Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat

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Fed up of your four-legged friends bringing a muddy mess into the house? Made from microfibre chenille, the Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat soaks up excess moisture quickly, enabling your dog’s coat to dry quickly after a wet and mucky walk. We’ve eight mats to give away worth £25 each. They are machine washable too, so will keep

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This giveaway closes for entry on 31/05/2016

60 Responses to Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat

  1. Mrs.E.Fenning says:

    What a great idea to keep the dirt at bay!!

  2. Jennifer Austin says:

    my dogs would love this comfort

  3. Alison Thackray says:

    perfect for our pooch who loves nothing more than the dirtiest puddle going on his walks 🙂

  4. Linda Taylor says:

    Love this giveaway its just what I could do with for my 2 dogs after a walk in the rain across muddy fields

  5. Anna Hopcraft says:

    This would be great for my pooch, Tizer who loves nothing more than running through muddy puddles!

  6. Larry Doolin says:

    My dog has been left out all night before I got him he was thin and week now he OK he told me that he love a new blankit
    let’s hope so

  7. Jackie Cusack says:

    This would be a great prize to win for my little dog, Pip.

  8. Christine Cardy says:

    Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat entry

  9. Wendy butcher says:

    Wow could do with one of these for our terrors

  10. Suzukisylvia says:

    Scruffs Noodle Dry Mat – Ideal by the back door for wet n dirty dogs after a long walk up the mountain and through streams.

  11. Linda Spevick says:

    With 2 dogs this is just what I need!

  12. Ruth Robertson says:

    Would love this prize as a treat for the dogs

  13. denise mallinson says:

    My dog Beau would love this comfy noodle mat sooo much! He is a long haired German Shepherd and gorgeous x

  14. Carolynn Woodland says:

    Need this for my husband, never mind the dog!

  15. Jo Anne Hooson says:

    Anything that helps keep the house clean is great.

  16. Tracy Alcock says:

    great for my dogs

  17. alice says:

    Something d

  18. alice says:

    Something different

  19. lynn neal says:

    this looks worth a try!

  20. Chris Williams says:

    brilliant perfect for my lovely friends cute doggies.

  21. Kelly Mcbeth says:

    Perfect for my fur babies

  22. cy says:

    I don’t have a dog but I do live near to an animal rescue centre and this would be a good gift to donate to them.

  23. Dawn says:

    Would be fantastic for my scruffy dog who insists on trekking through any water or mud she sees

  24. Sam Stevens says:

    this would help with Mr muddy paws!

  25. jennifer davies says:

    perfect gift for perfect dog

  26. Lorraine says:

    Great idea for dogs

  27. Anne-Marie Lee-Cann says:

    Would be amazing!

  28. Lynn says:

    I would give this to my mam for her dog as the dog towel has seen better days haha!

  29. Christina K says:

    Love this for my dog

  30. Gary Foley says:

    16 mucky feet I NEED HELP TO KEEP THEM CLEAN after a walk inthe fields.

  31. Maria says:

    We are living on a building site at the moment and the red earth goes everywhere so this would be perfect.

  32. Lorraine Duff says:

    This would be awesome for my dog Dottie as we have been going out walking a lot more and she always gets covered in mud and gets wet. I hate her dirtying up my floors so this would be perfect.

  33. Lorna Totton says:

    Brilliant giveaway. This would come in very handy.

  34. Freda says:

    Great prize!

  35. olgaa carpenter says:

    An amazing prize

  36. Elaine Hollis says:

    Just what I need

  37. Marylyn Hammersley says:

    This would be brilliant for my son’s Samoyed, who is white and loves getting wet and mucky!

  38. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Perfect to keep my home clean thankyou

  39. Emma says:

    My dog will be spoilt 🙂

  40. claire ginn says:

    Would love to win this

  41. sb says:

    nice mat

  42. Champaklal Lad says:

    great prize

  43. Gillian McDonald says:

    A very useful giveaway

  44. Maria Sack says:

    A dog’s delight.

  45. christine jarrett says:

    do these work for both dogs and grandkids that would be perfect

  46. olgaa carpenter says:

    Sooty says I would love it woof woof

  47. Stephanie Salmon says:

    My friend would love this for her four legged friends

  48. ALISON says:

    2 dogs paw prints left on the mat and not allllll over the house, yipppeeeee!!!!

  49. Tina Hewitt says:

    Great prize ….ideal for my scruffy dirt seeking puppy

  50. Keith Hunt says:

    Great Prize

  51. Kathleen says:

    Connie is a German Shepherd / Collie cross with a long-haired coat. This mat sounds great for her!

  52. Dudley Budden says:

    New puppy in 5 weeks, just what is required

  53. Diane Smith says:

    Would love this prize

  54. Maria Ghansah says:

    Yes please. I have a German Shepherd so would be very useful.

  55. Carolyn Corrin says:

    Nice Giveaway.

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