Healthy hamper

Win a £200 Hamper from Wiley’s Finest, packed full of essential Omega-3 supplements and nutrients. This health-boosting bundle includes Wiley’s Finest Bold Vision for improving eye health, cholesterol-reducing Bold Heart, Peak EPA which is four times more potent than regular fish oils, Vitamin K2 which protects against bone loss and osteoporosis, plus vegan CatchFree omega 3 oil.

Every cell in your body contains and needs Omegas 3. Yet, the majority of us don’t consume enough. Omega 3s are essential for balancing our hormones, for eye and brain health and physical and mental wellbeing. Without them we can feel anxious, low and lack vitality. Omega 3s are also proving to be highly effective in minimising the symptoms of the menopause.

Ethical Wiley’s Finest is the only brand in the world to offer a full range made from MSC -certified 100% sustainable wild Alaskan fish.

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