Win a gorgeous leather bag

Do you favour a classic clutch, are you fan of the bowling bag or is a handy tote your preference? Whatever your style there’s a beautiful autumn bag for you


This gorgeous leather bag by Mywalit worth £195. So versatile, it can be hand-held or worn as a backpack. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is enter!

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes on 31/10/2015

161 Responses to Mywalit leather bag

  1. Thalia Hughes says:

    Love the colour and style of this beauty!

  2. Dorothy lyall says:

    Just my colour please

  3. James Nicolson says:

    My wife would love this bag

  4. Jean says:

    Looks so nice and useful

  5. Sandra Seward says:

    Fab u lous.

  6. Linds says:

    Love this bag, the colour is lovely too.

  7. suzana jovanovic says:

    Will go with everything!

  8. Linda Bircham says:

    Love it Love it – what a great bag.

  9. HELEN JONES says:

    One of my favourite colours

  10. Brenda Teal says:

    I love this bag and the colours are nice and cheerful.

  11. CELIA SALTER says:


  12. barbara says:

    Love it! Wonderful prize as no one can have too many bags!

  13. anthea midgley says:

    My favourite colour with bags of rooom

  14. Linda Rumsey says:

    Yes please!

  15. Jayne Morris says:

    Great design, love the versatility and the fact that it can be worn on the back, leaving both hands free for the rest of my shopping!

  16. Sheena Prophet says:

    I like the versatility of the bag.

  17. Brenda Johnstone says:


  18. Jennifer Austin says:

    Very smart and useful

  19. Darren Stevens says:

    Just in time for Christmas… mum would love this….

  20. Neil Whitlock says:

    My wife would love this! 🙂

  21. Jackie Walter says:

    Very smart and the colour combo is fab

  22. andrew reed says:

    Wife would love it

  23. Janet Bradley says:

    Blue is my favourite colour, amazing!

  24. Joyce Willis says:


  25. Lorraine says:

    What a lovely bag

  26. Joan Newth says:

    Love its versatitality

  27. Barbara Chambers says:

    Love this bag

  28. Maxine Feehely says:

    Lovely style and great colour

  29. Carol says:

    What a great size bag.

  30. larry doolin says:

    Have you got it in black

  31. Christina K Hodson says:

    Gorgeous bag and the colour is very pretty

  32. champaklal lad says:

    great prize

  33. Mary Littlejohn says:

    I would love one of these

  34. pamela gossage says:

    I love blue

  35. Lin Young says:

    love my bags – this is no exception

  36. Helen Metcalfe says:

    Love the colour and the fact that you can wear it two ways.

  37. Margaret Naughton says:

    So classy.

  38. susan miller says:

    Its a beautiful shade of blue and a good well sized bag, especially as i get lumbered with hubbys ‘junk’ to lug around in my bag with

  39. Julie Y says:

    Beautiful bag – I love it

  40. frank Smith says:

    happy birthday to my wife! She carries all my medication around in her now tattered handbag. This would be a wonderful replacement.

  41. Cristina McDowall says:

    yes please!

  42. Lin Barber says:

    wow lovely bag!!

  43. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins says:

    Beautiful bag, thank you very much for the chance xxx

  44. Carolyn Corrin says:

    Lovely Bag

  45. antonia richardson says:

    love this lots

  46. Laura Harrison says:

    Very nice bag x

  47. Donna Lewis says:

    My favourite colour, will match my eyes.

  48. Josie Bicknell says:

    Lovely colour lovely bag

  49. Helen jones says:

    Just the back I have been looking for

  50. Linda Mawdsley says:

    Love the colour

  51. Linda Spevick says:


  52. Boo Oatham says:

    Lovely bag, bet it’s comfy, need to win it to find out!!

  53. kim wallace says:

    stunning colour

  54. Valerie Gillies says:

    Always searching for the perfect bag!! Such a nice colour too.

  55. Julie Francis says:

    would love to bag this beautiful prize

  56. Asemeye Obunge says:

    My Christmas present for my wife all sorted

  57. pamela gossage says:

    Beautiful bag. I love blue


    Would love to win this lovely bag for my daughter

  59. Alison Thackray says:

    Fab colour, I can see it on me beautifully 🙂

  60. Susan Reid says:

    Great shape & the leather looks so smooth! Love it 🙂

  61. Emily Russell says:

    Wow beautiful bag! Would love this x

  62. Karen Andrews says:

    Lovely shape and good colour, would be good for me too, please.

  63. Jill Crawford says:

    Yes, please

  64. Andrea Dalziel says:

    Would be perfect with my grey cape and hat for the winter!

  65. Leah Tonna says:

    Love this pretty bag, so useful as a backpack….need to hold the children’s hands.

  66. Lucy Chester says:

    Love this handbag, it is the style I love and a beautiful colour too.

  67. Pam Ramage says:

    I would shoulder it with pride

  68. Peter Jones says:

    My wife doesn’t like me choosing her bags. I am sure she would love this one and if she doesn’t she can’t blame me.

  69. Jen Rogers says:

    Blue my favourite colour for everything – lovely Bag

  70. Sarah Betsworth says:

    Lovely bag

  71. LELIA says:

    My friends would have to call me a classy bag lady with a gorgeous Mywalit on my back!

  72. Niki Clifton says:

    what a gorgeous & versatile bag it would really brighten Autumn <3

  73. Wendy Becker says:

    liked a lot

  74. Diane Waite says:

    blue is my favourite colour and I would love to have this bag, please

  75. Nikki Winfield says:

    What a beautiful colour and shape just perfect

  76. Julie Carwardine says:

    I love this style and the colour is gorgeous!

  77. Sarah Celino says:

    Yes Please.

  78. richard williams says:

    my wife would love this!

  79. julie robins says:

    what a gorgeous bag

  80. Chris Kemp says:

    I haven’t got a bag. This would be perfect.

  81. Marlene Stevens says:

    would love to win it , I don’t have a bag in this colour , would be a welcome edition to my wardrobe

  82. Stephen Yates says:

    The wife says that she can never have enough bags

  83. Joanne Phillips says:

    Love this! Want this!

  84. Dorota Amellal says:

    would love to win 🙂

  85. jenni says:

    Would love this bag as a birthday present to myself this month

  86. Gill Thomas says:

    Simple, smart and stylish ! Love it !

  87. Penny H says:

    I love the colour and the unusual shape.Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  88. CLARE says:

    Would love to win this fabulous bag

  89. Beverley Cousins says:

    So elegant and a beautiful colour 🙂

  90. melanie gregory says:

    lovely colour

  91. Carol Taylor says:

    Gorgeous bag.

  92. Sue Harrison says:

    The dual way of carrying means this bag can safely carry you from day to night a classy bag whatever the time!!

  93. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Wow such a beautiful colour and great arm candy☺-love to win please ☺☺thankyou for the chance

  94. Kathleen marsden says:

    Looks just the right size to fit every essential inside.

  95. Karen Johnson says:

    I looooove this!

  96. mary brown says:

    Love this

  97. Julie Moody says:

    Lovely bag.

  98. sally collard says:

    love a new bag

  99. Jennifer says:

    amazing bag – fabulous colour

  100. Margaret Stacey says:

    I,d tote-ally love a blue one.

  101. Linda Revell says:

    I love the blue colour!

  102. Janice Taylor says:

    Yes please

  103. Linda Thorn says:

    Awesome design

  104. Annabel Greaves says:

    I would love to win xx

  105. Lisa Troccoli says:

    Gorgeous colour and style x

  106. joy clare says:

    I`d love a new bag particularly in that colour.

  107. june staughton says:

    What a lovely colour would love to own this bag.

  108. Rachel Hughes-Rowlands says:


  109. andrew reed says:

    My wife loves it

  110. donna hale says:

    lovely bag

  111. JOAN DRUMMOND says:

    Great prize, great with my clothes; whether dressing down or looking great in my Sunday best.

  112. Jacqueline Ford says:

    Great colour and so stylish.

  113. Sandra Tindall says:

    Love the different shades of blue, let me win. Pleaseeeeee

  114. Janice Vickers says:

    I would make good use of this bag good size and lovely colour.

  115. Erika Higginson says:

    Great prize love the colour

  116. molly stafford says:

    i would love this

  117. Chris Williams says:

    gorgeous colour

  118. Anna Wolfe says:

    olor and so useful too with all that space

  119. Maggi Dignam says:

    Favourite colour and love the style

  120. Ann Calland says:

    Gorgeous colour!

  121. Helen says:

    Great prize

  122. Jayne Wilson says:

    Lovely colour and fab prize

  123. olgaandpaul carpenter says:

    Great prize

  124. Maurice McCartney says:

    My partner would love this

  125. sb says:

    too good for the likes of me

  126. Lynne Newton says:

    how sweet is this piece of arm candy?

  127. Carol Palfrey says:


  128. juliette says:

    gorgeous colour

  129. Noreen says:

    Love to win this stylish bag…

  130. Sarah Cocker says:

    Love it, I would gift it to my lovely mum

  131. Lisa Ellison says:

    I really really love this bag

  132. Gerri Tennant says:

    A lovely bag and very practical, thanks.

  133. Linda Ives says:

    Another beautiful handbag for my collection.

  134. Maria Sack says:

    Great colour.

  135. Eileen Ballard says:

    Love the colour, would look great on my arm x

  136. Dawn Parkes says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful

  137. marion morgan says:

    sooooooo lovely

  138. tracy sinclair says:

    Yes Please, would be great for the holidays x

  139. Carolyn Corrin says:

    What a lovely bag, great design and colour.

  140. Carolyn Corrin says:

    What a lovely bag, great design and colour Amazing prize.

  141. vanessa ball says:

    Lush colour. Would love this

  142. Mary Dryden says:

    Much more head turning than my usual black shoulder bag!

  143. Rose Watson says:

    I am a bag lady! I need another!

  144. Rose Watson says:

    I am a bag lady! And I need another !

  145. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Beauty style and class is hard to find but you have achieved it with the stunning bag xx love to win please

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