Bred by Harkness, this free-flowering, compact, lightly fragrant floribunda bush rose is great for filling borders, beds and large patio pots. Easy to grow, this lovely new rose, named for the Eve Appeal charity, has a simple charm and beauty.

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We have five sets of three Eve roses to give away, worth £38.85. Enter now for your chance to win!

This giveaway has now closed.

This giveaway closes for entry on 30/09/2016

63 Responses to WIN! EVE ROSES

  1. kathy williams says:

    Great prize

  2. Jean Bolsover says:

    So pretty, lovely colour too. I love roses

  3. Fiona Shepherd says:


  4. Ruth Barker says:


  5. kathleen says:

    very nice prize

  6. S. Ormston says:


  7. K Beer says:

    Perfect for a Thank You to my folks

  8. Noreen says:

    Beautiful, I can smell them from here 🙂 x

  9. Janet Goodlad says:

    These roses look beautiful. Would be awesome to win x

  10. Brenda Teal says:

    They are absolutely gorgeous. What a marvellous treat. I would love to win.

  11. Sylvia Strawford says:

    I wonder if they smell as good as they look?

  12. Carole Ballen says:

    Bloomin marvellous!!!!

  13. Valerie says:

    Oh how beautiful, lovely name, my new puppy is called Eve

  14. cidney says:

    I have two rose bushes in my small garden and neither are thriving. Must be me.

  15. jacqueline lawrence says:

    Just love my garden, I am no percy thrower . This beautiful eve rose would make any garden look amazing….

  16. Joanelle says:

    Everything will be coming up ROSES if I have this lovely plant in my garden !

  17. Helen Gale says:

    Great prize

  18. christine smith says:


  19. Linda Ives says:

    Breath taking

  20. Christina K says:

    Truly beautiful roses.

  21. Mrs Anthea Carol Midgley says:

    I love Roses and these would look fab next to my yellow Roses

  22. jo liddement says:

    love this rose

  23. Karen Johnson says:


  24. Linda Bircham says:


  25. Jenny Turner says:

    What a pretty rose.

  26. Ann Nesbitt says:

    I can smell the scent from here!….gorgeous!

  27. christine jarrett says:

    I love roses they are my favourite flowers

  28. Mrs.Oonagh Wood says:

    I love roses. Rose was my late mother’s pet name.

  29. Maureen M says:


  30. Sue Cook says:

    Roses are my favourite of all the flowers and the bees adore them as much as me, this is my ideal prize and could give pleasure for decades.

  31. Cristina McDowall says:

    Yes please!!

  32. John Cunningham says:


  33. Susan Rowe says:


  34. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Let’s look at the world through rosey coloured glasses

  35. Tracey S Anderson says:

    Beautiful X x

  36. casandra says:

    would look lovely on my empty Patio

  37. LUCIE DAVIES says:

    I have just a spot for these in my garden 🙂 love roses. These look amazing!

  38. Faisal Khan says:


  39. Gwen Kokborg says:

    I have a unique reason for wanting this rose plant. Unusual I know but my husband is called Eve and it was our Silver Wedding Anniversary on 3rd August. It would be a lovely moments to plant in our garden to mark the occasion!

  40. Frank says:

    in the pink

  41. Sue Duffy says:

    Pink roses remind me of happy summer days.

  42. sb says:

    beautiful prize

  43. Wendy Lewis says:

    My favorite flower

  44. Margaret Gaskell says:

    Beautiful prize, would love to win.

  45. Pamela Cooper says:

    Roses are my favourite can always find space for more

  46. Mary Riches says:

    These would look great around our new conservatory.

  47. Val Pownall says:

    Stunning! My late father grew nothing but roses – his garden was full of them, and the perfume was amazing. Would love a new rose.

  48. Teresa Sheldon says:

    Beautiful prize

  49. Karen Jones says:

    This is such a beautiful rose, a must have for any garden

  50. Lyn says:

    E nchanting
    V ibrant
    E xquisite

  51. Sheila Evans says:

    Roses are my favourite flowers and this is such a wonderful prize!

  52. Michelle Wild says:

    I can almost smell them.

  53. Chris Kemp says:

    These would be perfect.

  54. Faisal Khan says:

    roses are red

  55. Sandie says:

    Beautiful prize

  56. Joyce Willis says:

    I have just the place for these

  57. Marie Evans says:

    My mother’s name was Evelyn put people called her Eve.My sister made a remembrance garden for her & this would be a great reminder as she loved roses.

  58. Sue Tidy says:

    Absolutely beautiful !!!!
    Fingers crossed.

  59. Rona G says:

    pretty in pink and smelling sweet.
    Who could ignore this delightful treat.

  60. Rachel says:

    Beautiful roses – just like my daughter, Evie, who is often referred to as ‘Eve’.

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