Try a lower calorie wine

BLUE-NUNClassic wine brand Blue Nun has introduced a range of aromatic wines with delicious fruit flavours – and they’re lower in alcohol (5.5%) and calories. We’ve six mixed cases of the new Delicate White and Rosé up for grabs worth £30 each ( Blue Nun Delicate Crisp Fruity White has inviting aromas of white peach and mango and a trace of tropical fruit – refreshing and packed full of flavour. The Delicate Crisp Fruity Rosé has inviting aromas of raspberry, lychee and wild strawberry – a hint of sweetness combined perfectly with the zesty taste.

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34 Responses to Try a lower calorie wine

  1. ALISON VEASEY says:


  2. jean says:

    What a fab idea, don’t you just love it!

  3. dorothy mulville says:

    a great way to try and lose weight


    Makes it a real anytime drink

  5. pamela gossage says:

    Great way to lose weight

  6. Jackie says:

    It sounds perfect – wine without those hefty calories

  7. Champaklal Lad says:

    great wine weight less

  8. Carol says:

    nice wine

  9. Anne W says:

    I love wine so the idea of having fewer calories is great.

  10. sb says:

    i can’t spell

  11. Susan Jarrett says:

    great prize offer

  12. f brown says:

    Low calorie wine leaves me more to dine!

  13. AMANDA LETCH says:

    Great for my diet !

  14. Alison Thackray says:

    vino good idea

  15. ian Cheyne says:

    Great prize

  16. John Williams says:

    nice idea.

  17. Richard O'Mahony says:

    i’ll have a large one

  18. Jenny Turner says:

    Lower in alcohol, what a good idea.

  19. Averil Lea says:

    Yes please

  20. barbra says:

    Yes please !

  21. Mary says:

    Low calories, low alcohol, must be good

  22. Dorothy Rutland says:

    great for the diet

  23. Sally Collingwood says:

    FAB U LOUS!!!!

  24. margaret stacey says:

    Just enough for one night.

  25. estelita says:

    Rose and White for girl’s treat night

  26. Shirley Cooney says:

    Low calorie is good, once it still has a great flavour.

  27. Jackie Henshaw says:

    These wines might just save the new year resolution !!

  28. Sue Skinner says:

    these sound lovely

  29. Chris Kemp says:


  30. Catherine Mcblain says:

    love to try these wines

  31. Fiona Shepherd says:


  32. cleo sids says:

    Great for my diet

  33. Claire B says:

    super wine and healthy

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