Family favourites

Like board games? We’ve teamed up with John Adams to offer two readers the chance to win a set of three games, Rummikub, Othello and Triominos, worth more than £65 per set ( The aim of Rummikub is to be the first player to clear all your tiles – but beware of the Joker tile if it’s left on your rack at the end of the game!
Othello takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master! The aim is to trap, capture and flip your opponent’s discs on the board. Triominos is a cool variation of dominoes. Every piece is unique and must be used wisely to gain an extra score.

Enter now for your chance to win!

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19 Responses to Family favourites

  1. Beccy Leaman says:

    Would be fantastic for family game nights

  2. Linda Bircham says:

    As a family we love playing games and our Rummikub is ancient.

  3. Heidi Brown says:

    Great games for all ages to play and keep the brain active

  4. Ann says:

    Board games bring families together bette4 than technology games

  5. Ann Brown says:

    As a family we used to have all these games,but house moves and time have passed, it would be wonderful to play them again.

  6. Gail S says:

    Just what we need for our forthcoming camping trip!

  7. Janet says:

    Great idea for all the family to play together

  8. josie Bicknell says:

    love rumnicub

  9. Sandra phinbow says:

    My autistic son loves boards games, though he always cheats within 10 minutes! But we still have fun!

  10. Cristina says:

    Yes please!

  11. Maij Carter says:

    New games for our family.

  12. Carolyn Wain says:

    Another game for our caravan holidays

  13. Olga carpentet says:

    Great to play with the family

  14. Maria Sack says:

    Great for Christmas fun.

  15. Julia Nelson says:

    Family fun times.

  16. Olga carpenter says:

    Great for family get together

  17. JANET says:

    family night in

  18. Helen Littler says:

    We’ve never played Rummikub before but, as a caravanning family this would be great

  19. Yvonne says:

    Great family memories to treasure.

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