Making Memories

We take more photos today than ever before – more than 1.2 trillion annually – thanks to our quick and easy phone cameras. And while they capture our favourite memories, people and places, they can be difficult to share. Motif’s brand new photo-printing app, available from the Mac App Store, helps you to create professional photobooks and calendars, perfectly capturing your favourite memories in a process that takes minutes. Less time in front of the computer means more time with your favourite people, making memories and taking precious photos. We’ve five hardcover photobooks worth £35 each to give away, giving you the opportunity to personalise every page with your beloved photographs. 

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6 Responses to Making Memories

  1. ian bretherick says:

    this is awesome I am such a dork with photos

  2. Robert watkinson says:

    Just building up a collection of photos of our new granddaughter; this would be perfect.

  3. jan v says:

    So many of us don’t print photos out these days , but we all love revisiting our memories in print

  4. Manjula Patel says:

    Memories in photos are a priceless treasure.

  5. Sonia Pritchard says:

    I only found out about photo books recently. I’d love to do a photo book for each year our daughter has been in our lives (she’s 7) and then continue to do one a year but obviously that’s going to be a. Expensive task so this would be an amazing to get us started. Fingers crossed

  6. Victoria Chapman says:

    I love building up memories and what a lovely way to in this book , something to hand down the family in time to come

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