Want perfect nails?

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The Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish manicure set provides a flawless, chip-resistant finish that dries instantly and lasts up to two weeks ( We’ve two Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish Colour Gel Starter Systems and additional nail colours to win, worth £83 each. Each set contains a lamp, colour starter kit with a Colour Gel, Base Gel, Top Gel, Gel Cleanser, 25 Lint-Free Wipes, Buff Block, Manicure Stick, Mini File and Instruction Sheet plus extra colours. Apply base gel and cure for 30 seconds, apply colour gel and cure for 60 seconds, then seal and cure for 30 seconds and you’ll have salon professional nails.

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This giveaway closes on 30/11/2015

84 Responses to Want perfect nails?

  1. Tina Holman says:

    I would love to do my nails from the comfort of my home!

  2. PAULINE HILL says:


  3. Mrs webster says:

    Would love to win one of these. I love doing my nails. With this they would look more professional!

  4. David King says:

    My daughter would love this

  5. Vanessa says:

    My Step daughter would go mad for this

  6. Marion says:

    This is such a useful thing. To have my nails dry instantly would be great.

  7. Marian Stuart says:

    This would be awesome.

  8. Cristina McDowall says:

    yes please!

  9. helen jones says:

    Love to win this and have perfect nails from the comfort of my own home

  10. Lynne Manton says:

    I feel a mother and daughter beauty session coming on. My girls would really enjoy this!

  11. Linda Rumsey says:

    Great prize!

  12. Jenny Turner says:

    Perfect Xmas present for my lovey daughter, with a new baby and a do-upper house she doesn’t have so much time for herself.

  13. Chris Kemp says:

    My niece would love this.

  14. pamela C says:

    my sister girls would love this as always doing nails

  15. marion morgan says:

    be great to be able to do my nails at home

  16. Sandra Crawford says:

    Been struggling to make my nails look good, this could be the answer at last.

  17. cy says:

    I must have the scruffiest nails on the planet so this could come in useful!

  18. Champaklal Lad says:

    great prize

  19. molly stafford says:

    i would love this

  20. tracy sinclair says:

    Looks fabulous and makes it look so easy x

  21. helen wigglesworth says:

    wow, this would be amazing to try out new designs at home ! xx

  22. Carolyn Corrin says:

    I would love to try this.

  23. Joyce Willis says:

    Great prize

  24. Kathleen jones says:

    another dream prize

  25. Rose P says:

    Would give you a linger on your finger

  26. Susan Jarrett says:

    It’s the drying that I always find difficult!

  27. Oli Marshall says:

    Oh, it would be sooo nice to have my nails done ALL the time.

  28. TRACEY INGRAM says:

    Fingers crossed!

  29. Jan H says:

    I would love this to help me give my nails some tic

  30. William Hawksworth says:

    Grandaughter’s delight

  31. Val Jones says:

    What a fantastic giveaway. Real Brownie points for Grandma of teenage girls.

  32. Jeanette Davison says:

    I would love to pamper myself with this

  33. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Mani made cure for bad nails

  34. thomas lamb says:

    my wife would love this.

  35. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Fantastic my nails would look perfect with this great product -thanks for the chance

  36. kelly says:

    Great giveaway

  37. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins says:

    This would be perfect for my nails, with two children I don’t have much time to do them and when I do they smudge before they’re dry xxx

  38. Chantelle says:

    I would love this for my friend she’s in her second year at collage

  39. Kim Burrows says:

    I love having beautiful nails.

  40. Julie Francis says:

    this will really nail it

  41. Debby says:

    It’s been a while since I paid my nails the attention I should and a prize like this would give me all the encouragement I need to have beautiful nails again – fingers crossed for nice fingernails soon.

  42. rachael pickett says:

    my nails need this!

  43. Lorraine says:

    Be a good prize to win

  44. Angela Joyce says:

    I’ve got to hand it too you you’ve toe tally nailed this giveaway.

  45. Alana says:

    I always struggle with my nails so this would be amazing!

  46. Clare Ollif says:

    Always wanted to do my own nails would save so much money and time.

  47. pamela gossage says:

    This would be a really useful prize

  48. Bethan says:

    This would be fantastic for those times when I can’t get to the salon. My nails would still look perfect.

  49. olgaandpaul carpenter says:

    I would love it

  50. Lisa Martin says:

    What a lovely useful prize this would be!

  51. Ellen says:

    Great prize, would love this!

  52. Christine Jones says:

    Perfect for long-lasting gel finished nails. Would be fab to win, thank you for the opportunity.

  53. Joan Workman says:

    This looks perfect for giving my nails some TLC.

  54. Susan Jarrett says:

    Drying nails at home is always a problem. This should solve that problem.

  55. lynne collins says:

    Would love to win this for a friend who is a beautician!!

  56. Freda says:

    I’d love to win this.

  57. theresa says:

    love it

  58. Carolann Turner says:

    this would be fantastic to win such a lovely prize, thanks

  59. Sue Cook says:

    Just what I need.

  60. Brenda Teal says:

    My nails could definitely use this. Fingers and nails crossed.

  61. chris mullen says:

    Oooh perfect prize 🙂

  62. Sheena Prophet says:

    I would love to nail this prize.

  63. Liz Quinn says:

    Fabulous~it took me 42 years to stop biting my nails, and now I can’t get nail varnish to last longer than a day!

  64. Daniel Pickard says:

    My daughter loves this.

  65. Dorothy Rutland says:

    would make my nails wonderful

  66. Jeannie Evans says:

    What a super kit! Great giveaway!

  67. thomas lamb says:

    my wife would love this as it would help strengthen her nails as hers are always breaking and upsetting her.

  68. Gill Thomas says:

    This giveaway absolutely nails it !

  69. ian Cheyne says:

    great prize

  70. Eve Howitt says:

    Fantastic prize

  71. Dawn Braiden says:

    These nail look so professional. Maybe I would be too!!

  72. sue thomas says:

    Would love to be able to make my nails have a proffessional look

  73. donna hale says:

    great prize, my daughter would love this

  74. Rebecca Howells says:

    This would be great to have – I could give my whole family manicures!

  75. Jackie says:

    Would love this. At 56 I’ve always been a nail bighter and just discovered acrylic nails. Can now see real nails are as long as the fake ones and would like to just have my own nails but with something to make them stronger.

  76. Ms. D. Smith says:

    A perfect kit to show off my perfect nails!

  77. Rona G says:

    wouldn’t have to hide my hands in shame.

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