Discover a great night’s sleep


Made from the finest quality soft plain weave cotton fabric and filled with
a smooth silk-like hollowfibre filling, Silentnight’s Egyptian Cotton Collection offers comfort and softness for a great night’s sleep . We have an Egyptian Cotton 10.5 Tog Double Duvet and a pair of Silentnight Egyptian Cotton Pillows to give away, worth £150.

Enter now for your chance to win!

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes for entry on 30/06/2016

97 Responses to Silentnight’s Egyptian Cotton Collection

  1. Ruth Barker says:


  2. Lorna lyons says:

    Just what I need to promote a good nights sleep

  3. Linda Spevick says:

    Great prize

  4. Julia Nelson says:

    Perfect zzzzz.

  5. aine bryson says:

    Silentnight’s Egyptian cotton is simply the best.

  6. Ann says:

    Lovely bedding

  7. Paula Rorie says:

    Smashing prize..great for keeping my cozy!

  8. Sharon Terry says:

    Fabulous prize 🙂

  9. lexina mccallum says:

    Hope i win

  10. cidney says:

    Ah bliss! I used to have Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed once upon a time when I had money!

  11. Jane Adams says:

    It looks so comfortable.

  12. Janet Webster says:

    Can`t beat cotton !

  13. alice says:

    I like Egyptian cotton

  14. Jenny Turner says:


  15. Leah Tonna says:

    Love pure cotton bedding, yes please.

  16. John Cunningham says:


  17. Jennifer Austin says:

    Great quality – would love to win this prize

  18. PM says:

    Silentnight is synonymous with quality sleep- would love to win this prize !

  19. Kathryn Beer says:

    I do so need a good night sleep please….

  20. Sheila Evans says:

    With this great prize it really be a much more silent night, all cosy and warm!

  21. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Sleepy time

  22. Tina Hewitt says:

    Thank you for the opportunity

  23. Roger Stanley says:

    Get a good nights sleep

  24. dianah churchill says:


  25. Yvonne Dimbleby says:

    I love Egyptian cotton – great giveaway thank you.

  26. Paul Mellor says:

    Great prize

  27. sue rushworth says:

    cotton feels so good against the skin

  28. Mark Barker says:


  29. JEAN BLEWITT says:

    This is definitely what we need at the moment.

  30. Lin says:

    Just what I need for a good nights sleep!!

  31. Tracy Alcock says:

    perfect for an insomniac

  32. alison veasey says:

    I need some new bedding this would be great!

  33. Keith Hunt says:

    Great Prize

  34. sandra lodge says:

    Just what I need for a good night’s sleep

  35. Carol Smith says:

    It’s really time to replace my old bedding !

  36. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please!

  37. carole eaves says:

    yes please! heavenly sleep awaited! thanks for the chance to win

  38. barbara munn says:

    super prize

  39. Kathleen marsden says:

    I feel like going to sleep just now. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have this bedding to sleep in

  40. Sheena Prophet says:

    Lovely giveaway.

  41. Linda Bircham says:

    Super prize!

  42. Melvyn Hughes says:

    What a lovely prize!

  43. sb says:

    lovely good quality pillows,our house dust mites will go crazy

  44. Mike says:

    Great Prize,

  45. Lee says:

    Yes please.

  46. Sally says:

    Love to win this.

  47. Gwen says:

    Lovely prize

  48. Adam says:

    Love to win this.

  49. Carl says:

    Great prize, thanks for the chance to win.

  50. Irene Jackson says:

    Lovely and comfy looking.

  51. Sally Collingwood says:

    Would love these

  52. Sue Jenkins says:

    Yes please!

  53. KAREN WILKES says:


  54. Margaret Stacey says:

    Luxor-ious bedding.

  55. Shirley Birkenhead says:

    We are moving – we hope for our last time,
    would be nice to have new bedding

  56. Josie Bicknell says:

    Yes please

  57. Helen Gale says:

    Great prize

  58. Mrs Anthea Carol Midgley says:

    Cosy prize

  59. christine smith says:


  60. gillian doyle says:

    A great giveaway. Many thanks.

  61. Fiona Shepherd says:

    very useful

  62. madeline connolly says:

    love fo a good night sleep

  63. Samantha Triggs says:



    Great prize x

  65. Pauline Hill says:

    i dont know anyone who would NOT love these

  66. Anne Bostwick says:

    I’d love to catch up on my sleep with Silentnight!

  67. Leah Tonna says:

    Love cotton, naturally.

  68. Julie Morgan says:

    might help me sleep

  69. Gloria Christiansen says:

    The luxury of Silentnight 🙂

  70. samantha margetts says:

    i would love to win

  71. Janine Bedford says:

    Nothing feels as good as Egyptian cotton for a good night’s sleep

  72. Claire Butler says:

    sounds luxurious


    fantastic prize

  74. Wendy Lewis says:

    Nice and snuggly

  75. Clare Warman says:

    Would definatley make for a good nights sleep 🙂

  76. Jim Kerr says:

    Just what I need, some new bedding

  77. Ruth Pay says:

    Pillows sound wonderful

  78. Gisela Wilson says:

    Maybe this prize could give me a decent night’s sleep.

  79. Debby Brown says:

    Ideally I would’ve changed my bedding a year or two ago and would love nice new quality bedding to snuggle up in 🙂

  80. Carolyn Corrin says:

    Amazing prize.

  81. eirini kourvouli says:

    Great Prize

  82. Jen Rogers says:

    Would be a huge improvement on our bedding which was wedding pressie 51 years ago xx

  83. Diane Smith says:

    Fantastic prize

  84. Jane Robertson says:

    Need a bit of luxury for my guests and these are wonderful to make them feel well rested and ready for the day ahead.

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