We’d like to say thank you to our loyal readers, so we’re offering you the chance to nominate a deserving person to win this luxury prize. The winner gets an overnight stay for two to include two 25-minute treatments each, full use of spa facilities and access to up to 20 different fitness classes per day. They’ll also be treated to a buffet breakfast, three-course lunch and evening meal, plus a bespoke hamper filled with Champney’s fabulous spa products!


This year Champneys is celebrating its 90th birthday with the launch of its new detox and well-being spa in Tring, Hertfordshire. The first of its kind in the UK, it offers a selection of unique water-based treatments in an ultra-modern environment. Inspired by the foundations of ancient spiritual cleansing, this revolutionary Champneys spa has been designed to renew and reinvigorate.

The winner can opt to stay at a Champneys spa nearer to where they live if preferred. Terms and conditions apply.

Please send your nomination with brief details of why you think your nominee should win, and your contact details (no more than 100 words) to: Sally Evans, Features Assistant, Newhall Publishing Ltd, Newhall Lane, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 4BQ by 31 December 2015.

Terms and conditions: The winner can opt to stay at a Champneys Spa nearer to where they live if preferred. Prize details – arrival 2pm, 1 night’s accommodation. Choose two treatments from Champneys massage (25 mins) worth £39; Champneys Relaxing Facial (25 mins) worth £39; Aromatherapy Wrap (25 mins) worth £39 or Head in the Clouds Scalp Massage (25 mins) worth £39. Depart 4pm (room 11am).

50 Responses to Luxury spa break

  1. Dorothy lyall says:

    What a lovely treat after all the stress of christmas

    • Catherine says:

      What a perfect way to relax after the festive season.

    • Diane Bushen says:

      After working for our scout fete and selling poppies a rest would be wounderful. There is Christmas shopping still to do, by the time Christmas is over a spa would be most wecome

    • sandra baker says:

      My mum would be the best person i could nominate. Through all her own disabilitie, she brought up four of us, she still helps me out with my own disabled son who was prem baby.

    • Dee Pennell says:

      My daughter who is 42, and finishes a course of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy 2 wks before Christmas…it would be such a fabulous experience.

    • Gary Foley says:

      A Great way for my loverly wife Jenny to relax after looking when I,ve had my three way HER.

    • Angela Lord says:

      I nominate my daughter for the prize, she deserves a bit of pampering. She works very hard as a teacher and despite health issues, gets good results from her students, She is always very supportive of me and her dad and also of her friends. She sends me little gifts when I’m poorly or tries her best to visit. A daughter of whom I’m so proud.

    • Herbert gould says:

      Sounds lovely, yes please!

    • Maggie Beech says:

      This would be the perfect place to send my mum to celebrate her 90th Birthday in February. It’s been a very hard few months as she has been nursing my 86 year old father back to health after his Heart attack. She certainly needs some pampering and time for herself.

    • Carolyn Wain says:

      My mum who looks after her husband with Dementia could do with a break and this would be the ideal thing for her. It would be nice to take her away from it all.

    • Jacqueline Lea says:

      I nominate my daughter Becky. She has 3 young boys and doesn’t get much time for herself. Winning this would be a lovely surprise for her.

    • Ruth Robertson says:

      I would love this break for my husband as he has been my support over the last 3 months looking after my 91 year old mum after my sister died suddenly in September.

    • suzanne Merton says:

      What a wonderful way of saying thanks to a very special friend who has always been there for me when ever I have needed it.

  2. Rebecca Howells says:

    My fiance as he has been brilliant in supporting me and helping me through my chronic pain and illness. He means the world to me! (@PeanutHog)

  3. Paul says:

    Brilliant prize

  4. Rosemary Woolard says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter, last weekend my husband and I celebrated our Ruby Wedding, we arranged just to go for a meal with our chidren and grandchildren. When we arrived the table had been decorated with 40 red roses, red wire hearts a lovely display on a separate table was cakes presents etc, Hayley made our special day truly one to remember, for the rest of our lives.

  5. Thomas. Hay says:

    My daughter is a fultime midwife , and works long and stressful days ,a night of pampering would be a treat ,she deserves it ,and I would love to win this tweet for her ,

  6. Catherine Beech says:

    What a perfect way to relax after the fastive season.

  7. Sylvia Riley says:

    What a luxury

  8. Kim impey says:

    I would for my husband to have a spa break, we have been married for 42 years, he has worked hard for the family, he is a great dad and also a great granddad.

  9. alison veasey says:

    To treat my great friend Toni she deserves a treat!

  10. Jean Romia says:

    My lovely daughter works for a charity and has raised funds for various charities since she was a little girl. It would be a lovely thank you for her.

  11. Margaret Stacey says:

    My only hope.

  12. David Clarke says:

    Christine Clarke Who has undergone 5 heart procedures in the last 18 months,and looks finaly to be on the mend.

  13. deb says:

    my son has been a rock since my husband passed away & he has just been told he has diabetes. This would give him a well deserved break..

  14. Daniel Storrie says:

    My Spouse.. Shes brilliant. she works long hours at a hospital looking after older people serving out teas and biscuits. .. she comes home and does chores in the hours..Never stops smiling and never complains…….. I am lucky fella.. I think she would really love this..

  15. Patricia Holloway says:

    I would love this for my daughter and son in law as they have 2 children with disabilities and a child without and they never get time for themselves so to give them a break would do them the world of good as they do so much they deserve it.

  16. LYNN DAVIS says:


  17. Karen Brown says:

    I’d like to nominate my husband for a spa break, he retired last year, and although his health isn’t the best he looked after me after an operation earlier this year.

  18. Dee Pennell says:

    My wonderful daughter Claire who is 42, she will finish a course of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy two weeks before Christmas. It would be such an amazing experience.

  19. H moscrop says:

    My daughter who has not had a easy childhood ,been in foster care.Despite this she has held down a job and has two young children ,she is a great mum and is twenty one in march . when the children go to nursery she is planing to university.

  20. sheelagh willis says:

    I have been looking after my 30 year old daughter after she had her second ankle operation and her recovery is proving to be a very painful experience. She is in a very stressful job and I am sure a visit to a luxury spa would bring a huge boost to the recovery process.

  21. evelyn Hutton says:

    I would like to nominate my sister Kate, she has always been the anchor in the family, she has had quite a few challenging healthy problems in recent years, but has always been there ready to help everyone 😉

  22. Heather says:

    My daughter Kate would love this treat. She unfortunately lost 2 babies due to miscarriage but then successfully gave birth to three gorgeous babies within the last 3 years! She returned to work between each birth and now is looking forward to returning to work in the New Year. She is amazing and handles everything including serious problems with her own health with such fortitude and patience. She deserves a break!

  23. Linds says:

    I would like to nominate my twin sister Lorraine, she has been a great support for me over the years whilst I have been bringing up my son,who has special needs alone since his dad died when he was just 20months. Without her in my life I think I would have gone under. She is amazing & truly deserves this prize.

  24. Sylvia Leaver says:

    My daughters Val and Ruth both deserve a special pamper session. Cancer finally took Val’s son last Christmas after a two year battle and she is still adjusting to life without him. Ruth is so supportive despite having a stressful job and her own home and family.

  25. Mary Ernest says:

    I would like to nominate my daughter. She had been very ill earlier in the year and is now well on her way to recovery. This would be the perfect treat for her to end was has been an Annus horribilis.

  26. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Perfect for my wonderful neice-she works full time with many unsociable hours -also is a special constable serving her community -she visits her grandma daily to check she’s ok and has everything she needs but mainly for a chat (she’s 93)-she also visits my dad weekly and takes him to the cemetery to help tidy and place flowers on several family graves- she works so hard this would be a beautiful treat to pamper and relax-xx

  27. Natasha says:

    I would nominate my friend Danny who has had a difficult time of late. His two brothers passed away within a year of each other and he’s found it particular difficult. He also suffers bad health so I feel he would appreciate a bit of relaxation and pampering.

  28. Margaret Gaskell says:

    My hardworking daughter who has a full time job but devotes three nights a week volunteering to helping young people in the local area at evening youth clubs, to get them off the streets and keep them out of trouble. The Encounter Youth Club she started from scratch with friends with no funds. A true local heroine.

  29. Alison keogh says:

    This year has not been the best I’ve ever had!!
    Had to get a hip replacement in March ,which has been the best thing ever,no more pain,ah heaven.
    But life is never easy as they say,have been getting very bad pains in the other hip, saw my surgeon today and need the other one done now,so here we go again!!!!
    At least I know what’s ahead of me!!
    So this prize would just be a joy for me as part of my recovery..

  30. Sheila Evans says:

    My dear daughter who has been so brave throughout her long illness and always so kind to everyone.

  31. Tessa Brown says:

    I would like to nominate my best friend Joan who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and through all her suffering through treatment hasn’t complained but been continuing to help & support others rather than think of herself.

  32. Sandra Seward says:

    I would love my two daughters to have this prize.
    I’ve been a right pain, I’m disabled and had to have quite a few operations this last year, they have been fantastic the youngest having two small children has come out of her way most days to help me and been there for me.
    The older one although she is a career to many other people who have only a short time to live, never complains off her long hours at work, and still finds times to be there for me.
    Two daughters who I feel would love to be pampered.

  33. Sarah Jones says:

    I nominate my friend Louise Hudson.
    Her daughter passed away last November. Amy her daughter aged 23 had Rett Syndrome, as you may be aware this is a degenerative disorder. I too cared for Amy as a P.A. at weekends. I have known the family since Amy was 5. Even though this mum had so much to deal with on a daily basis, her compassion and care goes beyond the home. Louise works with parents who have children with disabilities each day. Supporting them and families as much as possible. I imagine this to be very hard yet she does so professionally and always with a smile. I know that she holds in her grief on daily basis.
    I feel that some a break is much deserved knowing she’s valued.:)

  34. Viv James says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Jane who has cared for her mum this year who has now sadly died. She still visits the nursing home and sits and chats to the other residents. She is always very cheerful and positive and is such a great friend she deserves a treat.

  35. Maria Newman says:

    Perfect for me and my daughter to get away from the boys 🙂 x

  36. deby says:

    Would love to win this prize to share with my loyal friends

  37. Maria Featherstone says:

    I would like to nominate my friend Julie Upton she is going through gruelling chemotherapy for the third time despite this and looking after her daughter and young grand son is always up beat and optimistic I’m sure being pampered would help to make her feel a little better.

  38. Allie Stopler says:

    Could do with a break away from life’s sadness and frustrations

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