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Win a mammoth night’s sleep

We all deserve to feel refreshed as well as energised following a restful night’s sleep, which is why we teamed up with well-being company Mammoth – in partnership with Furniture Village – to offer readers the chance to win one of its new Prestige Express 22 mattresses – worth up to £1,399!

Everyone deserves a mattress that keeps them comfortable, helps them sleep better and ready to embrace the day ahead. The Prestige Express 22 offers superior comfort – in a box. It combines the best tried-and- tested materials, along with its advanced sleep and support innovations, to deliver comfort and rejuvenation like no other.

It features the same Medical Grade Foam as the firm’s more traditional mattresses, and the luxurious 22cm-deep mattress helps relieve pressure and promote better spinal alignment, which can reduce aches and pains and lead to more restful sleep. Perfect for the summer months, the soft outer cover is breathable to keep you cool and with four-way stretch, it’s easy to remove and washable. Included in the prize package are two MicroFibre pillows to provide perfect support for your head and neck – bliss! For more information or to buy, please visit,, @mammothmattress

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57 Responses to Win a mammoth night’s sleep

  1. Ann Harris says:

    We are in need of a new mattress, had our present one 8 yrs

    • Christina Vaccaro says:

      We are in desperate need of a new mattress,too many springs appearing now

    • Christine Dyckes says:

      Would love this for my husband as finds it difficult to get a good nights sleep due to Arthritis. This looks like it might help both of us?

    • Chris Hickey says:

      I welcome anything to help me sleep for more than 4 hrs. A luxury mattress seems like the answer to my dreams or lack of due to lack of sleep!!

    • denise bennett says:

      Having been recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia the chance of having a new mattress which may help my sleep would be wonderful.

  2. James Nicolson says:

    Would be great to sleep all night

  3. Andrew Appleton says:

    We are in need of a new mattress, had our present one 25 years

  4. Fran Clegg says:

    Ahhh comfy.

  5. Sarah Silk says:

    Now the children have gone this would be wonderful for our spare room. Family and friends would get a wonderful nights sleep.

  6. Michelle Reeves says:

    Just what I need for my back.

  7. Pauline Chapman says:

    In need of new mattress to win this would be lovely

  8. maggie taylor says:

    what utter comfort

  9. Amanda Ward says:

    Sleep easy guys 😉

  10. Janet Coverdale says:

    Great Mattress

  11. christine smith says:

    Great prize

  12. Dawn Martin says:

    I’ve been looking for a new mattress & this would be a great prize for me to win

  13. Gwen Kokborg says:

    What luxury! Imagine , the most peaceful slumber !!

  14. S Jackson says:

    Sounds like a dream come true

  15. Christine Wilkinson says:

    how lovely, it would be a truly wonderful dream, to sleep on a Mammoth mattress fit for a queen!!!!

  16. Jilie says:

    I would love to treat my daughter to this if I won, she has just bought her first property and can’t afford much furniture

  17. Julie says:

    Would love this for my daughter she had just bought her first house and can’t afford a new mattress

  18. Marion bromley says:

    Would love this new mattress as it’s a luxury we could never afford

  19. Linda Weibel says:

    Lovely prize

  20. Lynnette McConnell says:

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so i find it very difficult to get a mattress that is comfortable enough to sleep. this one sounds great!!

  21. Colin Bird says:

    desperate to win this

  22. Helen Gale says:

    Great prize

  23. janet hooper says:

    just need a new one saving up to get anew one

  24. Ann Ewing says:

    It’s the old addage if you want a Mammoth nights sleep get a Mammoth mattress sooner than later

  25. Lynn Taylor says:

    Badly in need of a good night’s sleep!

  26. Christopher says:

    We still have the mattress we bought before we were married and that was nearly 25 years ago!!! I think we are in need!!! – keep looking but can’t seem to find the right one and worried if we get the wrong one we won’t be able to sleep!!

  27. Kim Rush says:

    Our mattress is in really bad need of updating due to ill health money tight, and pain worse, would love to be comfy,

  28. carol says:

    I would love to win this.

  29. Linda phillips says:

    What a wonderful prize – having a daughter with special needs who doesn’t sleep at night having a luxury mattress would really help us

  30. Dawn Diamond says:

    I have a bad back and never get a full nights sleep. I also have never won anything in my life. Would be nice

  31. Brigitte Leprince says:

    Can’t afford a new mattress badly need one this would be ideal and help with my back ache

  32. John Dean says:

    What a wonderful mattress and will be like sleeping on a fluffy cloud with some lovely dreams

  33. Shirley Thompson says:

    Looks so comfy, would love it

  34. Bob Watkinson says:

    A new mattress is long overdue and this one sounds perfect.

  35. lesley batham says:

    great need new mattress

  36. Fairlie Gordon says:

    Ohhhh could do with one of those

  37. S Amable says:

    Great for our backs

  38. Margaret Kendall says:

    Sounds like the perfect solution to my sleepless nights!


    We could do winning this.

  40. Louise moore says:

    I have needed a new mattress for a couple of years….this would be amazing to win!!

  41. richard dobinson says:

    I need sleep the perfect prize for the perfect sleep

  42. Jan Drayson says:

    This is for my Brother in law, as the mattress on his bed is well over 50 years old, & I cannot sleep on it when I visit him, so please help both of us.

  43. Joanne Salway says:



    This would be superb

  45. champaklal Lad says:

    this would be so comfortable to win

  46. Emma Denman says:

    Be a nice change to wake on a mammoth rather than spend my days feeling like one :0)

  47. Lesley Hopwood says:

    Sounds like a dream come true

  48. Diane Holmes says:

    I have just been diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis of the spine, hands, knees and ankles. Basically ask over my body and I’m not 48yrs of age yet.
    To have this mattress would make a huge difference to me. I currently have to sit up in bed to sleep.
    Maybe with this mattress I can lay down and have a restful sleep.

  49. Harjit Bhachoo says:

    I soooo need this. Current mattress is so old and needs replacing.

  50. Julie Francis says:

    saggy matress needs changing for a firm one

  51. Angela Cringle says:

    Would be amazing to win x

  52. Helen House says:

    Aahh the thought of a good nights sleep zzzz

  53. Olga carpenter says:

    This would be awesome

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