Win this beautiful Denby dinner service

Beautiful heritage inspired design, worth over £500*

DENBY-COMPGetting together with family and friends is always better around a beautifully set table, which is why we have teamed up with Denby to offer Candis readers a fabulous first prize of an eight-piece dinner service as well as three runner-up prizes of a tea service. Drawing on their rich 200-yearold design archives, Denby has created their Heritage Collection to give the feel of a modern country English home. In addition to essential plates, bowls and mugs for everyday use there is a large mixing bowl, preserve pot, storage jar, large jug, cream jug and rectangular plate. All three patterns have distinctive rustic speckle glazes that will look lovely on any table and all are safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer. The first prize is worth over £500* and the winner will be able to choose items from the stunning Heritage Collection up to this value to suit their catering and entertaining needs. The three runners-up tea service sets are worth over £179* and include a pretty teapot, mugs, a covered sugar pot and a cream jug plus four salad plates, making it ideal for hosting a tasty tea party. For more information, visit or call 01773 740899.

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Please note this competition closes on 31/10/2014

112 Responses to Win this beautiful Denby dinner service

  1. Susan Jarrett says:

    always loved Denby pottery!

  2. Mrs Joanne MacDonald says:

    Fab prize

  3. Sarah Hurrell says:

    How pretty.

  4. Jane Lethbridge says:

    This would be lovely to replace my 35 year old chipped and cracked and no longer complete dinner service!

  5. emily jones says:

    beautiful set

  6. Angela Briggs says:

    This would Put a “Classical Finishing Touch”, to my new Kitchen. Would be Lovely!

  7. Julie Francis says:

    denby is the rolls-royce of tableware

  8. DEB says:

    would feel like royalty if I owned one of these!!!

  9. Derek Younger says:

    love it

  10. Helen Jones says:

    This would really look nice when we eat

  11. Linds says:

    I love Denby Pottery, I had a Denby dinner service years ago, would love another one. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  12. Helen R says:

    Timeless elegance

  13. Margaret Stacey says:

    Would be a lovely thing to have-an old crock could then get rid of her,,old crocks,,

  14. dorothy mulville says:

    winning this lovely dinner service would make me even more popular, I could entertain a lot more.

  15. simone lee says:

    love Denby pottery!

  16. Bernard Carrington says:

    It would be great to get rid of my old service as it is looking a bit old. Great prize to win.

  17. Annette lamb says:

    Fantastic contemporary design and quality to grace any table!

  18. christine jarrett says:

    Hey this is a great prize

  19. anthea midgley says:

    I am just potty for it

  20. Olga carpenter says:

    Would love to have denby

  21. abby gower says:

    Would love this!!!!

  22. Jan says:

    I’ve not had a decent dinner service for many years-this would inspire me to get into the kitchen more.

  23. Marilyn Neath says:

    I would love this set to compliment my new dining room decor

  24. cathy shaw says:

    My husband doesn’t seem to think I know what a dinner service set is. So I showed him the denby picture.

  25. Bernadette Burgoyne says:

    That is a pretty dinner service and mine is all mismatched. Would really like this one.

  26. Jeanette Slight says:

    Not just the quality but the beautiful colour would complement my dining room.

  27. Lorraine says:

    Beautiful dinner service

  28. Ian Horne says:

    We have just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and the Denby set we received as a gift all those years ago has diminished somewhat in size. Having Kid’s ll do that!! This would be a great replacement.

  29. sima halimi says:

    love this need a new dinner service hope to win

  30. Helen says:

    Great prize

  31. champaklal lad says:

    great dinner set

  32. jenny gillett says:

    Fabulous colour and design, well impressed Denby!

  33. Alison Johnson says:

    I love Denby it’s so stylish.

  34. alison veasey says:

    would love this is my home!

  35. Karin Hall says:

    Would absolutely LOVE this, looks great!

  36. Joyce Willis says:

    Fabulous prize!

  37. Martin Rollett says:

    Great design,great brand,great replacement for the wifes previous ammo!

  38. Lin says:


  39. lorraine harris says:

    beautiful would love to own this

  40. Bernadette Burgoyne says:

    My mismatched set is partly my Moms old set that I took when we left her Bungalow after she died, I was living there with my teenage daughter, as my ex had made us homeless. And we lost all our stuff because we didn’t have the money or space to store it all. A new dinner set would be fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition.

  41. Jackie says:

    I am always breaking my plates

  42. mrs linda gill says:

    Would love this, great prize, good luck to all

  43. miroslava says:

    I always wanted Denby!

  44. miroslava says:

    i always wanted Denby

  45. Denise Molyneux says:

    Fabulous prize!! 🙂

  46. Rona G says:

    I would love to replace all my miss match with

  47. susan gough says:

    Lovely pottery

  48. RICH says:

    Great prize, fingers crossed!

  49. Jessica says:

    yes please would be brill!

  50. chris smith says:


  51. deborah sendall says:

    I just love Denby pottery

  52. AVRIL BOWMAN says:

    I like this Denby pottery. Hope to this great prize.

  53. Karl Borowy says:

    potty about this

  54. heidi slatter says:

    absolutely gorgeous

  55. Freda says:

    Would love to win this great prize

  56. Carol says:

    What a great prize. it would be nice for christmas.

  57. JOAN DRUMMOND says:

    I’ve broken or cracked most of my crockery, so it would be perfect to have a matching set?

  58. Christine Bond says:

    So attractive and hard wearing.

  59. margaret brookes says:


  60. sb says:

    if we had matching crockery my husband would think he was in the wrong house

  61. Lynda Sanderson says:

    Denby has always been ‘my desired crockery’
    so strong, and yet attractive

  62. NINO AMOROSO says:


  63. Chris Kemp says:

    Perfect. It would be nice to have a set of crockery without cracks and that matches.


    Adds character to any meal

  65. Denise Hibbert says:

    gorgeous giveaway, Denby is just what my table needs

  66. carol c says:

    !st prize or runners up prize would look fab in my kitchen.

  67. Seamus Quinn says:

    Tasty lot

  68. Trevor Jackman says:

    Looks nice

  69. deborah sendall says:

    elegant without being fussy. would love this win.

  70. Pauline Hill says:

    great prize

  71. sue rushworth says:

    this would look lovely on my table at christmas

  72. Linda Thorn says:

    love denby products

  73. Kevin BrockIebank says:

    this wouId make a fab house warming gift for my daughter and her boyfriend

  74. sue rushworth says:

    my fingers are so crossed

  75. susan gough says:

    Lovely design

  76. Gillian McAnaney says:

    Lovely prize. I love Denby beautiful style and quality. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  77. Debra Phillipson says:

    its lovely

  78. olga carpenter says:

    denby is so lovely fingers crossed

  79. Samantha Brisley says:

    This Denby set really is beautiful! Just the feel I am trying to get, a modern country home.

  80. Bernard Carrington says:

    Famous for their patterns and design world wide. The name say’s it all

  81. Blair says:

    Be nice to have a matching set and an excuse to have tea and cakes!

  82. iain maciver says:


  83. dorothy mulville says:

    great prize, it will contrast well with the decor.

  84. Alison Johnson says:

    Absolutely love Denby & have always wanted to own some.

  85. anthea midgley says:

    smart and so classy


    My husband has broken most of our crockery so we are in desperate need of a new set. If I win the husband will not be let near them!

  87. margaret stacey says:

    My husband always wants everything on a plate,this should really bowl him over.

  88. wendy procter says:

    A timeless classic would look beautiful on my Christmas table this year x

  89. dorothy taylor says:

    A beautiful Christmas table instead of a mismatch of dishes would be great

  90. Pam Ramage says:

    This prize bowls me over

  91. Michael Williams says:

    I am a big fan of Denby ware

  92. theresa brookfield says:

    just what I need

  93. ALAN SANBROOKE says:


  94. Alison Thackray says:

    Love Denby 🙂

  95. Sue Stevenson says:

    If I was lucky enough to win this I could throw out all my old mismatched crockery!

  96. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Let’s have tea!

  97. Barbra Roberts says:

    This would help my extending extended family
    all have some fabulous matching crockery
    when we all get together.

  98. Jenny Turner says:

    Would be lovely to have a complete matching set. Would try very hard to avoid breakages

  99. A johnson says:

    Looks really nice

  100. KATHY W says:

    Denby for me…
    Just right for dinner or tea…
    A set at last…
    Not bits from the past!
    Let’s hope I win…
    At least I’m in!

  101. Christine Bray says:

    I love Denby timeless classical and so nice for Xmas.

  102. wal mular says:

    denby speaks quality for many years to come

  103. debra kennedy says:

    love it

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