ACCESSORIES-GIVEAWAYA fabulous pair of winter boots could be all you need as a quick wardrobe update. 

Win! We’ve teamed up with Marks and Spencer to bring you this exquisite pair of handcrafted Chelsea boots from their Best of British range. Worth £185 and designed and made in good ole blighty all you have to do is enter for a chance to win.

Enter today for a chance to win…

This giveaway has now closed.

Please note this giveaway closes on 31/10/2014

69 Responses to Fabulous winter boots

  1. Susan Jarrett says:

    boots that are sensible and look good!

  2. michael webster says:

    these boots would look great with my jeans

  3. tracy steer says:

    be fab with my trousers

  4. Carol says:

    super for winter

  5. emily jones says:

    These look amazing

  6. chris smith says:


  7. emily jones says:


  8. Julie Francis says:

    these boots were made for walking in comfortably

  9. DEB says:

    lovely looking and no doubt very comfortable. can hear my little footsies saying please win them for us!!!

  10. Annemarie Jessop says:

    they look very comfy

  11. Jim Kerr says:

    Soon be time to put the trainers away and put on boots like these.

  12. Annemarie Jessop says:

    they look great, i would love to win them

  13. Lorraine says:

    Look good and would also be comfortable

  14. D Gentles says:

    Relive the 60’s

  15. Linds says:

    Had a pair of Chelsea boots in the 70’s, they were extremely comfortable. Great giveaway.

  16. Margaret Stacey says:

    I,d look good in them down the Kings Road.

  17. William George Hynd says:

    These boots are made walking and that’s just what they do cause one of these days these boots are going to walk all over you.

  18. dorothy mulville says:

    to win these would bring back lovely memories

  19. FRANK MOSETTI says:

    i need a new pair!!

  20. Sheena Prophet says:

    Nice looking boots.

  21. anthea midgley says:


  22. RICH says:

    Niceeeee……. ….. …

  23. simone lee says:

    wow wee great boots

  24. Cristina McDowall says:


  25. John says:

    Great looking boots

  26. Janet Coverdale says:

    Just the thing for our wet weather

  27. Linda says:

    Well worn classics.

  28. Val Partridge says:

    What a great prize

  29. Michael Garlick says:

    Need a pair desperately

  30. sandra swanson says:

    Just what I have been searching for cute boots !

  31. Michael Williams says:

    I long to go back to wearing Chelsea boots and these look great

  32. Iona Cornish says:

    Great boots – hope this how you enter as there doesn’t seem to be a link

    • robynbarr says:

      Hi Iona, You can not enter this giveaway because you are only a registered user on the Candis website, not a member. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member and our extensive benefit package then please visit our subscribe section. Thanks

  33. Viv Allman-Neal says:

    boots that are sensible and safe… as i tend to fall over a lot.

  34. Richard O'Mahony says:

    Natty clogs

  35. Phil says:

    great looking

  36. Tracie Robinson says:

    Lovely boots, and I sooooo want to win them.

  37. Pam Ramage says:

    They are just boot-iful

  38. Helen says:

    Fabulous boots

  39. champaklal lad says:

    look great

  40. Jayne Mather says:

    Same me walking around in Fitflops all Winter

  41. Alison Johnson says:

    Great boots & they’re flat so I can wear them 🙂

  42. Chris Kemp says:

    Could do with these.

  43. maureen walsh says:

    yes please

  44. Richard Walden says:


  45. Thalia Hughes says:

    Those boots would be lovely to win as I walk every where, ideal for the school run as they match my handbag. M &S Winter ’14 Leather goods do look exceptionally good this season…

  46. Barbara Powdrill says:

    Smart and comfortable -match made in heaven

  47. Jan Wroblewski says:

    Practical and good looking.

  48. Bernadette Burgoyne says:

    My daughter has had Chelsea boots on her Christmas list for a little while, so it would be fantastic if she won these.Thank you.

  49. Jackie says:

    Great boots

  50. Teresa Evans says:

    Just right for the stables.

  51. sue says:

    I would love to win,but cant find how to enter!!!

  52. susan gough says:

    Lovely colour

  53. Julie Francis says:

    versatile boot useful for any situation reek quality and style

  54. Maria Newman says:

    My daughter would love these boots. 🙂

  55. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    so desperate for some new boots

  56. Karl Borowy says:

    tis is cool

  57. JOAN DRUMMOND says:

    These are made for walking and I won’t grow too big of my boots.

  58. Christine Bond says:

    I had Chelsea boots when I was young. Would love them now . I am in my 60’s.

  59. Barbra Roberts says:

    these boots would smarten up any style of jeans, good wardrobe staple

  60. rose p says:

    stylish and look very comfortable

  61. Jacquie Platt says:

    No such thing as bad winter weather as long as you are wearing the right clothes and boots… !

  62. Trish says:

    Now these are what I call smart, modern and classy, as well as being super comfortable – just what I NEED!

  63. susan gough says:

    Lovely style

  64. wal mular says:

    ideal birthday gift for my wife

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