Metal and Bead Bracelet


This stunning bracelet looks very complicated, but by following our simple steps it’s achievable for all skill levels. Create this stunning glass and metal bead bracelet in easy to follow steps using the Cousin range.

Level: Advanced

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Designer:  Debbie Kershaw

You Will Need:




Step by Steps:

1. Remove your cord from the packet fold in half and cut. Take one half of the cord fold in half and cut again. You should have one long strand and two shorter strands.

2. Secure one of your shorter strands to your board with a clip at the top (Leave a tail hanging down at the top of the clip.) Thread on your beads and secure the other cord end to the board with another clip. We will call this the beaded centre strand.

3. Take your single longest strand and thread underneath your centre beaded strand, you need equal tails at both sides then tie a simple overhand knot and push up to the clip (You should now have an equal length strand to the left and right of your centre beaded strand.)

4. Tie a knot at the very end of the right hand strand. (You will always start with this strand.)

5. Take the right length with the knot on the end and pass over the centre beaded strand pull across so the thread makes a D shape with the centre beaded strand. Hold in place with your finger.

6. Take the left strand (without a knot on the end) and pass it over the right strand tail which should now be on the left side, under the centre beaded length and through the D shape loop. Pull to make the knot and slide up to the to.

7. We are going to repeat that but starting with the left strand (with the knot) over the centre make that D shape again. Take right strand (no knot) over the left strand under the centre beaded length and through the D shape loop and pull to knot and push up.

8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 eight times, then push up one of your beads to meet the knots and continue knotting as before (always starting with the strand with the knot) capturing the bead inside your first knot and continuing so you have 6 knots between beads. Continue for all seven beads. Then finish with 8 knots after the last bead and tie an over hand knot to finish.

9. Remove the bracelet from the clips and fold around into a circle, bring the two tails together and clip to the top of the board. So you know have two centre strands clipped down instead of one.

10. Take your remaining length of cord and pass underneath both centre strands and tie an overhand knot as you did in step 3. Do not tie too tightly as this will be your sliding clasp and needs to move. Continue your knots as you did with the main bracelet, always starting with the knotted length first. Keep knotting to the desired length. I use about 20 knots then tie an overhand knot to finish.

11. Remove from the board and add one bead to each bracelet tail and overhand knot in place.

12. Add dabs of glue to all end knots, wait to dry and then trim any remaining cord ends.

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