January wish list

This month we’ve selected products perfect for a cosy night in. You’ll be pampered in the warm, whatever the weather outside is doing!

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The Fuzzy Duck Cosy Night by the Log Fire Candle

Infuse your pamper room with the sophisticated scent of this luxurious candle. ( £8

Mexican drinks gift box

Warming hot chocolate flavoured with almonds and cinnamon. ( £19.50

Julia bird print long robe

Wrap up in this stunning woven robe with an elegant design. ( £38

Downton Abbey DVD

Series One-Six Immerse yourself in all things Downton with the complete collection of the award-winning show. ( £59.99

Faux fur throw

Get cosy on the sofa and snuggle up with this furry throw. ( £30

Lindor Maxi Ball Milk

What could be better than a giant ball filled with chocolate truffles? ( £14.99

Feeney’s Irish Cream Liqueur, 70ml

This deliciously creamy tipple is perfect for sharing with family and friends. ( £12.50

Enter for your chance to win!

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes on 31/01/2016

212 Responses to January wish list

  1. Linda Whitehouse says:

    These treats will make a wonderful evening in when it’s cold outside

  2. sue rushworth says:

    wow. something to look forward to in january

  3. Sarah Fawcett says:

    What a lovely cosy bundle

  4. Laura Stepney says:

    Now that really IS. A wish list

  5. Laura Stepney says:

    Now that really IS a wish list.

  6. Leah Tonna says:

    a Dream Night In .

  7. Margo Walker says:

    What a lovely prize

  8. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Stylish prize


    Some great things here fingers crossed.

  10. Annabel Greaves says:

    Would love to win

  11. Barbara says:

    Oh boy, just what the doctor ordered!

  12. dorothy mulville says:

    I love being spoilt, this giveaway is fsomething to look forward to.

  13. anthea midgley says:

    This would be so nice

  14. kelly says:

    all things i would love to win fingers crossed

  15. cy says:

    Blimey, what a good night in, settling down with a Feeney’s, chocs, in a new robe under a furry throw and watching Downtown Abbey, a series which I’ve always wanted to watch but which I’ve always missed! Good choices for a wish list I think! What more could a girl want … well perhaps one more thing, but Daniel Craig’s spoken for.

  16. Sharon clark says:

    Lovely and cosy would love to win!


    This would be so great to win during the horrible winter weather

  18. John Cunningham says:


  19. Jao Brown says:

    What a wonderful prize

  20. Roger Stanley says:

    A great array of gifts

  21. Linds says:

    Ooh, I love your wish lists.

  22. Sandra Seward says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win all these wonderful things.
    Great New Year start.

  23. Robert Christie says:

    Relax in style !

  24. Mary Howley says:

    What bliss after a busy day!

  25. Jenny Turner says:

    Another month, another great selection. Thank you for running these competitions.

  26. Janet Webster says:

    Keep out the cold,snuggle down indulge and enjoy.

  27. Helen says:

    Great prize

  28. alison veasey says:

    Wow! what wonderful gifts a real treat to start of new year!

  29. Cristina McDowall says:

    yes please!

  30. Christina K Hodson says:

    Dream prize to win, thank you

  31. l.bircham says:

    What a great prize for the New Year!

  32. Sheila Evans says:

    Lovely prize! What a gorgeous pampering bundle – I really would love to win it!

  33. Champaklal Lad says:

    great bundle to win

  34. Tessa Brown says:

    yes please 🙂 !

  35. Vera Sewell says:

    What a gorgeous selection

  36. Maria Newman says:

    Yes please they all look lovely x

  37. Fiona Martin says:

    What a fabulous set of goodies, perfect for relaxing evenings on the sofa!

  38. Jacqueline Ford says:

    I’m almost hoping for snow if I was lucky enough to win these prizes.

  39. Bill says:

    What a wonderful way to start the year!

  40. Niall says:

    Wwwhat a fffffabulous package!

  41. Annette Oliver says:

    Can’t beat a cosy night in

  42. pamela gossage says:

    What a super prize

  43. Yvonne Dimbleby says:

    Great selection of lovely treats

  44. Tracie Robinson says:

    Yes please, sounds divine

  45. Linda Thorn says:

    awesome prize

  46. christine jarrett says:

    please please let me win I love this

  47. Sam Stevens says:

    oh brilliant. I need all of these. I don`t think Father Christmas will have these on my Christmas list!

  48. rita gribbena says:

    great start to my new year

  49. Jeannie Evans says:

    Sounds like luxury to me. I’d love to have a quiet night in with these goodies.

  50. Diana Regan says:

    Fantastic prize to welcome the New Year

  51. dorothy mulville says:

    This is a wonderful array of gifts. They will just suit me for a little bit of pampering after the hectic time at Christmas.

  52. deby says:

    What a great prize for night in for a cold January evening in. Bring it on

  53. Debby says:

    A great selection of goodies – this would be a lovely prize with so many treats – most of it would be for my better half & myself and my brother would get the Irish Cream for being such a big help to me over the years. Fingers crossed.

  54. Anna Hopcraft says:

    I’d love to win this – if only for the box set of Downton. I’ve never watched a single episode – everyone talks about it and I feel as if I’ve missed out!

  55. Charlotte says:

    Snuggle up time, lovely.

  56. Sheena Prophet says:

    I would be on the couch for a week with this.

  57. Kathleen marsden says:

    Good gracious. What I could do with all of this!

  58. Lynda Sanderson says:

    All my wishes which Father Christmas didn’t bring

  59. Molly Large says:

    Gorgeous wish list. I love them and look forward to seeing what they offer every month.

  60. Fiona says:

    Would love to watchDownton Abbey from the start as not seen, a perfect prize

  61. Andrea Jefferson says:

    great for a chilled weekend x

  62. Ellie Jacobs says:

    yet another lovely competition. could do with some pampering x

  63. Isabel Marie Baker says:

    Downtown Abbey
    Lindt Lindor
    Faux fur throw
    What more does a girl need, perfect!
    Thank you for the chance of winning this dream Whishlist ; )

  64. Chris Williams says:

    what a perfect way to feel spoilt and pampered in the drab and dreary january blues

  65. cheryl price says:

    oh, what a fab pamper kit for a cold night in by the fire x

  66. Janet Goodlad says:

    Wow what a lovely selection x

  67. Janet Goodlad says:

    Wow what a lovely selection

  68. Fiona Shepherd says:

    Great assortment

  69. sarah warren says:

    What a wonderful selection to come home to after long day at work in January. Makes dark and cold evenings a luxury event. x

  70. karen says:

    Sounds like a perfect pick me up to the January blues.

  71. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I love this bundle, it would be great to settle in front of the TV.

  72. Margaret Naughton says:

    Just what is needed this mis time of the year.

  73. Anne Cowan says:

    January won’t be long enough if I win this 🙂

  74. Helen Jones says:

    Lovely treats for the cold and gloomy winter nights

  75. Clare gault says:

    Fabulous gifts , would be lovely to receive x

  76. Karen says:

    Having ‘Downton’ withdrawal, with the box set my Sunday evenings will be restored.

  77. Joan May says:

    Would love to win this lovely prize and lift the winter blues

  78. Rhia Drew says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. And my Mother would love the Downton Abbey box set, it was her favourite TV series!

  79. Ellen Nixon says:

    A cosy night in with all these treats would be just the ticket on a miserable January night 🙂

  80. Simon says:

    wow! count me in please – a generous bundle!

  81. JOAN DRUMMOND says:

    Please can my name be on the winners list for these ACE products !

  82. Stephanie says:

    What more could you ask for for a really lovely cosy night in when the weather is cold and miserable outside I could be warm inside with these goodies that can last for a long time

  83. carole Hiscock says:

    All my “Wish For” items are included, whats better than settling down at home with close family and pets when the weather is cold and wet, what a way to improve January 2016 x

  84. Josie Bicknell says:


  85. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Perfect for my ideal night in with friends in 2016 indulgence and relaxation guaranteed thankyou for the chance to win this luxurious prize bundle I’d be delighted to have all in my home

  86. Rona G says:

    My Ideal pamper hamper.

  87. TRACY MANNING says:

    It would be like Christmas all over again winning this prize bundle, It’s Fantastic x

  88. Jackie Harris says:

    Ooooohh what a super prize – pick me pleeeese.

  89. Sarah Wilk says:

    Yes please

  90. pamela gossage says:

    Super prizes

  91. Jen Rogers says:

    Need cheering up Central Heating broken down xx

  92. Janine C says:

    I love a good duvet day and this prize would be perfect for the ultimate duvet day!! such beautiful items!

  93. Layla Thomas says:

    Wonderful prize, I missed 2 episodes in season 4 of Downton Abbey and it would be lovely to see them.

  94. Gary Seward says:

    good prize

  95. Lorraine says:

    This would be great to win x

  96. Kathleen jones says:

    A dream prize.

  97. Ruth Barker says:

    Great !!

  98. Rose P says:

    Could celebrate with my hubby on his birthday

  99. Sharon Terry says:

    What a lovely, relaxing prize. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  100. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog) says:

    Some lovely bits there. Hope I win!

  101. Justine Goodwin says:

    Oh wow, I wouldn’t ever want to leave the house if I was lucky enough to win x

  102. NINO AMOROSO says:

    Great prize!

  103. pamela gossage says:

    Super prize

  104. S Edwards says:

    A wonderful prize x

  105. Debi Gillard says:

    Fantastic bunch of prizes -on my wishlist! Fingers crossed xxx

  106. Richard Randall says:

    This would make Mrs.R happy.

  107. Laura Jeffs says:

    Gosh! All these prizes are absolutely fantabulous!! Please count me in

  108. hayley says:

    very nice x

  109. Anne Henwood says:

    With a bottle of Irish Cream in my hand and wearing a nice new robe I cold be errrrrr, ‘joyful’ sitting in front of the telly pretending I’m a boozy Hollywood star. 🙂

  110. Clare Martin says:

    Lovely prize!

  111. shane weir says:

    nice prize

  112. K Whincup says:

    A lovely pampering prize 🙂

  113. Michelle Dennett says:

    Perfect January wish list.

  114. Chris Woodgate says:

    Beautiful set of prizes for January.

  115. MaggieE says:

    Great prize to kick off the new year

  116. Jean Bolsover says:

    Perfect for a lovely night in

  117. grainne MARNELL-FOX says:

    great prize would love to win

  118. Suzanne says:

    Lovely and relaxing

  119. Jane Ainscow says:

    great prize

  120. Andrea says:


  121. Janine Houghton says:

    A great night in I think with this prize

  122. HELEN JONES says:

    What a wonderful prize.

  123. Heather Reading says:

    Crikey! That would be a great night in !

  124. anna johnson says:

    What a fantastic prize!!

  125. janet empson says:

    would be a lovely way to chase the grey January
    blues away 🙂

  126. janet mattinson says:

    Oh wow what a fabulous prize!

  127. Debbie Gilbert says:

    wow perfect prize

  128. jenny sari says:

    Sounds like a relaxing night in 🙂

  129. Linda Nash says:

    I would love to receive this prize for my birthday which is on 29th January.

  130. Tracey Wolverson says:

    How lovely! x

  131. Ellen Nixon says:

    Please enter my name into the draw

  132. A James says:

    Wonderful ♥

  133. laura gallant says:

    yes please

  134. melanie crumpton says:

    great bundle thanks

  135. emma baker says:

    lovely prizes

  136. Katharine Hills says:

    Excellent. Yes please.

  137. lindsey stuart says:

    WOW this is my Wish List I would really really like this bundle

  138. Lisa Mauchline says:

    Fab prize

  139. Ruth Jeffries says:


  140. Liane Amos says:

    What this treat!

  141. Simone lee says:

    wow wee super fantastic prizes good luck to ll

  142. Sam Stanley says:

    How to feel fantastic INSIDE in the cold – another great choice for a giveaway. Cosy nights in are my fave!

  143. Jackie Dawson says:

    This would for sure help pass the time on these dark winter nights, lovely selection of treats 🙂

  144. Charlotte Moore says:

    Looks great. Would love these goodies for a well deserved relaxing night in

  145. Corinne Wright says:

    This would be heaven xxx

  146. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Must have

  147. Maria Sack says:

    Wonderful prize.

  148. Roger Stanley says:

    Another collection of great prizes – thank you

  149. Nicola says:

    sheer indulgence

  150. J.C NEIL says:

    Fabulous gift!

  151. Pat Healy says:

    Great winter prize

  152. Andrew Petrie says:

    I know a very special lady who would love these treasures!

  153. Christine Johnson says:

    Marvellous prizes lots of pampering

  154. Amelia Kennedy says:

    What fab prizes! Pure indulgence …

  155. helena h says:

    This would be lovely to win.

  156. David Paterson says:

    Excellent – would be a brilliant surprise for the wife

  157. Ruhi says:

    Great prize bundle, fingers x

  158. carol cross says:

    Awesome giveaway Candis

  159. melanie crumpton says:

    fantastic giveaway

  160. Sally Turner says:

    What a great selection of prizes for a perfect girls night in!

  161. Cheryl Edwards says:

    would love to win

  162. Stephanie Hoult says:

    What more could a girl want.

  163. hayley says:


  164. Kelly says:

    Amazing prize, would love to win this … Fingers crossed !

  165. Kathleen marsden says:

    Brilliant. Everything for a cost night in on my own

  166. Sheila Howes says:

    Ooo how lovely!

  167. Nicola Jones says:

    Id love to win this amazing list of prizes

  168. Jan Wroblewski says:

    Nice prizes to relax with.

  169. E Perry says:

    This sounds lovely! Perfect for a winter evening.

  170. katrina walsh says:

    What a great range

  171. Natalie Green says:

    Lovely prizes x

  172. Marie Evans says:

    Now that’s what i call a wish list,Something for everyone,Bags i that gorgeous print robe lol

  173. Jemma James says:

    Wow amazing gifts I love everything and these will wash away the January blues

  174. Alison Clark says:

    Oh yes yummy and on top of my list – The Lindt maxi ball I love them !

  175. JACKIE HARRISON says:


  176. Ann Hill says:

    Lovely bundle of goodies Thanks x

  177. Julia P says:

    irish cream, yummy, just right to relax in front of the fire.

  178. Stuart Dunlop says:

    Now that is what I call a wish list – would love to win it

  179. Leanne Newsome says:

    Fab giveaway

  180. Michelle Ptak says:

    Would be lovely for Valentine’s evening!!

  181. Chris Williams says:

    lovely selection of goodies

  182. Hayley Mulgrove says:

    Oh wow what a lovely prize would love to win x

  183. Ali says:

    What better way to start the year! Good luck, everyone.

  184. Rachel Hughes-Rowlands says:

    Fingers crossed

  185. BARBARA MADDEN says:

    this is brilliant such wonderful goodies to cheer us all up on these dark cold nights would be so excited to be the winner

  186. Vickey says:

    Woooww, dreamt about this pijama

  187. Isabell Stewart says:

    What a great cold January night prize.

  188. Abi smith says:

    Wow great prize i would love to be lucky enough to win

  189. Lorraine Mabbitt says:

    Lovely prizes here hope I’m lucky enough to win

  190. Rebecca Ruff says:

    Fabulous prizes 🙂

  191. Lucy Robinson says:

    Love all this. x

  192. Joanne Jarvis says:

    Amazing prize, thanks for the chance!

  193. sarah says:


  194. Elaine Fisher says:

    Seventh Heaven !!!!!!!!

  195. Tim Woolfenden says:

    This would be a great start to 2016. Good luck everyone!

  196. Elaine P says:

    I would love to win these.

  197. matthew monnes says:

    These treats will make a wonderful evening in when it’s cold outside

  198. Mark Johnson says:

    yes please

  199. Tammy Neal says:

    Would love to win this lovely prize and lift the winter blues

  200. Cathryn Bowen says:

    yes please great night in for mommy – me time

  201. JM Holland says:

    Wow, what a fantastic selection for Janaury’s wish list

  202. Yvette D says:

    An amazing prize! Fingers crossed x

  203. wendy jamieson-price says:

    wow a prize list to light up my january, a whole range of treats to make me feel special and make me smile

  204. Angela Webster says:

    I’m in love with the night robe! ♥♥♥

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