Faith Howells is a lawyer, wife and
mother whose life is turned upside
down when husband and business
partner, Evan, disappears. His
sudden absence strikes deep into
the heart of their tiny Welsh
community. Faith is forced to cut
short her extended maternity
leave to keep the family afloat, and
when the truth about Evan’s
actions come to light, she must
fight to protect her children and
retain her sanity. We’ve eight
two-disc box sets of Keeping Faith,
worth £24.99 each, up for grabs.
This gripping
series stars
Eve Myles
and Matthew
The DVD is
available on 20th
August, courtesy
of Acorn Media.

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4 Responses to Keeping Faith

  1. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please

  2. Jenny Turner says:

    Missed this last night so would love a chance to watch on DVD

  3. Fiona Shepherd says:


  4. Christina Vaccaro says:

    Looks brilliant would love to win this

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