Animal Print Bracelet

animal print card

You will need:

Trinkettes – 12PC Metal Charms – Rose / Cross – COU 34699006
Trinkettes – 4PC Metal Scroll Spacer with loop – COU 34699009
Trinkettes – 3PC Metal Charm Bead Beach Mix – COU 34699014
Trinkettes – 6PC Glass Metal Bead – Leopard Print -COU 34699044
Trinkettes – 6PC Glass Metal Bead – Black Gold Dots- COU 34699046
Trinkettes – 6PC Glass Metal Bead – Zebra Print- COU 34699048
Trinkettes – 66PC Mixed faceted Glass Black – COU 4758705

Making a beautiful bracelet with the colours of your choice is easy. This bracelet style is made by simply unscrewing one end of the stops and threading on the beads and charms you choose!

Cousin Trinkettes are fascinating beads and delicate charms that come together to make unique jewellery.

Step by Step: 1. Thread a black bead onto an eyepin and turn the end to a loop. Add a charm at one end and attach to a scroll spacer with loop. Put to one side.
2. Unscrew one of the ends of the torque bangle. Thread on you chosen beads and replace the bangle end cap and wear!

Designed by Rebecca James

Where to buy:

For information about where you can buy the items needed click here

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