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There are few things more exciting than adding a stylish new ensemble to our wardrobe, but do we splurge on clothes often enough? Recent research by online fashion retailer Celuu showed that the vast majority of women class themselves as ‘seasonal shoppers’, updating their collection just a couple of times a year. So we’ve teamed up with this classic clothing brand to give away £150 to spend online at, where you’ll find fabulous pieces to fill that gap in your wardrobe perfectly.

Enter now for your chance to win!

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This giveaway closes for entry on 31/07/2016

137 Responses to Fashion retailer Celuu

  1. Margaret Stacey says:

    New clothes needed-family wedding in August.

  2. Susan Hunt says:

    Great Prize

  3. nicola ithell says:

    wow, Love these outfits. 😉

  4. helen jones says:

    Would love to win a new outfit

  5. samantha margetts says:

    i would love to win

  6. Ann Farrar says:

    I`d love to spruce up my wardrobe

  7. Sue Harrison says:

    The chance to stock up for style and panache

  8. Fiona Shepherd says:


  9. Shirley Ann Emmett says:

    Would love to treat myself to some lovely new clothes xx

  10. Shirley Ann Emmett says:

    Would really feel spoilt with this skin care hamper lovely xx

  11. Christina K says:

    Great fashion

  12. Margo Walker says:

    The clothes look very stylish

  13. cy says:

    love the floral longsleeved top, the shift dresses and the funnel jacket

  14. Brenda Teal says:

    This would be great to win as I need some holiday clothes for when I go to visit my very newly born Grandson.

  15. Nicola Jones says:

    Since losing 2 stone in weight i am in need of some new clothes so this would be amazing

  16. Carol Smith says:

    I can always do with some new clothes!

  17. Jenny Turner says:

    Those clothes look super comfy.

  18. julie perry says:

    The clothes look fab and after loosing 9 1/2 stone I am in desperate need of some new style clothes…please count me in

  19. Linda Bircham says:

    Wow another super prize!

  20. Claire Butler says:

    looks lovely, reallly nice

  21. Linda Thorn says:

    love the clothes


    Would love to win a new outfit

  23. olgaa carpenter says:

    Fabulous prize

  24. Ruth Pay says:


  25. Iris Tilley says:

    Im dyeing my hair white eek!! would love some daring clothes to match

  26. Karen Simon says:

    Can’t wait to win some new clothes to update my wardrobe.

  27. Catherine Keohane-Johnson says:

    Need a complete new look for this coming season. Would like to win.

  28. Gisela Wilson says:

    I’d love to treat my daughter to new clothes.

  29. K Beer says:

    Would love to win this for my sister.
    She needs lovely, stylish clothes for work so, therefore she would not say ‘no’ to winning this.

  30. Debby Brown says:

    I can’t even remember when I last bought new clothes – looks like an interesting brand

  31. chloe brill says:

    some shoes

  32. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I have just lost 4 stone, so I could really do with this.

  33. Donna brown says:

    Love a summer outfit

  34. Odette Martin says:

    It’s my 50th in August, so it would be nice to be out with the old in with the new

  35. Janet Webster says:

    Wardrobe looking tired so would give it a tonic.

  36. Gigi says:

    Would love some new clothes!

  37. Joan Workman says:

    What a treat!

  38. PAULINE HILL says:


  39. Jen Rogers says:

    Love to have new clothes

  40. Gwen Kokborg says:

    Celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary this August so it would be lovely to surprise my other half with a special outfit from Celuu!

  41. Karen Jones says:

    Got a wedding in August so would be wonderful to have a lovely outfit from Celuu

  42. Chris Williams says:

    I’ve just sorted out my wardrobe and took 6 big bags to our local hospice shop so plenty of room now for some new outfits

  43. sb says:

    i need some new clothes

  44. Margaret Gallagher says:

    What a treat
    I’d be looking spectacular in these beauties

  45. David Goodship says:

    I love Celuu too.

  46. john jackson says:

    Love to have new clothes

  47. Marion says:

    Haven’t come across Celuu before. This is a lovely top.

  48. Kathleen says:

    A chance to revamp & treat the family!

  49. Lorraine says:

    Love to try Celuu clothes they look beautiful xx

  50. Sue Richardson says:

    After loosing 2 and a half stone in weight, I need a new wardrobe. This would be perfect.

  51. Maria Dhillon says:

    Would love to win this

  52. Champaklal Lad says:

    great fashion prize

  53. Emma Craven says:

    My wardrobe could do with a lift…

  54. Caroline Bonner says:

    Having lost just under 4 1/2 stone in weight and almost being at target, I desperately need new clothes, so this would be so welcome.

  55. Pete Seaman says:


  56. dorothy cavender says:

    great outfit-here’s hoping!

  57. Catherine Taylor says:

    Fab prize!

  58. Sue McCarthy says:

    Fantastic prize

  59. Howard Sleight says:

    I’m a ‘Celuu’ how do you do, if you send this prize my way, I don’t mind if you do.

  60. Christine Richardson says:

    The clothes look great

  61. Pamela Henry says:

    Fabulous and just what I need for summer.

  62. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    My wardrobe could do with updating

  63. Carolynn Woodland says:

    New clothes for the summer break, brilliant!

  64. Tracy Gladman says:

    Need some new clothes for my cruise.

  65. sarah brown says:

    would love some items in my wardrobe from here

  66. Richard O'Mahony says:

    I’m in it to win it!!!

  67. Sarah Cooper says:

    Great prize

  68. lucy higgins says:

    Would love to win this to get some new clobber

  69. Wendy butcher says:

    This would be great. My wardrobe always needs a helping hand. Thankyou.

  70. Denise Cross says:

    Never brought these clothes and have had a nosy and think that may change soon

  71. lisa tebbutt says:

    wow finger cross thank u for the chance

  72. alison wagner says:

    This would be a great way to treat myself

  73. michelle smith says:

    lovely prize

  74. Jan Johnson says:

    hopeing to loose that last stone so new clothes will be needed sooooooon

  75. Graham Ross says:

    great prize

  76. Yvo says:

    Love to win

  77. Clare says:

    There are too many gaps in my wardrobe! Would love this.

  78. Julie Dore says:

    always need something for sure!

  79. Barbara Crocker says:

    Love to have a new outfit It always makes you feel special

  80. Tara Clover says:

    Who wouldn’t want this brilliant prize?

  81. Tina Hewitt says:

    I would love to win this for my mum who needs new clothes due to losing weight through illness

  82. Simon Harrington says:

    Would love to win this for my daughter

  83. iain maciver says:

    yes please

  84. yvonne burton says:

    fab prize

  85. JULIE WARD says:

    I’m short of some clothes to go with the sandals I’m going to win

  86. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Great clothes for my honeymoon!

  87. Clare Parker says:

    Fab prize could do with a new outfit xx

  88. Layla Thomas says:

    It would be lovely to have a fall update for the wardrobe.

  89. marie miles says:

    great prize, after all you can never have to many outfits. a womans dream

  90. Ellen Nixon says:

    Lovely prize

  91. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Would love some new clothes

  92. Rachel Butterworth says:

    Great prize for my Mum.

  93. Sheila M says:

    Count me in would love to win

  94. Diane Smith says:

    Great prize

  95. Donna Caldwell says:

    I’d love some of Celuu clothes


    I would love this prize! 🙂 x

  97. Danielle Mc says:

    A perfect excuse for getting some gorgeous clothes and glamming up!

  98. Joyce Willis says:

    Just right for my September holiday

  99. Gillian Mills says:

    Great giveaway, good luck to all x

  100. Keith Hunt says:

    Nice prize for my teen.

  101. Kerry Smith says:

    I really need a new wardrobe

  102. Chris Wilson says:

    I would love this

  103. daryl gott says:

    Two daughters will love this.

  104. Charmian Filewood says:

    Ah yes it would be fab to drag my wardrobe into this century lol

  105. jo liddement says:

    Would be a real treat to win this

  106. Zayn Jaffer says:

    I would love to win!!

  107. Rennene Hartland says:

    Thanks for the chance

  108. Chris Fletcher says:

    A very good brand – what a prize!

  109. Robert Price says:

    Great prize

  110. Pamela Cook says:

    What a great prixe!

  111. Champaklal Lad says:

    great prize to win

  112. D mullooly says:

    Cannot wait to drag it in that. Just my shades.

  113. Dee Sherwood Wallace says:

    This would be a perfect chance to treat myself to some lovely new clothes for all the events I have coming up.

  114. Sue Murray says:

    I’ll be kitted out for all weathers

  115. Natalie Crossan says:

    Great fashion

  116. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I would love this, as I have lost over 4 stone and really need some new clothes, and these would be a great addition.

  117. Corinne Wright says:

    Lovely X

  118. Ms Patricia J Porter says:

    Would be nice.

  119. jackie rushton says:

    Fab fab prize

  120. TONY WESTON says:


  121. Wendy Collard says:

    I’m loving these giveaways today!!

  122. Sarita Beddow says:

    Love this fashion xx

  123. Vanessa Ball says:

    perfect prize as i need some new clothes

  124. Kim Wallace says:

    my wardrobe badly needs an update

  125. Anne Eames says:

    Would be great to have a new outfit to celebrate my Ruby wedding anniversary

  126. liz ferguson says:


  127. alice lightning says:

    such beautiful clothes to choose from ,fingers crossed

  128. Kay S says:

    Never heard of the name before, but I like what I see.

  129. Lucy Knight says:

    ooh new outfit to go with the espadrilles lol

  130. Joanna Emery says:

    New summer clothes always welcome at my house thanks

  131. Jodi hill says:

    Would be a lovely treat once I’m out of my maternity clothes after my daughter is born 🙂

  132. Dawn Chapman says:

    yes please!

  133. Alexis Law says:

    What girl doesn’t love getting new gorgeous clothes

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