Win a luxurious set of anti-ageing skin care from Weleda’s new Evening Primrose range worth over £70.

Included is Age Revitalising Day Cream, Night Cream and an Eye & Lip Cream, all natural and 100% organic to support the vitality of mature skin to reveal a fresh and vibrant complexion. The textures are beautiful and the fragrance heavenly to help your skin look it’s absolute best when you most need it!Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.53.32

Each product is also available separately from at £23.95 each.

Enter today for your chance to win a gorgeous set of Weleda skin care.

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes on 30/04/2015

92 Responses to Win Weleda products

  1. pamela gossage says:

    Would love this

  2. alison veasey says:

    wonderful prize, to treat my hair!

  3. Christina Hodson says:

    Amazing prize…….would be great for my skin. Thanks

  4. chris smith says:

    great prize

  5. jennie kerley says:

    would love to try this

  6. Pamela Cook says:

    just what I need

  7. Jean Bolsover says:

    Love Weleda products

  8. Karen McDonald says:

    Natural products are safer for my skin than pots of harsh chemicals any day!

  9. A Dabbs says:

    Would make my day if I won this.

  10. M Dabbs says:

    Could do with these natural based products!

  11. Helen says:

    Great prize

  12. Jenny Turner says:

    Yes please

  13. amy fidler says:

    I love weleda xx

  14. Donna Lewis says:

    This would be wonderful to win.

  15. Ann L says:

    This would certainly give me a lift !!

  16. carol hynard says:

    Would love to try these products

  17. Tamsin Heim says:

    really lovely, thank you

  18. Donata S. says:


  19. Andrea Dalziel says:

    Weleda is an amazing brand! Such a great prize x

  20. Nic OBrien says:

    Would love to win, great products

  21. Margaret Naughton says:

    Excellent natural products.

  22. Julie Francis says:

    my mature skin needs help!

  23. Dorothy Rutland says:

    great prize

  24. LEEANN says:

    would love to win .

  25. Edward Drye says:

    Very appropriate in my case

  26. barbra says:

    Love Weleda products

  27. jennifer hull says:

    my skin could defo do with this….

  28. Michael Newton says:

    Great giveaway. My wife loves this brand

  29. Sinead Charlotte says:

    Would love this

  30. Mary Gibson says:

    Could do with this thanks.

  31. Suzanne Drummond says:

    fingers crossed

  32. Sandra Jenkinson says:

    Great quality skincare products!

  33. Sheila S says:

    Nice & natural,yes please!

  34. Noreen says:

    Would be amazing to try!

  35. Karen Johnson says:

    Hate to admit it but this is just what I need

  36. Gill Thomas says:

    My skin’s crying out for a treat like this !

  37. jodie yorke says:

    great giveaway

  38. sue thomas says:

    Love these products

  39. cat holdcroft says:

    would love to win this , but not sure how.

  40. susan thornton says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Weleda products x

  41. Susan Patel says:

    Yes please

  42. deborah says:

    Lovely, just what my skin needs. x

  43. niall says:

    Lovely stuff this

  44. Linds says:

    I could do with a bit of anti-ageing cream, although it may be a bit too late for me. Ha Ha but I would like to give it a try.

  45. Luckycat says:

    would love to win 🙂

  46. Sarah Celino says:

    Yes please.

  47. Shelley White says:

    Gorge pure products!

  48. marion morgan says:

    great giveaway

  49. helen jones says:

    my skin could do with these great products

  50. simone lee says:


  51. Averil Lea says:

    Lovely prize

  52. Dee Hamilton says:

    Lovely natural products, great to win

  53. Carol says:

    Nice prize. I could do with these,

  54. chris smith says:

    need this one please

  55. Lorraine says:

    A great prize

  56. dorothy cavender says:

    fab giveaway

  57. elinor fisher says:

    I can imagine these smell lovely as well as helping your skin.

  58. Leslie Evans says:

    My Skin would thank you as would I.

  59. Frank Mosetti says:

    Yes please!!!

  60. Julia Hourican says:

    This would be perfect for my lovely Mum 🙂

  61. kathleen marsden says:

    I’d like to try some please

  62. sue rushworth says:

    I so need this

  63. Wendy Lewis says:

    Just what I need

  64. margaret Pitman says:

    I could certainly benefit with this

  65. clare davies says:

    would certainly revitalise me !!

  66. margaret speakman says:

    My mature skin would love, love this treat !

  67. DAWN ADAMS says:

    Just had a big birthday, would love to try.

  68. Sheila Brady says:

    I was given some Weleda handcream and it’s lovely to use. Would love to win some

  69. Jenny Turner says:

    Great prize.

  70. susan miller says:

    just the thing for my ageing skin, it can be a terrible thing getting old 🙁

  71. Layla Thomas says:

    Beautiful prize.

  72. Leah F says:

    Just what i need

  73. sonia williams says:

    Might stop me using the polly filler

  74. Kristiina says:

    Would love to win this for my mum! x

  75. Joyce Willis says:

    Would love to try this

  76. sarah brooker says:

    count me in please!

  77. Pam Hubbard says:

    fab prize

  78. Carol Carroll says:

    Wonderful prize

  79. Josephine Slipper says:

    I don’t want this – I NEED it!

  80. Clare Hubbard says:

    Looks fab

  81. Christine Richardson says:

    Lovely Prize

  82. natalie blyth says:


  83. Wendy Becker says:

    like to win

  84. Sue McCarthy says:

    Please enter me too

  85. Rachel Mee says:

    I love Weleda products! It would be fantastic to win some.

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