Kurio 4S Touch Android Tablet

TABLET-GIVEAWAYRelax in the knowledge that your children will be safe using the Kurio 4S Touch (Toys R Us). Designed with young people in mind, you can create up to 4 profiles and set the internet and app access relevant to each child’s age, as well as determining how long and when the tablet is used for each day. We’ve got two of these impressive tablets up for grabs worth £49.99 each. Each Android media device from Kurio comes preloaded with over 30 fab apps, and access to Google Play and the Kurio Store for even more choice. There’s also a music player, video player, camera, and Wi-Fi-enabled internet access, so they can listen, watch, play and search all of their favourite things.

Enter today for a chance to win…

This giveaway has now closed.

39 Responses to Kurio 4S Touch Android Tablet

  1. Carol says:

    could do with one of these.

  2. emily jones says:

    great giveaway

  3. chris smith says:

    great for my grandsons

  4. Julie Francis says:

    tablets make you feel better!

  5. DEB says:

    make a great present for my grandchildren as a surprise for being such great kids.

  6. Linds says:

    Great giveaway.

  7. Glenn Rodgers says:

    Yes please fab prize.

  8. Sheena Prophet says:

    So great for the kids.

  9. christine jarrett says:

    my grandson is wishing I might win this.

  10. Sally Semple says:

    One of my nephews has one of these and they are awesome! would love to win one for my other nephew 🙂

  11. anthea midgley says:

    that would be a nice treat

  12. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please

  13. Katy Walmsley says:

    My daughter wants one sooooo much please

  14. jane guthrie-tate says:

    would luv this…

  15. julie delahunty says:

    A Tablet a day keeps the Doctor away.!

  16. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Wow nice prize

  17. Helen says:

    Great prize

  18. champaklal lad says:

    great prize

  19. Alison Johnson says:

    Would love one of these for my Grandson

  20. alison veasey says:


  21. RICH says:

    Looks Great, would love this for my mum.

  22. maureen walsh says:

    yes please

  23. maryhelenpark says:

    just what i need

  24. Lin says:

    one “tablet” I wouldn’t say no to!!

  25. Bernadette Burgoyne says:

    Another great addition to my Grandkids shopping list. Thank you

  26. Julie Francis says:

    great on trend

  27. Rebecca Miller says:

    Wow, great prize. My son would love this!

  28. Karl Borowy says:

    very touching gift

  29. Nigel West says:

    Great prize

  30. victoria says:

    Just what my little boy would like

  31. rose p says:


  32. jane guthrie-tate says:

    luv it

  33. Lin Holdeman says:

    For today’s super tech savvy children, this would be a great gift for Christmas.

  34. David Kemsley says:

    wow, this would be a great upgrade for my old thing

  35. Samantha Brisley says:

    would make a good Christmas Present for the kids.

  36. RICHARD MORLEY says:

    A totally fab prize to win for our 7 yr old son. We have his birthday coming up soon and he would just love one of these.

  37. dorothy taylor says:

    This for my grandson would free mine up for me to use

  38. Jenny Turner says:

    Yes please, would compete for this as it should be simple enough for me to use.

  39. wal mular says:

    the kids would love these

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