What’s cooking? Win a Bake Box subscription


Bake Box is the brand new subscription service helping bakers build their skills and a great collection of equipment. Delivered bi-monthly, each box contains six items of bakeware, themed recipe cards and decorating kits (£14.99 plus P&P per box). Readers have the chance to win one of two yearly subscriptions worth £107.88. Subscribers also get free access to the Bake Club Live site where they can find masterclass videos and bonus recipes too.

Enter now for your chance to win!

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes for entry on 31/08/2016

144 Responses to Bake Box subscription

  1. Fiona Shepherd says:


    • Angela Joyce says:

      I’m a sufferer of Decrepit Old Bat syndrome but I still love baking although we don’t end up with lots cause I give some to the neighbours & family.
      This would be a wonderful prize for me because I could experiment even more.

    • Janice Williams says:

      COOL X

  2. jennifer davies says:

    perfect for me and granddaughter

  3. Lynne Manton says:

    This would make a lovely start to my retirement.

  4. pauline hill says:


  5. Sue Richardson says:

    My daughter would love this. So would her 6 year old who loves to help with the baking.

  6. Kerry says:

    I would love to get back into baking, this would be a great push!


    sweet prize

  8. Maria Dhillon says:

    Yummy x

  9. Trevor Smith says:


  10. TINA MESSENT says:

    As a baking novice, this mag would help me learn 🙂

  11. Sylvia Strawford says:

    You would never get me out of the kichen, with this giveaway. Thank You Candis.

  12. lucy h says:

    I would LOVE to try this out, I love baking

  13. Alice Dixon says:

    This would be great for me x

  14. Lynda Sanderson says:

    Inspiration delivered twice a month, perfect.

  15. samantha nickells says:

    scrumptious prize.

  16. Tiff Jordan says:

    Wonderful. I love to bake!!

  17. jill says:

    what a treat to look forward to!

  18. Josie Bicknell says:

    This would be great for the grandaughters baking afternoons

  19. Linda Bircham says:

    I know a dear friend who would love this.

  20. marie miles says:

    how exciting it would be to receive this lovely prize through the mail box with your normal post? very exciting indeed i would imagine so im keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

  21. Debby Brown says:

    Just looking at boxes like these gives me the inspiration and motivation to get baking more – I love homemade baked goods and they are always appreciated by my better half, his business partner, my brother and anyone who happens to visit. I’d love to gain more skills and be more creative and these would be great boxes to ensure I come up with nice goodies regularly.

  22. Donna Caldwell says:

    These sound fantastic I’d love to build up my baking skills

  23. Chris Williams says:

    brill I am always baking so would enjoy this

  24. Maureen M says:

    What a fantastic prize to share with the grandkids

  25. Janet Goodlad says:

    Wow never heard of a bake box before but it looks brilliant. Great idea. I’d ❤️ To win x

  26. A.E. ADKINS says:

    This prize would certainlykick start my baking again

  27. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please!!

  28. Carolyn Corrin says:

    What a great prize.

  29. Ms Patricia J Porter says:

    Very nice gift.

  30. kathryn mathias says:

    this would so improve my baking skills

  31. Stephanie says:

    My daughter loves to bake and is always trying out new ideas so this would be really helpful

  32. Marion says:

    My son has recently become really keen on baking and cake decorating, he would love this prize.

  33. Christina K says:

    Great. I love baking.

  34. sue rushworth says:

    brilliant to get the children into baking

  35. Mary Wells says:

    Fantastic prize

  36. Karen Johnson says:

    This would really inspire me to create some stunning bakes

  37. Sally Collingwood says:

    Wow, lovely prize

  38. Sue Skinner says:

    always wanted to learn how to do this

  39. Maria Dhillon says:

    Great Prize

  40. carole eaves says:

    what a grand idea, i would make very good use with this for our charity tea afternoons.

  41. Averil Lea says:

    Fab prize..I love baking

  42. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    This is fantastic

  43. Linda Spevick says:

    I am teaching our 4 grand daughters to bake…this would be wonderful,

  44. laura banks says:

    fantastic prize

  45. iain maciver says:


  46. Susan Sargent says:

    Fantastic prize

  47. Liza Park says:

    Wonderful prize thanks for the chance to enter x

  48. Pam Hubbard says:

    fab prize

  49. lucy h says:

    I really want to try one of these they look fab!

  50. Lyndsey says:

    fab prize

  51. Sandra Lane says:

    Super baking prize.

  52. jonathan bullen says:

    wow lovely yes prize

  53. Graham Ross says:

    Wow,what a fab prize to win

  54. Andrew says:

    I’m ready-oven’s on.

  55. Alice Dixon says:

    I’d love this and I’m sure my son would too x

  56. Gerri Tennant says:

    Oooh, this looks so interesting. Would love to take up,baking again now that I have a grandaughter to join me.

  57. cidney says:

    Baking? That requires using the oven? Clearly I’m in need of some sort of course.

  58. Champaklal Lad says:

    great cooking box subscription

  59. lisa tebbutt says:


  60. ian Cheyne says:

    Fan bakey dozy prize

  61. Joyce Willis says:

    What an inspirational prize

  62. Gary Hartley says:

    Great prize

  63. jo liddement says:

    I would have such fun with this Bake Box subscription

  64. nicola newey says:

    fantastic to add to my baking kit, ill slowly get there. looks so pretty too

  65. rachell beeston says:

    wow great prize good luck to all

  66. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Great giveaway, I’ve been wanting to improve my baking skills.

  67. Kirsty Greer says:

    Would love this for me and my daughters x

  68. Michaela Jennings says:

    Fantastic prize

  69. Diane Smith says:


  70. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    What a lovely set. Would make a great gift too.

  71. Leslie Evans says:

    Excellent prize for me.

  72. debbi ruskin says:

    Lovely prize that will just keep on giving 🙂

  73. Angela McDonald says:

    I’ve heard about these before and I love to bake every weekend so this would be a great way to mix up some of my recipes!

  74. Sue Cook says:

    The Bake Off has inspired me to get baking, so would adore this great prize.

  75. Becky Cornes says:

    Fantastic. Love baking – it is extremely relaxing and therapeutic. It reminds me of baking with my Nan, when I was younger. Fingers crossed

  76. Peter Watson says:

    Wow what a prize.

  77. Debbie Gillespie says:

    I love to bake so this would be fantastic.

  78. iain maciver says:

    fab giveaway

  79. Chris Blake says:

    daughter would love this

  80. jennifer craig says:

    great prize …

  81. AVRIL BOWMAN says:


  82. kim wallace says:

    love to win

  83. Daniel Hora says:

    Great prize

  84. Julie Carwardine says:

    Love to win this so I could get back into my baking again. This would be the perfect motivation!

  85. GLENDA PROFIT says:

    Baking bi monthly – with my two Grandsons Granny better bake every week

  86. Dawn Braiden says:

    What a lovely prize

  87. Karen Howden says:


  88. Tracey S Anderson says:

    Having such a passion for baking this would just be the perfect prize! Truly would be the ‘Icing on the cake’! X x

  89. Tammy Neal says:

    Fantastic giveaway xx

  90. Linda Thorn says:

    brilliant prize

  91. LUCIE DAVIES says:

    i love baking for my family and friends. And our lovely neighbour who sneaks to visit us for cup of tea just to get a slice of cake 🙂

  92. Elizabeth Kozak says:

    Perfect! This ould get so much use in a kitchen with me and my 8 year old helper

  93. jo woods says:

    what an amazing prize and the perfect way to keep me busy whilst off work with breast cancer

  94. Faisal Khan says:


  95. amy fidler says:

    would love this xx

  96. SandraB says:

    Oh I’d love to win this! I love baking with a passion and adore GBBO

  97. Ruth Harwood says:

    fab prize xx

  98. Roger Stanley says:

    Ideal to practice my baking skills

  99. Deborah Mackenzie says:

    I would love to win this; and have some daughter/mom days

  100. adrian price says:

    tasty prize

  101. Donna Caldwell says:

    I love baking so relaxing

  102. Sandra Jenkinson says:

    I’m about to retire, and plan to do more baking, this would give me a boost

  103. susan miller says:

    Nice prize

  104. Petra Hora says:

    I love baking

  105. Yvonne Dimbleby says:

    Lovely prize

  106. Robert Price says:

    Great prize

  107. Patrick Moran says:


  108. Lucy Knight says:

    another great prize

  109. Ella Anderson says:

    I’ve started to teach my niece how to bake recently as she is now big enough to help! We could bake such wonderful creations with these 🙂

  110. Jan McConkey says:


  111. Keith Hunt says:

    great prize

  112. Sheila M says:

    I love home baking

  113. Allan Fullarton says:

    Great prize! Thank you.

  114. Purmala Shrestha says:

    These looks great. I would love it.

  115. Wendy Guy says:

    Such a brilliant prize and idea.

  116. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    All the family would benefit from this lovely prize.

  117. Val Pownall says:

    What a fantastic bundle! Love baking with my little granddaughters. Lots of new things to learn.

  118. J. Gallant says:

    I would use this as an Xas gift

  119. donna l jones says:


  120. Chris Fletcher says:

    This would be wonderful!

  121. Charmian Filewood says:

    This would be amazing for our baking mad daughter, plus we would get to taste it all! So win/win situation 🙂

  122. jessica cook says:

    fab prize please count me in

  123. Ben Mason says:

    Nice prize.

  124. Andrea Labe says:

    Would love to try these.

  125. Danielle Pearce says:

    Would love this, Fingers Crossed xxxx

  126. Kay S says:

    Just got into baking, this would be great.

  127. carole eaves says:

    Wow , I think this is a marvellous prize, i bake repeatedly for charity, this would broaden my baking horizon for sure, thanks for the chance to win….good luck to all!

  128. Pamela Cook says:

    Have somehow lost interest in baking over the years but am sure with this wonderful prize I would be inspired to start again – much to family’s delight!

  129. Patricia Dewey says:

    I love baking but I am sure this bi-monthly treat would be inspirational and i would get more adventurous.

  130. Angela Scott says:

    Good prize to help with learning to bake.

  131. Vanessa Ball says:

    My mother-in-law would love this

  132. Averil Lea says:

    Great prize…would love to win x

  133. Karen Jones says:

    Lovely – just as the Bake Off has started!

  134. Allan Wilson says:

    Great Idea

  135. Christine Oprey says:

    Great Prize. Fingers crossed x

  136. Hollie Newton says:

    Ideal for me and my daughter

  137. Tony Jordan says:

    I’d be able to use my new kitchen

  138. Maria Tinnuche Ayling says:

    Great prize – just in time for GBBO!

  139. D mullooly says:


  140. lynn neal says:

    Ooh that’s different!

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