open road

  450. Susie Main says:

    What a super easy way this would be to start learning – as a 63 year old! – to cycle for my health’s sake.

  451. susan cunningham says:

    Wonderful please count me in.

  452. lynn neal says:

    I would love to win!

  453. angie pickering says:

    Would be able to get out and about so much more with this e-bike !

  454. Sheila M says:

    Would love to win this to allow me to get out and about and get fit and healthy

  455. alice lightning says:

    looks so smart,being a 24/7 carer I need to get about for shopping tablets etc,i walk or catch the bus, this bike would be very helpful to me for getting about quicker splendid giveaway indeed

  456. Keith Hunt says:

    Looks good for long rides around devon.

  457. Dave P says:

    An Ecycle would be so helpful

  458. Vickie Jackson says:

    This looks absolutely brilliant and I have everything crossed 🙂

  459. Alison Sykes says:

    I need to lose weight and get fit. This E bike would be the perfect way to start me off!

  460. Chris Wise says:

    This would be great for me fiancee

  461. Christine Oprey says:

    I really need this to help me get fit! Fingers crossed x

  462. Allan Fullarton says:

    Great prize! Thank you. Would love to win!

  463. EJ says:

    I was born with displaced hips and have not been able to ride a bike my whole life due to the physical problems. My new hips are here and I am excited to ride for the first time. It would be amazing to win this bike.

  464. Purmala Shrestha says:

    Amazing prize. I would love it.

  465. Wendy Guy says:

    This looks amazing. I would love to win this because I love to bike ride but with old age creeping on I now find it much more difficult.

  466. Steven Montgomery says:

    I’m in 🙂

  467. Melissa Lee says:

    A fantastic prize – finges crossed

  468. Serena La Pietra says:

    I love this bike!

  469. Mark says:

    This would take the pressure of the daily commute!

  470. Gemma Cook says:

    I’m going green and also want to be more healthy, this would be great for getting to and from work.

  471. Val Pownall says:

    Gosh! How fantastic! Living at the top of a long, steep hill this would be very welcome! I might be able to keep up!

  472. Dee Sherwood Wallace says:

    I would love to win this bike, it would encourage me to get out and about more.

  473. J. Gallant says:

    This will keep me fit 🙂

  474. Chevaune Stanley says:

    6 stones off, 4 to go! Need to get fitter for the final few. An e-bike would certainly help with the huge hills where I live!

  475. Conny Jones says:

    An Ebike is at the top of my wish list.
    Love cycling but struggle with the hills, my husband has to push me, I often call him ‘my Ebike’ !

  476. donna l jones says:

    great prize fingers crossed

  477. simon hardy says:

    love to win this for my wife so we can go cycling together as a hobby

  478. Jason says:

    Wheely good prize!

  479. Lauren Old says:

    I would love to win this to get me into exercising

  480. Tim Bain says:

    I live at the top of a steep hill, so a bike isn’t the best way to get around normally for me…but this would be a game changer and make life so much better as most trips , even short ones, mean slogging up and down that hill 🙂

  481. Chris Fletcher says:

    This would be brilliant – especially with the hills on my commute!

  482. Lorraine Mabbitt says:

    I would give to my daughter , her bike is old and tired. And she would love a new one to go out with her friends., fingers crossed

  483. Charmian Filewood says:

    What a lovely bike, the colour is great too <3. I would love to get back to cycling to get fit and generally get out more!

  484. jessica cook says:

    brilliant bike, my son would love it

  485. Alison Thackray says:

    It’s our daughter’s 20th birthday on Monday, 5th September, this would be the perfect gift for her going back to Uni in Birmingham. She’s going in to her 2nd year, having moved out of Halls, into a flat with her friends, so this would be perfect for getting to and from lectures and her hockey training and Uni matches.

  486. ksenia Zywczuk says:

    Can I get stabilisers too?

  487. Simon Sheldrick says:

    Looks really nice – retro-cool – a lovely prize!

  488. Kay S says:

    Current commuter bike is bit small and getting on, this would be an amazing upgrade to win.

  489. Jodi Hill says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Perfect for riding with the family 🙂

  490. liz ferguson says:

    I attend all of the big antique fairs (I have a stall myself), this would be ideal for getting around them, as they can be huge xx

  491. debbie pickett says:

    need to get fit – and this looks perfect

  492. Allan Wilson says:

    What a great prize my mother would love this as the hill to her house is too steep for her to cycle now.

  493. Karen Jones says:

    Another fantastic idea from the ‘Rolls Royce’ of bicycles

  494. Pam Smith says:

    With a torn cartilage in both knees, this would be a life saver!

  495. Sue Kirk says:

    Oh what a lovely prize, would love to win this.

  496. maggie cook says:

    My husband misses his cycling with COPD, this would be ideal for him…Christmas pressie solved xx

  497. Jane Gorton says:

    I would love to win this wonderful prize, I need to lose a lot of weight but with DVT & Arthritis I need to do this slowly so this would be ideal for hilly Northamptonshire. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  498. Garry Bonnick says:

    This would be perfect for all the hills I will need to traverse going to work, then i can put the effort in on the flat and free-wheel all the way down again. Weeeeeeeeee!

  499. Diane Wareing says:

    Super. Perfect get fit- and that’s exactly what I want to do.

  500. Mary Calleja says:

    Life on a bike
    What a high !

  501. Lorna lyons says:

    Wow, amazing bike. This would be fabulous for family bike rides; the electric motor would help me to conserve some of my energy so I still have energy to run after the kids seeing as bike rides have no impact on their energy levels

  502. Tony Jordan says:

    Great prize

  503. Julie Francis says:

    This is the perfect way to get to work locally , keep fit with a boost up hill.

    on your bike!

  504. Sue McMurray says:

    Great prize – I would love this since I have just given up my car!

  505. D mullooly says:

    Enough to get this phatty back on the rd

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