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Energise with AM/PM Yoga for Beginners from Roxy Shahidi

RoxyShahidiAMPMBeginnersYogaDVD copyRoxy Shahidi, TV soap actress and certified yoga instructor proudly presents AM/PM Yoga for Beginners. The DVD is designed to provide an energising boost to your morning and a relaxing way to wind down in the evening, this DVD is set to revolutionise the way many of us approach yoga.

The ‘AM’ practices awaken and energise the body. By carving out a little time each morning, you can enliven your day and boost your energy levels. The AM programme consists of the following practices:

Energising Breath (7 mins), Gentle Awakening Flow (20 mins) and Invigorating Flow (25 mins).

The ‘PM’ practices will help you relax, unwind and relieve stress and tension, helping you get a good night’s rest and reverse the damage caused by our fast-paced lives. The PM programme consists of the following practices:

Wind-Down Relaxation (12mins), Relaxation (20 mins) and Shavasana (6 mins).

Roxy says, “My inspiration for choreographing this DVD was to make something accessible to everyone, with options for various abilities, but also still physically challenging. Many of the postures and sequences in this beginner’s programme are classic ones you’ll find in many yoga classes, so they will provide a great foundation. The routines are split up into two manageable chunks so you can fit it around a busy schedule or play it as a whole for a more intensive practice.  AM/PM Yoga for Beginners is my favourite DVD so far because it’s so accessible and yet still really challenging. I still practice these sequences to this day. No matter how experienced you are, it’s good to go back to your roots – the foundations of yoga – to readdress and realign yourself. There’s no such thing as the perfect posture.”

We’ve four copies up for grabs this week worth £12.99 each – please enter by midnight on Monday 21st March to be in with a chance of winning.

AM/PM Yoga for Beginners with Roxy Shahidi is available from Amazon.

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